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Oct 6 - WV Brown Bomber / McDonalds Breakfast Church

October 6, 201549 min
The things that happen the moments before we start our show and that first hour of our show are the best ever...We are barely awake and out of our mind. - This morning we drifted into a fantasy where we visited Dr. Hurdle - An MMA fighter named Travis aka "The Brown Bomber" tapped out at a fight in Beckley, West Virginia on Saturday and....pooped all over himself ummm the brown tap out - McDonalds All-Day Breakfast Is A Real Thing.... We Took Everyone To Church This Morning... This Holy Ghost Crawled Up In Us And Wanted Sausage McMuffins This Morning - We Are Not Sure Why All Of Pittsburgh Thinks They Need To Have A Chant For The Pirates Wild Card Game...The Cuteo chant was such a special time in Pirates history and it ruined us - Police found a Youngstown man high out his mind covered in cookies, Goldfish Crackers and Doritos...Youngstown has that baaaaaad Oohh Weee Weed - Will Smith announced that him and DJ Jazzy Jeff are going to go on tour... Gotta bring Hologram Uncle Phil....

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