SnarkMonkey #22 - Camilla Cleese

March 19, 201563 min
Imagine growing up the daughter of frickin' Comedy Royalty, being shuttled around the world as a very tall, geeky, British-accented adolescent, living a somewhat privileged life riding horses competitively, becoming a bit of a party girl, doing some modeling and then deciding to break into stand-up comedy. What the what...? Camilla Cleese will always live with the last name of one of the most beloved comic figures of all time (John Cleese of Monty Python, if you're slow) which only adds another element of difficulty when you're trying to get into an already tough business. Not to mention she's been targeted by a short men advocacy group; I'm. Not. Kidding. Check out this fascinating conversation with a young, female stand-up on the rise - and yes, as a major-league Pythonite myself there is some good inside info on that world to satisfy the comedy geek in all of us... -LM Follow Camilla on Twitter and get more info and see where she's performing at

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