The Ben and Ashley I Almost Famous Podcast •

Jed's Downfall, Tyler's Triumph & a Baby in the Closet with Tyler C

The Ben and Ashley I Almost Famous Podcast

Bachelor Nation this finale was savage.

Tyler C is here as guest co-host and he’s opening up about EVERYTHING.

 Did Hannah make the right decision?

Do Tyler and Hannah have a chance at reconciliation?

 People thought Tyler was a player at first… how did he break down that barrier with Hannah? Why did everyone seem to implode except for Tyler?

Tyler reveals something shocking about how he got involved with the show.

 We learn what Tyler thinks about Jed and "girlfriendgate".

Ben has some advice for Tyler as he continues his journey through the Bachelor world.

Plus Jade and Tanner had a baby in their closet!!!... yep in their closet... and Ashley was one of the first people they called!


Plus BIP is less than a week away and we are getting you ready!

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