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Sept 11 - Steelers Facebook Comments / Pirates Batman Is Back

September 11, 201557 min
Friday wooooo.... - The Steelers lost to the Patriots... Coach Tomlin was pissed off about the headsets not working for the coaches on the sideline because the Pats are shady cheaters... The headset storyline made national news and lead Good Morning America and the Today Show... - Facebook had 1000s of comments about the Steelers loss...Honestly there were enough for us to do nothing but read Facebook comments on the show for 4 straight hours...The fan reaction was overwhelming and positive...Just kidding...People on Facebook were filled rage about the Defense/Kicker/Mike Vick/Todd Haley/Coach Tomlin/The Team sucking last night - A.J. Burnett made his return to the mound last night and the Mayor along with the Pirates and other Pittsburgh super friend blasted the bat signal on three buildings downtown...Honestly one of the coolest things ever - The Crazy Italian guy called to bring us all back to reality... The Steelers are going 15-1 this season no fairweatherness...

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