SnarkMonkey #12 - Jane Wells

December 9, 201462 min
CNBC reporter Janes Wells covers retail, defense, agriculture, the West Coast economy and more. Snooze-o-rama, right? Well, not exactly - Jane has made a name for herself for highly irreverent-yet-still-informational pieces that get some real traction and attention, especially in the short attention span blogoTwitterverse we now live in...and that ain't an easy feat. Being a respected business reporter AND being genuinely funny (while sometimes being on camera behind a cow) requires some special skills; so how did she get to where she got? Here's a story that involves getting a start via Rick Dees to getting intimately involved with O.J. (not the way you're thinking, perv) to the powerful impact of Mother Teresa's death to Geraldo Rivera...and, on occasion, the aforementioned cow, pigs to a heartwarming report on the big business of ugly holiday sweaters (see that recent report here). We cover it all in this snark-laden ep...enjoy. -LM See Jane frequently on CNBC (check your local l

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