SnarkMonkey #7 - Shira Lazar

November 4, 201467 min
Shira Lazar has been called a Social Media Guru, an Online Queen of Media - she was once even named a Sexiest Geek by Wired magazine (which, for some, might be considered an oxymoron, but...). She is also a Canadian who invaded Hollywood by way of Boston, took a left turn at the Ellen show, a big right turn (far right) at Fox News, jumped over the bear trap of icky, gossipy entertainment reporting and found a way to use her passion, her unique set of skills, and her ability to recognize "what's the new thing" to build on online empire. Here's another interesting, inspiring story about how to make your own way in the world by recognizing who you are, knowing your strengths, doing what you love to be fulfilled and, ultimately, not end up a "washed-up hag." (Her words...not mine. Just listen.) -LM Shira can be seen doing her thing at and you can follow her on Twitter @shiralzar & @WhatsTrending

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