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Sept 2 - McDonalds Breakfast / Horny Paula Deen

September 2, 201543 min
Pirates lost to the Brewers last night but they almost made a come back Kang had a 9th inning homerun leading the comeback charge....The Korean broadcasters went wild - We called it.... I swear it is like we have Timberlake psychic powers... Justin Timberlake is making his return to the Jimmy Fallon show with other Fallon super friends - One of the most viewed things this week on the internet is the "Duck Army" it has over 75million loops on vine and now we have a Taylor Swift/Duck Army mash-up that is perfect - McDonald's is doing it....What a time to be alive... USA USA USA McDonald's announced that they will start serving breakfast all day on Oct. 6th because we are the greatest country in the world!!! - A Man Saved His Family And Rack Of Ribs From An Apartment Fire And Then He Gave The Local News An Epic Interview... - A Florida man high out of his mind was pulling off the Winnie The Pooh movie...All Shirt and no pants... Police were called and not amused that he was running around

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