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Oct 9 - Penguins FB Comments - Our Big Announcement

October 9, 201543 min
Oh Hi...Started The Day Off By Crop Dusting The Hallways - Bump n' Grind - A Woman Named Treasure Decided To Hide Inside The Sewage Tank Of A Porta Potty In Oregon... Treasure Did Some Drugs And Drugs Are Bad Kids... - A 69 Year Old Man in Turtle Creek Got In Trouble For Steal 75 Pounds Of Meat In His Pants....Daaaaaaaammmmmnnnnnn... We Had To Slow Jam A Meat Pants Song - 1 Game Into The Penguins Season... 1 Loss Into The Penguins Season... The Facebook Comments Are Out Of Control... Fire Coach Johnston annnnd Hire Gonchar To Coach!!! Also BLAME VICK for the Pens loss!!! - We Were All Born Naked Justin Bieber Don't Be Ashamed... Canadian Meat Stick - We Also Ended The Show This Morning With A Very Big Announcement About Out Our Radio Show

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