#31 - Brad Hall

June 21, 201576 min
Brad Hall is an actor/writer/producer/director, alumnus of SNL, part-time rock 'n' roller and husband to some lady named Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Hear how he went from being the son of an Episcopal priest in sunny Santa Barbara to the comedy hotbed and serious theater scene of Chicago to then be plugged into the cast of Saturday Night Live (at the high-profile Weekend Update desk, no less.) After two rocky seasons there he went on to work mostly behind the scenes in film and television, including shows like the critically-acclaimed Brooklyn Bridge and the "Must See TV"-era The Single Guy. Brad's journey in entertainment has highs and lows and he tells his story with great insight, humor...and MUSIC! The first SnarkMonkey guest to perform live, Brad breaks out the guitar to play his hit viral tune "Don't Be An Asshole" and more. (He also address the rumor that his wife is a billionaire heiress. SPOILER ALERT: Not true.) Enjoy! -LM Here's the SNL MTV Video parody we reference: "Look At

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