#28 - Peter Segal

May 14, 201570 min
Pete Segal has established himself as a sure-handed comedy director with hits under his belt like Get Smart, Anger Management, 50 First Dates and, perhaps his most revered - Tommy Boy (which currently celebrates its 20th anniversary!) He also happens to be my best friend. But I still learn some things about his path I didn't know. From a show biz-connected set of parents, going from New York to L.A. to Phoenix back to L.A. again, through USC as a Broadcast Journalism major, to working in local T.V., Pete showed that always pushing the envelope of creativity - at any level - would get noticed and appreciated. You'll hear some great stories about the late Chris Farley, some insight into what it's like to direct strong personalities like DeNiro and Nicholson...and there's even a pretty great O.J. story. (Yes, that O.J.) We also talk too much about stuff that nobody will think is funny but us. But listen anyway... -LM You can follow Pete on Twitter @pete_segal

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