Mikey and Bob

Sept 25 - Mikey Cramps / Crosby Drive-Thru

September 25, 201551 min
Mikey had a rough night... He didn't sleep much because he kept having leg cramps over and over and over and over again... He tried drinking tons of water which just made him go to the bathroom over and over and over again and didn't work... So the Yinzer Dr. OZ in everyone came out with suggestions everything from eat bananas to drink pickle juice to in case of diaherria emergency have nutmeg next to the bed..for real...Bob offered a deep tissue massage with his sausage like fingers - The Boston fisherman bros saved someone from getting a ticket yesterday - Sid worked a Tim Horton's Drive-Thru up in Canada and it was hilarious...We actually got to see a different side of Sid - The Crazy Italian guy gave us a call... It was his first call to the show since the Pirates clinched a playoff spot... Between the Steelers and the Cubs He was pretty close to shooting black and gold bottle rockets out of his ass - Snoop Dogg was on the Rich Eisen Show and told Rich that he has Telekinesis power

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