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Sept 22 - Pizza Rat / Sexy Trump

September 22, 201539 min
We almost got locked out of our building this morning... This happened one time before ummmm that was the time we got fired though... Just a crappy start to the morning... Neither of our Keycards worked to get in the main door but Bob hulked the door and opened so we finally got to come play on the radio yea!!! - Pirates got their 90th win... Their magic number to clinch a playoff spot is 2... We were saying they need to pull out those superhero costumes back out to celebrate the playoff spot.. It has to happen - The Pizza Rat has taken over the internet in a little over 24 hours it has become America's spirit animal...The best part about pizza rat is news reporters actually having to do reports on pizza rat - A college football player at TCU got booted from the team over a fight that lead to him stealing a case of keystone light... Sometimes college kids just makes bad choices...One time we were at a college party and a guy named cheese rode up fully naked on a bike and asked for fre

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