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Sept 29 - Washing With Hurdle / Coffee And Donuts Nasa

September 29, 201555 min
The Pirates lost to the Cards last night.... We had a little bit of a Pirates hangover this morning and according to Facebook the season ended last night - Clint Hurdle is going to shower just like he does after any tough loss...Mikey and Bob are in the show Clint... Mikey has the Loofa and Bob has Car Wash mitts on - Nurses Are Superheroes. - Coach Tomlin had his press conference where reporters tried to ask him about Big Ben over and over and over again without asking him about Big Ben - We Love Local News.... The Local news went down to the Strip and talked to "Stiller" fans about Mike Vick - It is national coffee day...That is a real thing...We were having Dunkin Donut fantasies and then it happened like two minutes later boom Donuts and Coffee showed up at the station for us... Water on Mars and Donuts and Coffee for us...NASA

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