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Oct 8 - Pirates Wild Card Hangover

October 8, 201560 min
The Pirates Wild Card Hangover Is Real - The Pirates season is over...Jung Ho Kang made his return to PNC Park...Jake Arrieta shut them down...Sean Rodriguez beat up the Gatorade cooler and the Cubs won 4-0 - The one thing that can bring us all together is the pure insanity and over reaction of Pirates Facebook comments this morning. - We got a fire hurdle call...Clint Hurdle is not getting fired juuuuust stop - Did anyone catch the kid on the TV broadcast With The Mullet last night..It was so well styled.... His mullet was the Beyonce of mullets...Perfect!! - Justin Bieber was on vacation in Bora Bora and the paparazzi caught pics of him fully nude...Not just shirtless or Biebs in underwear... We are talking Canadian Meat Sword - We got a call from a guy named George he has to be someones uncle.... He didn't watch the Pirates game last night and wanted to know the score.... So we asked him what he was doing instead of watching the game... George was ummmm watching "His Girlfriend" "Da

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