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Sept 15 - Air Geno / Horny Paula Deen

September 15, 201543 min
Mikey almost took down two deer going after each other on his ride into work which can only mean one thing...Those deer are getting HORNY or as hunters call it those deer are close to going into the rut and deer season is almost here - The Pirates are 2 1/2 games out and it is a huge day...We play a double header vs the Cubs who are chasing us in the wild card... The Crazy Italian Guy gave us a call all fired up - The Penguins did their annual season ticket delivery with some of the players and sent out Geno and Gonchar to a fans a house.... Geno noticed that the family had a basketball court in the backyard and was sooo excited... The family and the kids wanted to play hockey with Geno but all Geno wanted to do was play basketball.. Geno ended up dunking on the kids rim #AirGeno - It is week 1 of Dancing With The Stars Paula Deen has peaked... She greeted her dance partner by rubbing his face in her "bussoms" and then after she danced she told everyone that she ruined her white underw

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