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Oct 7 - Pirates Wild Card Wednesday

October 7, 201551 min
The day is here...Finally - Wild Card Wednesday or Whoop That Ass Wednesday hahaha - Betty, Marge and Hank the Mailman were celebrating in the office ... We even learned what a Reverse Build A Bear was thanks to the office monkeys this morning - Jung Ho Kang is going to be announced with the team tonight and PNC Park is going to lose have a Yinzsplosion when he comes rolling out out hopefully cruising out in his granny scooter - We Talked To Bill He Is The Guy Who Wants Different Chants Every Inning Tonight....ARRRRGGGG!!! BALLLLLSSS!!! - At the Downtown Pirates rally yesterday the local news caught up with office ladies that for some reason thought Ariana was pitching against the Pirates tonight...Lets Got Bucs... Beat Ariana

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