#44 - Phil Hendrie

February 26, 201671 min
Phil Hendrie is a brilliant maniac who has carved out a very unique space in the world of entertainment - for years as a terrestrial broadcaster and now a podcaster - creating an entire universe of characters that all come from one brain and out one mouth hole. (He's a pretty accomplished voice and on-screen actor, too.) Part Jonathan Winters, part Robin Williams, part insane person, Phil Hendrie took a childhood passion for local radio which became a transient career and then became...well, something totally different. Big comedy, subtle commentary and true humanity shine forth in Phil's work which is unlike anything else being created these days. Take a listen to how this wonderful world was borne as well as Phil (and my) take on the past, present and future of traditional radio and how technology is opening the way for this to be a Wild West of Creativity.

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