#30 - Michael Reagan

June 15, 201553 min
As the adopted son of Ronald Reagan and Jane Wyman, he grew up as part of Hollywood Royalty, but Michael Reagan's story is much more than just that. Getting no leg up from him famous father, Michael found himself knocking around in a series of jobs and occupations until he landed in radio in the 90s which led to the nationally syndicated Michael Reagan Show. I have a frank talk with Michael about the not-so-glamorous side of growing up amongst the stars in Beverly Hills, the struggle to find his own identity, the media that tends to hijack the name of his father, and much more. Michael is currently active in a number of causes, including the Normandy Museum, the Checkpoint Charlie Museum and awarding USS Ronald Reagan Scholarships as part of The Reagan Legacy Foundation. Learn more on their website here. Follow Michael on Twitter @ReaganWorld

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