Mikey and Bob

Sept 23 - Locked Out / Pope Selfie

September 23, 201548 min
We got locked out again for the second morning in a row but it wasn't just us this morning.... We got a call from our boss around 3:55am saying that Sherri from 3WS was locked out and we would be locked out again... sooo it ends up being us Sherri and Slack from DVE around 5:20 when the building Maintenance rolls up with his windows down in his pick-up truck blasting Pink "Get The Party Started" what a start to the day - Bob got so sweaty his he had to take all of his clothes off and Mikey tried to eat his underwear yesterday when the news came out that One Direction was releasing a new Album on the same day as Bieber...It Is tooooooo much those 1D boys better not beef with Biebs over the release date because we want to be two slices of bread and 1D and Biebs and be the beef in our man sandwich - There was a costco nutella attack over free samples and a guy is now facing 11 years in jail after he punched a 78 year old over a nutella waffle free sample... Don't punch grandpa cover him i

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