SnarkMonkey #24 - Max Koch

April 9, 201569 min
My oh my, the weird, wacky, sometimes creepy mind of Max Koch. An actor, sketch comedy player, animation voice guy, artist, wine blogger, podcaster, viral YouTube sensation - this guy is the personification of the phrase "does it all." But around the edges of his warm, cuddliness there creeps a dark, sinister ooziness which makes for an inviting-yet-dangerous mix. Intrigued? You should be. Oh, and by the way, he's hilarious. (AND THERE'S A MONKEY!) Come with me on the warped, wonderful journey that is the life of Max Koch, and check out below for some of the stuff we reference in the 'cast. -LM Follow Max on Facebook and Instagram, check out his YouTube page and wine blog at

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