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Sept 24 - Pirates Clinch - Boston Fishing Bros

September 24, 201545 min
The Pirates locked up a playoff spot in Colorado… They kept it tasteful and didn’t have a huge locker room celebration… The media stayed out of the locker room for about 20 minutes and the players and coaches had a quick private celebration and then they let Robby from Root Sports in a few interviews where they pretty much told him making the playoffs is an awesome feeling but they aren’t done yet! - Jimmy Fallon used his super powers for good last night he brought Kenan and Kel back together for a "good burger” reunion - We honestly had one of the greatest videos of the year to playback on the show this morning… Two bros from Boston went out fishing and came across a “Sea Monstah” that they thought might have been a BABY WHALE!! or Flounder!! Or A Sea Turtle!! Or Moooooby Dickkk!!! They recorded the entire adventure and it is priceless - Ahhhh damn Starbucks dropped their first new fall latte in four years....The (TGL) Toasted Graham Latte...We were so excited that we had to sing

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