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June 17, 2024 93 mins
Happy belated Father's day, Mariners sweep Texas in a HUGE weekend series, what has helped Bryson DeChambeau transform his image?  Ian gives some stats that should make you believe in this team, what will it take you as a fan to be on board?  Sounders purchase Seattle Reign, conference re alignment hasn't been great for everyone...Molly Whop Monday! Mariners are in first place and 8.5 games ahead of Texas and a season high 12.5 games above .500.  Molly Whop boys are back to talk about Tyler Locklear, Ryan Bliss and the impending roster moves when Polanco and Ty France get healthy again.  Daily Power Play.  Bobby Casper of Real Golf Radio joins the show to talk about Bryson DeChambeau winning the US Open, and much more.
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A belated Happy Father's Day to allthe dads out there. Hopefully you had
a good time yesterday. Hopefully youhad a chance to spend time with your
kids, quality time if you're agolf fan, got horizontal on the couch
and watched the Little US Open,watch a little Mariners, as Andrews would
say, the two screens going atthe same time. Absolutely all that stuff

is happening. So hopefully that wasThat was the case yesterday for everyone on
a Father's Day weekend. I wasn'twith you Friday, so I didn't get
a chance just to kind of givea shout out. I know we got
a ton of dads listening. Werun into people all the time. We
see the text line at four nine, four or five one, so I
know I would almost say a majorityof our listeners are probably fathers and dads,
and so hopefully your Father's Day wasfantastic. I had a great one.

Was play a little golf with abunch of We had a whole group.
I think we had twenty of usfour five groups of four or something
like that that all went out anda lot of kids with us yesterday that
played golf. We did that gotout of Druids. It was fun.
Rained only for a hole and ahalf, which wasn't bad. I beat
the kid, which is even better. Yeah, I was gonna ask yes,

oh yeah he plays okay good Yeahyeah he plays he but we have
fun. We it was just justto spend time enough, no place I'd
rather be, and then saw theHug out with my daughter last night.
So it was just I feel reallyreally lucky to have those two in my
life. And so yeah, itwas. It was a good weekend.
Worked on the golf tournament which iscoming up a week from Friday, the

stresses that go on with that whenwe'll be June twenty ninth, the day
after the golf tournament. No,you have a good time with it.
We do with just a little littlelots of lots of little things this time
of the year. Parts, movingparts, circling back, all that fun
stuff you see the manager of NightPlus nineteen now and run differential. Yeah,

it does not feel like that kindof team. It helps when you
do what you did over the lastfew days. Yeah, there's no week
six and six and one. Oh, we should mention Molly wat Monday coming
up at one o'clock today yep,the boys. Can you be so negative
about it? I don't know theboy Listen, it's I think they'll be
good. We'll be okay today.I think we'll be okay today. But

yeah, it's it's weird where we'reat. I'm gonna get to them in
just a second, and the Marinersand and some some notes on where they're
at. It's just it's just it'sa fun ride, man, and I
I hope we as a town canenjoy it together. Yeah, I hope.
You know, baseball nerd that looksdown upon other baseball fans who might

be jumping on the bandwagon doesn't becomeoverbearing. Sometimes they do for those who
weren't believing when they were crappy atthe start of the season. Right,
there's forty seven plus years and goinginto this year of history that tell you
why you shouldn't be believing. Solet's let's understand and remember all of that.
But now it's time we can allcome together and just enjoy it.

And I asked the question a coupleof weeks ago about you know, what
would it take to buy in.I'll bring that back in just a couple
of seconds. Bryce in d Schambeauwins the US Open. We'll spend some
time with Bobby Casper. At twoo'clock. Greg Meant brought this up with
me, and I've thought about thisa lot the last four days because he
was in I mean, he wasat the top of the leader board,

you know, first, second,third, somewhere in the in the top
five all week. You know,from Thursday on. He didn't lead it
wire to wire, but he wasleading or in the top five. As
I mentioned the whole time. He'sa fascinating character and he's what sports need.
Now. There are some that believeit's a little bit of an act.

I don't know, man, Ithat's a lot like I've heard that
with other people. Oh, youknow, so and so is just kind
of putting on an act. That'sthat's that's a hard thing to do.
Really Like, I don't I don'tbuy that. I think he had a
he has some sort of come toJesus moment along the way. I don't
know what it was. You know. Part of it is he's just different.

He's eccentric, he does things differently. Golf very golf has a group
think mentality, and it's what Ithink hurts the sport sometimes I love I
love the sport. I love theself policing of the sport. You know,
you play, you put down yourown score. You know you don't
cheat. You know there's an integrityto game. I love that for even
a recreational player. I love somuch about it. But then there's a

staunch, snobby part of the golfgame that there's a fine line there.
Golf media has a group think mentality, or appoints number two is a fantastic
course. Every hoole looks the sameguys. I know Bobby Casper, W'll
tell me I'm a fool coming upat two o'clock when he joins us,
because I asked him last week.I thought the course was fair Becau,
Oh yeah, it's great, greatcourse. I I just aesthetically, it

looks it looks like crap on TV. Yeah it does. It just I
don't care what history is there insome rich place in North Carolina. It
just it's you know, a lotof golf courses I want to play,
Yeah, that are majors. Ihave no desire to play there, yeah,
none, like just zero and ithas not because the greens are hard.
It's just like, I guess maybeI'm just bitter in the back of
my mind with Chambers Bay kind ofgetting screwed over the last couple of years.

But but I bring it back toBryson, He to me is almost
Caitlyn Clark. Like, not inthe sense that she reinvented herself. Yeah,
but certain sports need an individual tohelp elevate the sport, maybe not
carry it, but to elevate it. Well, Caitlin Clark did that for
women's college basketball, and she's doingit for the w NBA to the point

now where people want to just spendtime tearing her down. That's that's that's
their main job and focusing on life, whether it's the fellow players or media
or you know, whatever the caseis. And Bryson it like, there
is nothing better for that for thegame of golf. And Bryson d Chambeau
and his weird personality and his energyand his excitement and the fact his clubs

are different than everybody else's and he'sjust he's eccentric as hell. There's nothing
better for that. I mean,Scotty Scheffer is the best player in the
world, and there's and and that'snot even a a bait right now.
But Scott, as much as Ilove watching Scotti Scheffler play, he's just
a mellow, nice guy. There'sno there's no jazz, there's no jam,
there's no juice. Yeah, thisguy's got all of that. So

we'll talk about And I'm just tryingto think of athletes who've reinvented themselves over
the years. I can't think ofanybody that's not like that, like maybe
four nine four five one Telemorty textline when it's game time. I'm trying
to think. I don't know,have you heard of anybody again? You
heard? But I mean, I'msure someone listening right now can tell like
an athlete who's reinvented themselves and hashas you know, has has gone from

more personally than their actual right Yeah, yeah, not just elevated their game,
right, but but has reinvented whotheir personnel like, how they're perceived
publicly, how you know? Yeah? And I and I just I've been
noodling this around my mind for thelast couple of days and I can't,

for the life of me, thinkof anybody who has done what this guy
has done. From being one ofthe most disliked players, not just in
his sport, but really in sportstoo. Easily one of the most likable
fan favor I mean, that crowdwas going nuts for this dude this weekend
and Rory. He's going toe totoe with one of the most popular players

on the tour in Rory McElroy,and people were rooting Bryson on and hoping
Rory would fail, and he did. But I and I was just thinking,
like, who else has reinvented themselvesand has come and done all that.
There's some guys I would say fora while. You know, Sterling
Sharp was one of those guys.He was just nobody liked dealing with him

when he was a player, mediawise, and he went into the media
and became you know, sort ofbut he wasn't playing anymore, and then
he faded anyway, and his truecolor show showed through. He's just kind
of a jackass. And so,you know, that was one guy that
came to mind. But I'm sureI'll check the text line four nine,
four to five, one telemortied textline, when its game time, who
is that guy that has or personthat has reinvented themselves along the way.

Yeah, I just I keep it'shard to do. Yeah, and that's
why it comes back to when peoplesay it's fake or it's phony. Well
okay, but if it was thateasy, a lot of people would do
it if they cared, because there'smoney to be made, right, Like,
there's like endorsements and everything else.There's money to be made by being
like, like, likability is abig thing. Yeah, like that that

really can help you along the way. And and there's a likability with that
guy right now. I mean he'sjust quirky and weird. He could argue
Michael Vick kind of. He wasvery unlikable obviously the scandal with the dogs
and everything, but then kind ofcame back and even like post career,
he's been kind of a well respectedguy. Yeah. Yeah, maybe someone
like a Rod to an interesting one. I do really say that. I

don't know what. I don't knowwhat we could say here. I think,
well, that's that's the one.Yeah, Okay, A Rod in
our town will always be perceived differentlythan other places and nationwide. I think
he does a terrific job on TV. I do too. I think he

does. I mean now, notthe not this past Saturday, but the
Saturday before that. Awful pregame showthat Fox had, notwithstanding where they were
standing in the Yankee Stadium previewing thePhillies and the Mets in England, and
all they did is talk about theYankees. That wasn't his fault, that's
on the producer. Yeah, soI think he does a nice job on
TV and maybe And I never hadthe big hate for a Rod like a

lot of people did here. Iwasn't old enough to really understand the vitrial
theres I was, and I justhe took the money. Yeah whatever,
But I know there's more to itthan that. I'm oversimplifying it, but
yeah, A Rod maybe has kindof remade himself a little bit. Yeah,
I maybe put him in that case. Didn't post steroids. It's like,
well, and that's a whole differentthing, right because he's standing on

a set with a guy listen,big Poppy, Big Poppy. When he
was in the Twins organization and hewas playing for Salt Lake, I did
his games. Yes, I justsaw about my friends Steve Clocke in the
pass away last week and when Iwas filling in for Steve the Lake Gray,
Steve Kalki, Prazinski and Ortiz arethe two big because they're the twins
affiliate back then they're coming up big. Poppy didn't look like that, okay,

just just FYI didn't look like thatat all. So yeah, it's
it's really the it's interesting how revisionisthistory comes into play. Right, But
yeah, a Rod might be oneof those guys. A Rod could be
definitely one of those guys. Andthere's guys that goes you know, there's
guys that have a tough one factorand they can be unlikable and yet still
people will love them always, right, you know, like GP forced his

way out of town here, Garydid, and the stories about how he
treated young players in the organization andthe Sonics just like they were done with
him. He was done with hereand you know it wasn't the greatest divorce
when he left. But you lookat him now and it's he I mean
now, we'll see how Gary iswhen the NBA comes back. If Gary's

not involved with the team or he'snot, like because he wants to be
part of not just like a faceand a mascot. He wants to be
a part of it. Right,We'll see how he is if he's really
not part of it help. Buneris a good example of that. Yeah,
Bunters wanted his kid to get drafted. He didn't was doing some TV.
They didn't really like him on TV. They took him off TV.

His kid didn't get drafted. Hewent sideways the organization. They went sideways
with him. How are that uglything was? I mean, it was
just last week that kind of that. He kind of had those fences mended.
So yeah, we'll see. Butwho athletes who were reinvented themselve four
nine, four to five one youcould tell us. We'll get to that
coming up our tech segment at twothirty this afternoon. Uh, Mariners.

The only thing I can think ofright now is, well, yeah,
and I know there's there's smart baseballguy out there's gonna tell us that they
he or she saw this coming thewhole time, and the slow start notwithstanding,
there's just there was nothing to tellyou that they would be where they
are at right now. Now,let's keep something in mind. The division

they're playing in. The second placeteam is five games below five hundred,
albeit thanks to three losses in arow here this weekend, but they were
still two games under five hundred whenthey arrived in town. The third place
team has six games under five hundred. The division's awful, Like the division
is not good at all. Gottawin those games though, But they're plus

nineteen now in run differential. Yeah, I mean, for a while they're
leading the division. They weren't eventhey were in the negative numbers right around
even in terms of run different they'replus nineteen now. I think they're seventeen
and five against the Ale West,which is insane. That's that's what's really
good. And their home record isincredible at twenty seven and twelve. Yeah,

which we'll talk about this with Chrisand Nate. It's so important for
them to win this division, notjust because it doesn't look like there's gonna
be a wild card out of this, because if MS don't win this division,
it's because they fade someone else isable to come catch them. And
again, they're twelve games over fivehundred. So let's say they get to
four or five if they faded upfor there are four or five over five

hundred, Texas are Houston catches them. One of those teams is going to
make it. The other one isprobably not unless you see a massive regression
by either Kansas City or Baltimore slashin New York, whatever happens in the
East, right, So you gotto win the division. We'll bring this
up. It has been a longtime, two thousand and one since we
saw a home playoff game in whichthe Mariner scored a run. I'm not

saying they won the game, sincethey scored a run, and that happens.
See the last time they won thedivision as well, and that was
the last time they won the divisionas well. And you win the division
and good things can happen along theway. There's some really good teams.
Cleveland's forty four and twenty five wherethey start the series tomorrow. We talk
about run differential, they're a pluseighty six. Let me read that again.

Cleveland is forty four more in twentyfive they are a plus eighty six
and run differential and all. Wejust talked about how good the Mariners are
at home Cleveland where they had playedtomorrow. They're twenty one at eight at
home this year. Oh man,I mean that's sick. Yeah. But
I'll go through some of the otherMariner numbers coming up in a second as
well, and we'll talk a littlebit too. More about this. We

did ask the question a couple weeks. I think it might be last Monday,
even like what would it take youto believe in this team? Right?
And the majority of our texters andeven the voice TEXTA came in said
the same thing. Prove of thedeadline that you're serious about winning, or
just get to the playoffs and wina play like it was all stuff really
far down the road. Well,I don't know about you, man,

I think a you and I bothtalked about this. I think as you
and me, I think just wasoff. We talked about the fact that
you know, now is the timejust to enjoy it, right, just
to enjoy the rock, get behindthe team, don't don't worry about the
little things and what has happened inthe past, and and you know all
the all the negative bad things thathave happened in the history of the organization,
which basically buy and larger losing.But what would it take? I

mean, you and I kind ofwere in the same category, like I
don't know if I believe or notwhatever, but but I'm just going to
enjoy this thing because they're in firstplace. Well now, twelve games above
five hundred it's a whole different world. Yeah, Like, I'm not sure
how you don't believe in this team. The expectations now should be raised.
This is not a wildcard team,and I just take to take the other

parts of it, like in termsof you know, I mean, Minnesota's
eight games above five hundred and they'rethe third place team in the Central So
I mean there's there's teams coming outof there. I mean, they're they're
they're the they're a wildcard team rightnow as well. In fact, it's
kind of crazy because Baltimore has fadeda wee bit and you know, they're
sitting, they're sitting, you know, not as pretty as they were,

and the Red Sox are getting better. They're two games above five hundred.
Take all that stuff away. Seattleis a division leader and should be the
division winner. So the expectations nowcertainly have to be you win the division.
Yes. If this team, thetwenty twenty four miners, don't win
the division, it's a massive disappointment, like a massive and it's a massive
fail. Yeah, because there's enoughof i mean, seventy four games in

there's enough to tell us that thisteam is damn good and to tell you
that the other teams that are challengingfor you are not are very flawed and
very blemished. I mean, CoreySeeger was over nineteen in this series.
Damn, that's brutal. All Right, we come back. Manors do a
nice job telling us how good theyare with their postgame notes. I'm gonna
explain some of those numbers in asecond, because they're pretty amazing. They

really are, and it's why weshould be believing. Why should you believe?
I'll tell you why you should believeon this Seattle Minors team coming up
in just a couple seconds, andthen the Molly Whoppers join us. Let's
go stand by, Be careful,take a deep breath. Christopher Crawford Nathan
Bishop will be with us at oneo'clock today. We'll break it all down

for you like only they can,thanks to simply Seattle. All right here
on ninety three point three kJ FM, live from the R and R Foundation
Specialist Broadcast Studio, back to IanFernanz, powered by Seattle's closest sports book,
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We'll get to the daily power playcoming up at one five today,
got the day off for the StanleyCup Finals. They resume tomorrow. Calder
Cup Finals update and Mike Benton tellingus crack and want to buy out.
Philip Grubauer will tell you about that. I'm putting words in Mike's mouth.
I know, Mike, Relax,Okay, Dodger fans three six nine over

there is going to be a littleup that who Mike Benton is. Thats
it's Dodger fan three six I justthat's I give him crap for being a
Dodgers fan. Well he grew upthere, Yeah, I know, so
I did. He's kind of beenhere long enough though, right, That's
what I'm saying, Like, don'tdon't we think see Dodgers fan in a
forty nine Ers fan? Yeah,I'm kind of thinking the guy should be
uh, you know, Okay,I won't. I won't. I want

to tell people Benton, everybody,Mike Benton Marritors knock off the Rangers a
sweep of Texas, largest divisional leadfor Seattle since the end of the two
thousand and one season. Anders.Think about that for a second, since
the I mean they it speaks volumeson a couple of things. I was

four years old. Okay, Ithink Chris Kid was in was he was
he you were four? I thinkhe was he in fifth grade? He
just told me a minute ago.Yeah. Well, I mean I've got
a daughter who's finishing up her fifthyear as a school teacher. She would
have been five years old. Yeah, so we're dating all of ourselves.

It also it also tells you somethingabout where this team is. Yeah,
before I go through some of thenumbers, and they are remarkable. Where
this team is and where they were, you know, say a year ago,
or where they were, you know, a year ago. Let me
ask you this, What is itabout them that gives you the best confidence

outside of the three stud pitchers?And we're going to spend some time with
that. It gives you confidence thatthese guys are going to hang on all
year and win this division. Mehow well they play in close games,
and I know that a lot ofpeople see that as kind of a lot
of luck factor. One run gamescan be like, oh, you know,
you just you have one or twobounces go your way and you end

up winning. I don't think itis at this point with how long your
rotation is able to go. Wesaw Logan Gilbert go eight yesterday. Uh
if you have a guy that cango at least six innings, sometimes seven
and on v occasions eight innings,that really shortens the bullpen. And we
know that the bullpen isn't fully healthyright now, but when it is,
it's one of the best bullpens inbaseball. And you probably have one of

the best closers in baseball too,and Andres Munio. So uh yeah,
I just the fact that these guysplay so many close games and then win
so many close games is huge forme. So that's kind of what gives
me a lot of confidence, aswell as their home record. I'm gonna
spend some time with the Molliwop guystalking about just that, okay, because
I think Scott Service deserves some credit. Okay, I know that, and

I'll I I heard a text thatGreg read earlier, and I think it
might be the same from the sameguy that text us all the time as
well, about how they they'll neverwin, they'll never go anywhere with Scott
Service as the manager. And yetwhen you watch this team in late game
situations, first of all, they'rethe kings of the ghost Runner. Yeah,
Like I think every time they get. I think they should play for

the ghost Runner because when they getthere, it's like it just feels like
it's money. And part of itis the bullpen, you know. Part
of it is the fact that theydo have some guys that can come in
now they're not as deep as theywere or they want to be, or
they probably will be Santos maybe backin mid July, or a trade or
a trade, but it feels butI think that's a service thing. I
think, you know, I thinkwhat we saw on the they could have

easily been one and three against theWhite Sox last week, totally Hell,
they could have been on four againstthe White Sox last week, but they
weren't. They were three and one, and they came back and they won
late games, and they did thatin dramatic fashion. And I think the
manager has to get credit for that. I think that the guys, I
mean, when a manager is ableto, frankly, you know, instill
that belief in those guys and ina sport in which, much like we

just talked about Bryson d Schambeau andgolf, much like golf, it's so
cerebral. How you feel at theplate, how you feel standing on the
mound. It's a game filled withfailure, and your mental part of it
is a huge part. Well,if the manager has you believing in yourself,
then hell man, you should beYeah, you know, you should

give that guy credit along the way, and I think he deserves some credit.
At the same point, in termsof games played, a year ago,
they were thirty five and thirty sixand they were nine games out of
first place. Think about that herethey are. I mean that the turnaround
is. I mean it's first ofall, it's an eighteen almost an eighteen
game turnaround in the standings. It'sa fourteen game turnaround in terms of the

record where they were a year agoright now. But more importantly, here's
what gives me believe it's the division. Yeah, because a year ago at
this point, not in terms ofthe date, in terms of games played,
because I remember they started a weeklater last year. If you look
at a year ago right now,in terms of games played, the Texas
Rangers were forty five and twenty eight, the Los Angeles Angels were forty one

and thirty four, the Houston Astroswere forty and thirty four. The Al
West a year ago was the AlCentral this year. Yep, they had
three teams that were all really goodand at this point in time, So
for me, what gives me confidenceis the fact that the division's garbage.
Yes, and as long as thedivisions crap, that's fine. You just
have to be okay. Now.Also, a year ago, at this

time, this is what's crazy.Think about what you're thinking about in Texas.
Right now, the Texas Rangers werenot only forty five and twenty eight,
they were plus one fifty in rundifferential at this point a year ago.
Oh man, what that's insane?Like plus one fifty. Well,
and that a lot of people aresaying, oh, you know, the
Mayors are just being the bad teamsright now and they're not that good against

any above five hundred slash playoff teams. Well, that's exactly what the Texas
Rangers did last year. They wereunder five hundred against playoff teams last year
and they ended up winning the WorldSeries. So that's all you have to
do get there. And then especiallyyou've heard it a million times that the
Mayor's pitching you never know what canhappen in the postseason. No, no,
no, uh, this is Iwant to give these the our guy,

Alex and the dudes down there.Alex no Adam, the PR guy
is dont a great job of this, and they the numbers don't get used.
These are not my numbers. People. I'm not going to be the
one that's going to come on theradio and tell you I made these idea
and did all the research. SoI'm gonna use their hard work to my
advantage on the radio shows. WhatI'm going to do it for season high
twelve games above five hundred largest visionally, we told you that since the end
of the twenty two thousand and oneseason. This is what goes back to

how important it is to win thedivision. And we'll talk about this in
our Molliwop segment at one o'clock today. Seattle's won nine straight series at home.
They've beaten Cincinnati, Arizona, Atlanta, Oakland, Okay, whatever,
Kansas City, Houston, the Angels, the White Sox, and Texas.
So yeah, they've beaten up theteams they should, but in that mix

as well, they've also beaten aKansas City team and a Texas team and
Atlanta team. They haven't beat justslappies. They've beat some decent teams in
those nine straight series wins as well. They have twenty seven home wins this
season. They don't They have themost home wins in the American League,
not the best record at home inthe American League. Have more home games.
Yeah, that's the team they're goingto play tomorrow. Their names are

the Cleveland Guardians at Cleveland. Soat Cleveland twelve and four over the last
sixteen sixteen and five were the lasttwenty This is Cleveland or Seattle? This
is Seattle. Okay, sixteen andfive in the last twenty one games is
the best in Major League Baseball.And then we'll get to the pitching.
Number one in quality starts forty six. Now, I'll ask Chris and Nate.

I know how Chris falls on thisone. Yeah, he doesn't like
quality starts as a stat really,I'll let him explain he doesn't like.
But I think if we're just makingan argument right now about what makes a
good baseball team, if your pitchergoes into the sixth inning and through the
sixth inning and he's given up threeor less, that's a good thing,

especially when your bullpen is Now,is it the be all to end all?
Is it the new RBI is thenew batting average. I don't know.
We'll let baseball nerd himself. Hecan describe that, mister Crawford.
See, I don't know. Iwould take the quality start stat over the
other two, over batting and originrbies. The crazy thing is number two
is thirty nine. Yeah, theyhas seven more than Philadelphia. That's great,

and those are the two best pitchingstaffs in baseball. So I think
that's a good representation of the otherthing we're going to talk about. I
Logan Gilbert was great. Fifteen startof the season, eight scoreless innings,
just two hits, no walks,nine strikeouts. Each of the last six
seven games he's gone six plus innings. Yeah, six quality starts. Twelve

of his fifteen starts this season inquality. The only I mean really had
the one he had the one blowup in Minnesota, right he had the
one blow up in Minnesota. Waslike, oh yeah, luckily it happened
luckily during the daytime at ten o'clock. Nobody saw it. They listen to
listen. Three shutouts in the majors, number one UH in baseball right now
in the majors, and twenty fivesince twenty twenty three. That's the most

of the major leagues as well.I mean they're they're doing it with pitching,
hitting, confidence is growing. Thisis a team that's going to win
the damn Division. Not this isno longer. This has gotten the point
now where anything besides division win wouldbe a massive disappointment because it would take
for them not to win the division, not somebody catching them. It would
be a catastrophic fail, like theywould have to just absolutely melny five Angels.

And I don't think they can dothat. No, not with that
pitching staff. No, they're goingto win the division. We can say
that here on June seventeen, twentytwenty one. This is a baseball team
that's going to win the America West. Completely agree. And I want to
go back to Gilbert there for asecond, because I saw a stat that
blew my mind about him. Heis thirty three and oh, when he
gets at least three runs of runsupport, we're thirty three and oh,

Felix is going, yeah, man, that would have been good. That's
a model of consistency. Man,You're going to get like, if he
gets at least three runs, you'rewinning the game every single time. I
know that is crazy to me thatthree runs is not something like, oh,
five runs of runs. No,that's that's a low amount. Well,
I mean just from where they're at. I was telling you what the
run differential of the plus nineteen orwhatever we get care to what Texas was

last year. I mean, it'sjust like they're they're winning close games and
they're and they're doing it dramatically.They're gonna win the damn Division. We're
gonna have a fun October here.It's it's so needed. It's gonna be
a blast. I heard earlier whenChris and Greg were talking, you know,
the damn Celtics and when they're eighteenthtitle right like, we need something
good to happen here, and whatand the good that's going to happen here

is happening right now before a veryeyes. It's called the Sale members.
More on that when we come backMy walk Monday at one o'clock with Nathan
and Chris all right here on ninethree point three kJ FM Live from the
R and R Foundation Specialists broadcast studioback to Ian Fernetz Power Advice, Seattle's

Closest sports book, snow called MeCasino on Sports Radio ninety three point three
kJ r FM. Big weekend forthe Mariners, getting wins in all three
games against the Texas Rangers. Alsoon Saturday, Seattle Sounders got a two

zero win as well, celebrated fiftyyears of history. Great ceremony, it
looked like down there, great celebrationof soccer in Seattle. This is a
very very underrated soccer community by therest of the country. That just there's
a lot of rumors about World Cupand it sounds like decent chance we're going

to see a Team USA game here, maybe in the second round. I
think we I think it's confirmed.We already have, Yeah, that it
is. This is which is greatnews because there isn't a town in this
country, in the community, thiscountry that supported soccer like we have.
And this goes back to nineteen seventyfour. Yeah, the fact that we
don't have an outdoor grass stadium,full time soccer specific stadium, Yes that

hurts, I get that, Butin terms of the FA and support,
there is nobody better. I justknow. And we're far enough away in
the Northwest here where you're not goingto have quite the same amount of foreign
fans from say Mexico, traveling here, right, it's a little bit more
challenging. But congrats to Adrian Hanauurand the Sounders organization for what was lookily

just from watching the video and stufflooked like a really cool event on Saturday.
Yeah, I guess all I neededto get back on off the Schneid
was having Andrews Hurst do Sounders Weekly. So is that what it was?
Yeah? I did it last weekwhile Jackson was out Jaxon just a I
mean, I don't know, takinga vacation during the fiftieth anniversary celebration.
You tell me. I mean,I'll tell you right now, fifty years
from now, Mike Benton's not takinga week off of Kracking weekly. Hell

from the fiftieth anniversary of the krackWell. And the other thing is he
left me a heap of a discussionto talk about after the Kansas City match
because they went up one zero thenlost a couple of bad give our bad
goals to give up from Stephen Fryplus a red card. It was just
like, oh, okay, seeAndrews, you can do Sounders weekly this,
Yeah, you go do it.I'm done. Well. They and
then the other news obviously they boughtthe Seattle Rain. That was It's funny

because I became official. We sawa story on the weekend and it was
embargoed, and then, you know, I thought they already did this,
like a six months ago. Ithought they did too, and I guess
it just maybe just had to figureout the final details. Anyway, that's
a good deal. The soccer isall under one umbrella here, men and
women a little bit too. Ithink it's a good thing. I wanted
to bring this up. We'll getWe're probably gonna. I'm gonna. I

think we're gonna get. Our goodfriend Stuart mandel On later this week's go
love talking college athletics with him.Yes, And I just thought of this
was when was thinking about the Raingetting bought. Just women's sports, and
as a whole, in women's soccer, which is a really big part of
college athletics. Women's soccer programs area really big part of it. A
lot of scholarships out there. Isit is it? Is it fifteen for

thirty girls? I don't know whatit is for girls. I know guys
have less. The guys have less. I think guys like baseball, you
have like whatever for nine Yeah,but for a eighteen. Yeah, but
I saw this today, this wholerealignment in college athletics, I don't think
it's going all that well for thenon football sports. Case in point,

this is from Stuart Mandel today stunningsoftball news. The national player of the
Year in women's softball pitcher from Stanfordand Jerry, Canada, has entered the
portal softball bidding war underway between thetop programs in the sport. I don't
think it's that. I think it'swhat Heather Tarr was worried about when she

was on with Softy and Fame theother day. I think Stanford, now
playing in the ACC, isn't likingthis. Those smaller sports now having to
travel cross country especially one of thebig selling points when you're not if you're
not on a full scholarship, whichI know she probably was, or she's
getting you know, she's gonna getan anild like get that. Yeah,

but when you're not playing the WestCoast where mom and dad can watch you
play relatively easy, that's a bignon selling point. Yes, it makes
me be interesting to see what happened. Mean, Heather Tar's program has been
a power. Stanford has been apower in that particular sport. Stanford women's
soccer has been a power. Wazuoand Washington both have had strong women's soccer

teams. Both have had great volleyballteams. Does that all take a hit?
I think it does. I thinkit does. The transfer portal isn't
just because of money. A lotof these young ladies are like man,
I didn't sign up to play acrossthe country. I didn't sign up for
that. My mom and dad wantedto see me place. We're playing in
Arizona. We're playing in California fourtimes, six times, twelve times a
year. We'll talk to this toit later this week. I this thing

is far, far far from over. Okay, we'll take a break.
The boys are standing by all thingsMariner Baseball. It's a molliwap Monday.
We started malliwop on somewhat of anegative note four years ago. Big thanks
and shout out to God to preventKevin. Thank you for that. Julio
Rodriguez can't speak English and he won'tever play center field, but that's fine.

A he can do both really well, really well, really really well.
But that was the start of malliwap Monday. Here we are four
years later and we have a teamthat's higher up in the standings and deeper
and heart and more established in firstplace than they have been since two thousand
and one. So what do wedo? We mollywop the boys? Coming
up next No from the start rentalssports to us Jordan ninety three point three

KJRFM Sports headlines and our headlines atone o'clock, brought to you by Buddies,
Goodies and Glass Always for twenty eightBuddies. Mariners sweep the Texas Rangers
take all three from the Rangers overthe weekend. Next up they travel too
Cleveland, Ohio. Guardian Series startstomorrow in three game set, then on

to Miami to take on the Marlinsof Miami over the next week. M's
now eight and a half up.They have a nice health leader in League
West Glorias presid Dy Schambeau wins theUS opening yesterday one shot win over Rory
McElroy. McElroy missed a couple ofputts bogie three the last four holes,
missed makable putts on both sixteen andeighteen, and Bryce and rallies with improbable

par on the eighteenth hole. Theseventy second hole of the tournament to take
home his second US Open title.Are Oilers Orioles. Oilers win Game four
on Saturday. They smoked the FloridaPanthers and the Stanley Cup final series.
They still trail three games to one. Panthers can clinch tomorrow in game five.

Speaking of clinching, Celtics hope todo that tonight taking on the Dallas
Mavericks Game five of that series.Mauvs also a huge winner on Friday in
the NBA Finals. NBA season couldend later on tonight, and the Sounders
have made it official they have purchasedthe Rain the women's NWSL franchise. Here
in Seattle, the Mariners are smokinghot. Marrigers are kicking ass and taking

names. Marriors are in first placein the American League West to have a
bigger lead than they have since twothousand and one in the AL West.
Huh huh. Well, the onlything could go wrong now starts right now.
It's Monday. Then that means onething. It's time to Mollywah uncensored,
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Mollywap boys, Nathan Bishop from DomanBedlam and Chris Crawford with my oh why
here's Ian Fernettes. All right,here we go. Time to mollywap on

a Monday. Oh this is gettingkind of fun, fellas. Mariner's a
sweep of the Rangers five nothing winyesterday. Al West is lead right now,
a season best eight and a halfgames. That's the largest lead in
Major League Baseball. Third series sweepof this for the MS and of course
we know they haven't been swept thisseason. It's the largest divisional lead for
Seattle since the end of the twothousand and one season and a season high

twelve games above five hundred. Sowith all of that said, we welcome
in Nate and Chris. It's aMollywop Monday, brought to you by Simply
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for all of your Seattle sports teamsneeds. Here we go, Nathan and

Chris are here. Let's start aswe always do, with the scene and
the stage being set Nathan, shipfire away and by the way, a
belated Happy Fathers Day to you toyou as well, sir, Thank you
very much. You know, I'mreally grateful for this past weekend for a
lot of things. But as we'reconcerning the Mariners, I was, so,
I will be very honest, Ihave no idea how someone like you

and your more handsome Friday phill Inhost managed to talk about sports in phill
three hours every single day. BecauseI find myself just being this schmuck that
comes on once a week to talkabout the Mariners, running out of things
to say about them, and Iwas feeling really empty coming into this Ranger
series on Friday because it's like goodgrief, Like, yes, we can
talk about how they somehow pulled outthree games against the White Sox even though

they could have easily been swept.They looked like dog crap, and they
still somehow won games, which haskind of been the story of a large
part of their season. But thenlo and behold in their probably their biggest
home weekend series of the year thusfar. And we've seen this organization fall
flat on their face time and timeagain when they have great weather and huge
sold out crowds on weekends. TheMariners stepped up and not only did they

sweep probably the closest team to themin terms of talent in the division right
now, in the Texas Rangers,the defending World Series champions, they just
played great baseball. Three games ofcomplete pitching, hitting, timely defense,
which is something we haven't been sayingvery much this year, and it was
just great. It felt like somethingfresh to talk about. I remember before

the season began, one of thethings that I was excited about with this
season is that the Mariners felt likethey had a broader spectrum of possibility than
they have, both good and bad, than the past few seasons. And
this was the first one of thefirst times this season where I felt that
positive end of that spectrum start toopen back up for me and I can
start to see, you know,with an eight and a half lead,
this is the best team in theAmerican League. Absolutely not, but they

have the biggest division lead in baseballof any division by a pretty significant amount.
They are in danger of lapping theAmerican League West at this point,
and it's almost time, you know, if they can sustain this kind of
lead or extend this for another month, it's time to start dreaming about what
do editions look like as it concernsclinching the playoffs in the division? What

do matchups look like? How muchof our hair are we going to rip
out in that Kansas City Royal series, as we've already alluded to in the
past. So I'm finding myself thenotorious crank, the notorious pessimist, half
glass empty guy, just feeling reallycontent and very grateful for this past series
and this week of baseball. Withthe Mary's at a six and one record,
Mister Crawford Sweepy Mixed Sweeperson as thetitle today on the Zoom Call.

Sweepy Mixed sweep percent go for it. It probably tells you that I didn't
get a lot of rest and couldn'tcome up with anything better than that.
Just a couple of things real quick. First of all, thank you for
letting me host your show on Friday, Nathan. To answer your question how
you come up with three hours?Is you have ten minute US opened updates
that take up most of the show, so you don't really have to come

up with much to talk about.Yeah, Obumber, we only have one
major left. Actually I'm not happyabout that, so I think it's what
I'm on vacation as well. Itcertainly is on making my friend. And
second, I did want to quicklysay my thoughts and prayers to Mike Bremley's
family. Mike Bremley a former Marinercoach and player, one of the all

time good guys on the sport.That was pretty devastating. This was awesome
baseball though I mean not to that'sa tough switch by just for people that
don't know he was killed in acar accident nor the weekend killing a card
accident on Saturday. So yeah,my very best to his family. I
got to give a ton of creditto whoever made the decision to switch around

this rotation, and yes, someof it had to do with the Brian
Wu injury, but getting your bigthree, getting the big boys, getting
Luis Castillo, George Kirby and LoganGilbert into that series was a bit of
a stroke of genius because not onlydid you give Wu extra time, you
got your three best they needed tobe dominant, and goodness gracious where they

dominate. Twenty innings of just twoearned runs, and all two earned runs
came in the first inning of thefirst game. They pitched like a World
Series contending team, minus the ninthinning on Saturday, which got a little
tactic and Eduard Bizardo showed that heis not a high leverage reliever. Outside
of that, this team pitched well, It came up with clutch hits,

It played some outstanding defense. Thiswas fun and as wacky as that White
Sox series is, you still wonthree out of four of those. You
got a six and one week.Six and one weeks in Major League Baseball
are to a be appreciated, especiallywhen those three wins basically put you in
i mean, as close to Korea'scontrol for the division as you possibly can

be in the middle of June.This was a really fun week. Chris,
Chris Crawford, Nathan Bishops. Broughtto you by Simply Seattle. It's
to ulliwap Monday Boys. Moulliwap Mondaybrought to you by simply seattlesimply sail dot
com. Mulliwap fifteen A checkout.Scott Servas said last night or after the
game postgame yesterday, that it wasan organizational decision that evolved, you know,
the manager, the coaching staff,the high performance staff, Justin and

Jerry all involved, and what endsup happening, as you mentioned, as
you end up having your big threeand the Maurners now have forty six quality
starts this season. That's first inMajor League Baseball. Real quick, both
of you, guys. Do welike quality starts? Stat I mean,
I know we in the world ofsome stats, we like some We don't
know. You don't care about that, no, because like six innings of

three run baseball is now considered betterthan five innings of one run baseball,
and that's stupid. I mean,it just doesn't make a whole heck of
a lot of sense to me.I do like it, though, because
it sounds good. For this localteam. It looks good for them,
right, I mean, Nathan,it looks good for them. We like,
yeah, yeah, anything that makesthem look good, Yeah, we'll
take that. We only play Katethe Seattle Mariners. That's all we do

on the show. Well, ifthe minders are good at quality starts,
we'll use that one. That's great. Well there's some we can't use,
so we'll just use that one fornow. The Nathan, did we just
see what a what a playoff serieswith this staff would look like? Yeah,
yep, I I think that's thewhole thing. I go back and

forth. I'm very happy that itworked out where they got their big three
going and the weekend and then theyswept and kind of a unique circumstance where
you're playing a team just so incrediblybad in the White Sox that you can
almost punt that and be able toline that up. That's not the thing
that's going to happen. But absolutelythat's a preview, and that's we've said
this over and over again. Allthis offense has to do is be around
average, and then that rotation isgoing to carry them and the Texas Rangers,

as beat up as they are andas disappointing of a season as they're
having, that's still an incredibly talentedlineup. That's as good of a lineup
in a lot of respects as youwill face in the playoffs, with maybe
the Yankees being an exception, ora couple other guys in the National League.
But you know, there's no reasonif the mayor. I'm not going
to say when, because there aretwo stages of Mariner fandom. There's Charlie
Brown running at the football, andthen there's Charlie Brown spinning around in the

air after the football has been yankedaway. And right now we're running at
the football. So I'm not goingto say when. But if the Mariners
make the playoffs, that's exactly theway that it's going to be. And
I, like Chris has said,so many times, my God, I
hope it's at home. God winthat division and clinch a home playoff series.
This fan base has had one playoffgame in twenty two years, and
it was a nihilistic, masochistic,possibly detrimental to your health, quite literally

experience of eighteen innings of scoreless baseball. We have still not seen the Seattle
Mariners score a run in a playoffgame since two thousand and one at home,
So it's time and to have thatrotation going the big three. Sorry
I'm rambling about that, but tohave the big three of Castillo, Kirby
and Gilbert. And let me justreally quick as as somebody who I think

has underappreciated him in the past,Logan Gilbert was absolutely outstanding yesterday and I
think that he's you can make acase that he's been their most dependable pitcher
this year every single time through therotation. So they have a legitimate top
three that can be anybody in baseball. They don't need their offense to be
great, they just need it tobe what it was for the last three

days. So it's a really excitingreview of what I hope is to come.
I'm gonna come back to the pitchersin a second and the big three,
so to speak. Chris, youkind of alluded to it and sort
of Nate like, the fun thingwas I love this. I mean I
love in sports when you have alittle bit of swagger, and let's be
honest, that's what they did lastweek. Yeah, they the series against
the White Sox didn't look great.The result was fine. I mean yes'

very good. Three and one.As bad as they are. To win
four strates hard, but to gothree and one perfect, that's great.
Chris. What I liked is theswagger they had, like the kind of
like, you know what, screwit, We're gonna beat these guys with
our Triple A staff. Doesn't matterwhat we do, because we're gonna gear
up and we're gonna get ready fora series against the Rangers, who which
is going to look like a soldout series and it almost was all three

games, incredible crowds, and we'regonna shove it on the Texas Rangers.
We're gonna save our best guys forthe Texas Rangers. I love that just
kind of like, you know,screw it attitude. I mean, it's
very Unmeriner like, you know,it's it's very Unmarriner like we like,
you know, and we criticize theseguys a lot. But Chris, that's
exactly what they did. They justsaid this is what hey look, and

Nate's right, like, we haven'tseen, you know, playoff baseball here
in a long time. We gota little taste of it, didn't We
Just by them saying screw screw theWhite Sox series. We're gonna just shove
it on these guys one hundred percent. And there was such a playoff atmosphere
to that series too. I mean, you saw the big old crowds you
saw Sunday on the Father's Day andthat was awesome to see. By the
way, so many young kids withtheir dads in the ballpark. It made

me a little bit sad, ifI'm being honest with you, because you
know, this was a rough dayfor me, having lost Skip so close
to it. But it was awesome. And look, I talked to Ev
and p Grant of the Dallas MorningNews on Friday when you were playing hooky,
and they were talking about how thiswas a huge series for Texas.
They were taking it seriously as well. They were managing Corey Seeger to be

ready for the series because they knewthe implication of this series as well.
Well. Guess what, they gottheir butts kicked against the Seattle Manners.
They were thoroughly outplayed for the overwhelmingmajority of those twenty seven innings. It
was awesome to see. If youdoesn't find that awesome, then you just
don't like the Seattle Mariners. Andthat's fine. There's a lot of people.

It's very fair, but it isnot. It is impossible for me
to say that you are a SeattleMariner baseball fan if you didn't take a
ton of enjoyment out of those threegames, and the swag was right there.
It was absolutely right there, andit was ton to watch, a
ton of fun to watch. Andas we're just talking about how crucial this
is, we're like just absolutely tapdancing our way through this show right now

in a way that we don't normallyget to do, which is really nice.
Because the Amrinoners have an eight anda half game lead. It's just
very obvious math. But just topoint it out, if the Marinons had
fallen on their face, as theyhave done time and time again through ad
infinitum, through the vast majority oftheir history, if they had gotten swept
by the Rangers, it's a twoand a half game lead in the division.
And this conversation is much more ofour typicary Monday morning show. So

that's a six game swing over thelast three days. It's just an incredibly
huge series. Nathan. You mentionedhow it would be big for you know,
the home fans to see home playoffbaseball, and it would because we
have eighteen innings of it, andthat's it since two thousand and one.
And as you mentioned, in thoseeighteen innings, somehow they did not find

a way to score a run.But with twenty seven home wins most of
the majors, but more importantly,nine straight home series victories, Nathan,
Yeah, home field advantage of playingin home apparently means something, at least
to this team. It does.Yeah, And you know, if you
want to dig into the analytics stuff, and I'm not sure if the sample

size is large enough for me toreally assign a ton of predictive what I
would call predictive value to that,but there's no doubt that, as we've
discussed in the past, this rosteris built with T Mobile Park in mind.
And the pitching staff absolutely is nota huge strikeout staff, and they
just do a great job of reducingwalks and reducing base runners and basically require
you to string together three or fourhits at a time, since is it

a home run pressing ballpark, Andit's really, really, really hard in
twenty twenty four Major League Baseball tostring together three or four hits in a
single inning and you're seeing the effectof it. All the Mariners have to
do on offensive scores, maybe fourruns at home to squeak out a win.
Usually three is fine, sometimes twois plenty. So it's very clear
that this is the model through whichthey're built. And gosh again, if

you can get home playoff games andput that model into effect, like I've
already said, you could beat anybody. Yeah, and you know what,
they're maybe not predictive is the word, but you see the difference in the
Mariner pitching staff at home versus theroad. They have the best era in
baseball at home two point five toeight. It's twenty first on the road.

And some of that may have todo with the fact that they just
have to give up some runs whenthey're not playing, you know, like
they are when they're you have togive up runs at some point, so
there's a regression to the mean.But you also look at the home records
of the teams who are the bestin baseball right now. New York's twenty
two to ten, Cleveland's twenty oneand eight, Kansas City's twenty five and
fourteen, Seattle is twenty seven andtwelve, Philadelphia is twenty seven and ten.

Dodgers are twenty four and fifteen.This is what people are doing now,
is they are beating the crap outof teams when they're playing at their
home park, but especially for Seattle. Whatever reason, that pitching staff is
significantly better when you're playing home games, and I see no reason for that
to continue other than the fact.I bet they're a little bit better on
the road going forward. But Isee no reason to think that they can't

be the best pitching staff when they'reat their home park. At the risk
of stealing an old catchphrase marketing wisefrom the Mariners, can I dare to
dream for a second? Can wedare to dream a little bit? You'd
like that, Nathan? Is ita new day in a new way?
Ian? Well? True to theblue? Sure, so what exactly,

Let's get some garlic fries and getthe show going. Let's go. Let
me dare to dream for a secondwith the pitching staff, Nathan, I'll
start with one, two and three. We're in the playoffs as teams it's
October. Is that one two andthree? What we just saw is at
the order where the castillo gets thesecond start? Or does it change?
Nathan? I think you're gonna seeLouis Castillo pitch the first game of a

playoff series if they can line up. I still think, as much as
I was singing Logan Gilbert's praises,George Kirby's been perfectly fine this year,
he had not actually taken that nextstep that I was hoping he would,
which would have potentially made him thebest pitcher on this staff. It's pretty
clear to me that Luis Castillo isthis the best starting pitcher on this staff.
The more interesting discussion to me wouldbe who would pitch the second game.

I think at this point you gotto give it to Logan Gilbert,
and then you let George Kirby pitchGame three, and you line it up.
You line up that one, twothree. Yes, other teams have
some really good starting pitchers, especiallyif Garrett Cole gets back healthy and looks
like Garrett Cole for the Yankees,but nobody has that depth at one,
two three. That third game matchupof George Kirby against whoever another team is
going to pitch, that will bea huge starting pitching advantage for the Seattle

Mariners. Mister Crawford, Yeah,yeah, I think that. I think
Nathan's absolutely right. I think rightnow, if the season ended today,
you would set it up so thatCastillo is going to be your number one
starter. You would have Logan Gilbertbe your second starter, and then you
would have Bob Wolcott. I'm justkidding. I would have George Kurfy.

I'm still mad that Bob Walcott hadto start two games in the ALCS in
nineteen ninety five. It's just notfair. It's not fair, guys.
But yeah, I think that's asgood a three as you can have.
It's hard to imagine anybody having thatgood of a one through three. Now,
there's teams with better offenses, there'steams with better bullpens, there's better
teams with better defenses. But Idon't think any team in Major League Baseball

has a better one through three.I don't think anybody has a better one
through five, obviously, and itwould be nice in a seven game series
to be able to use either aBryce Miller or a Brian Wou in one
of those types of situations. Atthis point, I think it would probably
be Brian wu if he's healthy.But one through three, man, ain't
nobody beating that? At least interms of the starting pitching. You know,

it's so cool about this too.As we're talking about this, we
talk about the Mariners all the time, or at least I have talked about
them all the time about how whenas soon as things go wrong, they're
going to start falling apart because they'renot built with depth in mind. And
to be fair to them, alot of stuff has gone wrong injury wise
for them. They've really struggled withbeing banged up. I was making really
bad Herbie the Lovebug Lovebug jokes lastweek about how they're just spit and oil

everywhere, and it's just a creditto them. I think it's a real
credit to Scott Servis. I don'tknow the logic behind Manager of the Year
voting and how all of that works, but I would have to think that
he's one of the frontrunners for theaward at this point. To be able
to put this roster with the amountof injuries that they've absorbed at forty three
and thirty one is just it's justa preposterously good win win loss record.

Despite what you think about watching themplay, which is often an agonizing and
borderline, you know, unhealthy experience. So it's just I just want to
I just wanted to acknowledge that,especially even on the pigeon side with Brian
Wu you know, going down withinjury, they've had to dip into their
starting pitching depth. The bullpen hasbeen a hot mess all year long and

they're still forty three and thirty one, So just real kudos to them.
Well, I think, you know, I mean, it's who knows what
goes into that. It's not votedon by players or managers or you know,
executives. Is voted on by thefine group that is, the BBWAA,
whatever the hell they are. Youknow that that decides that. But
as far as manager of the year, I don't know how he couldn't be
the front runner, to be honestwith you right now, for no other

reason. And I think someone wroteabout this in the Times today as well,
like they believe, you know,we joke about some of their catchphrases
and their marketing phrases and all that. But when a team like and yeah,
they've done it largely against bad teams, but the Chicago White Sox being
the most recent example, but trailingto nothing in the seventh or eight inning
just doesn't seem to phase these guys, you know, And I don't know,

I'd have to look it up,Chris, maybe you would know off
the top of your head. Aren'tyour numbers guy. But it feels like
no one's better with ghost Runner thanSeattle. Like they just they made I
mean they've they've put up a lotof offense this season with nobody out Runner
on second to start attempt thinning too. But that's a mindset, Like,
that's a mindset. And you know, even as much as it is putting,
you know, having Luke Rayley,you know, lay down a bunt,

you know, in that situation,right, I mean, it's it's
I think one hundred percent that goesto the manager, like and that's yeah,
I give credit where credits due,because there's been a lot of doubt
of Scott's service when he was hired, for goodness sakes, never been a
manager before, right, so Ithink service deserves a ton of credit along
the way. All right, we'lltake a quick break, come back.
I do want to talk about acouple of guys that may be on their

way back, well, specifically oneas a reliever. Also, let's touch
base again on mister Locklear at firstbase. I hit his second home run
yesterday. I get some thoughts thereon that. Uh, and then we'll
look ahead to the week. Comingup. It's a Mulliwop First Place Monday.
I know Nathan just kind of jerkedhis head back. It is They're
still in first place. I knowit's very out of This is very off
brand for us. We're not surereally how to deal with it, but

we'll do. We'll do our best. Second segment coming up with Nathan and
Chris Mallywop Monday, brought to SimplySeattle on ninety three point three KJRFM,
Live from the R and R Foundationspecialists broadcast studio. Back to Ian Ferinance,
powered by Seattle's closest sports book,snowp Call me Casino on Sports Radio
ninety three point three kjr FM.All right, back we go Mollywap Monday

on ninety three point three KJRFM.It is a Mollywap Monday, and we
continue on for one more segment.Nathan and Chris are here thanks to Simply
Seattle Simply Seattle dot com. Letme start first, Nathan with Tyler Lockley,
who has taken over. I thinkyou sent the text to our group
threat the other day. Oh,it's fun to have a tall first basement

or a taller first basement, becausehe made a couple of stretches in that
first couple of games he played thatwere key, that were crucial in six
inches or two inches or one inchreach, whatever it is, made a
difference. But he hits a secondrun yesterday. What do we like about
this young guy? Well, firstof all, yeah, you've already alluded
to the fact that he's just abigger body around the first base bag.
A lot of this I want totry to phrase it without making it sound

like I'm talking bad about Ty Frantz, the incumbent first baseman, but there's
a noticeable difference in presence at firstbase around the bag. Not only is
he bigger, he's a more athletic. That play that he made to end
the game on Saturday night was areal nice pick, real nice range.
You play as far as the batagain, you know, he's got the
two home runs, which is great, something that you're going to watch about

and a big part of the reasonwhy I was kind of skeptical as to
his readiness to contribute a major leaguebaseballs. He's got twelve strikeouts already in
twenty nine played appearances, which issomething you're going to want to monitor.
If that rate gets much higher,it's going to be a real problem.
But the honest answer, Ian isthe bar wasn't very high to clear at
first base for Tyler Locklear. I'mnot going to call him Sean Locklear.

Tyler Locklear, and he's cleared it. He looks like he can be at
least about as good as ty Francehas been. And I think that the
nice thing about him is he hasthat more prototypical power profile for a first
baseman. It just fits the positionbetter than a guy who's going to try
to slap singles the other way andbe incredibly slow on the base paths.

So watch for those strikeouts. Ifhe can keep those under control, I
think he has a good chance tobe a decent contributor as long as he's
here. I don't know what they'regoing to do when ty France is healthy,
so that's something to keep an eyeon. Spots on him so far,
you've watched him come up to theminors, Chris, Yeah, I
think he's done a nice job.Now. The strikeouts have been problematic a
little bit, and he had oneof the worst at bats I've seen so

far in twenty twenty four and thetenth inning of that game on Thursday,
that was zone. That was acan zone. That was can zone asking.
Unfortunately, that is less positive thanwe would like at this point.
But look, he has looked fantasticaround the bag, which has been awesome
to say. See, made acouple of nice diving plays, has handled

the position just fine, and youknow, he's made hard contact when he's
hit the ball. It's been anice thing to see. I'll say this,
if you're confident in ty France beingyour first baseman, maybe Tyler lockleyer
is impressed with what you've shown andmaybe he's a guy that you can look
at to move at the deadline.Now. I don't think so. I
think that they're going to be playingthe long term with Tyler Lockley. I

think they're really impressed with the averageaxs, velocities, the approach at the
plate. The approach is not carriedover so far, but it's a pretty
small sample. They've They've got aninteresting decision here to make. If he
keeps hitting and if he keeps playingquality defense, ty France is probably going
to be ready to go in themiddle of the week. He creates a
little bit of a dilemma, butat this point I think it's actually a
good dilemma. So Paulocks did arehab assignment and ever and I think he's

going to Cheeney Stadium next right.If the weather's good, and so are
Bliss and Lock, We're both headedback to Triple A. Oh boy.
I think that's probably the most logicalthing. I'd really like to find a
way to keep Brian Bliss on theroster. This is a tough one though,
because Ryan Bliss does need it beatsand for the long term success of

him. Ryan Bliss does need togo work on some stuff in Tacoma.
But I think he's given the teama real spark when he's been in the
game, Like he is a reallynice guy to have come off the bench
at a pinch runner. He's beena better defensive player than Jorge Polanco.
That was one of the big concernswhere his hands were something that he struggled
with. He has been a fantasticdefensive player for the sia Ala Mariners.

So this is a tough one.Can you find enough playing time to justify
him playing second base. And theother thing is, I just don't know
who the heck you get rid ofunless it's Sev's of all it, And
it doesn't sound like that's something theywant to do at this point, because
if it's something they wanted to do, I think they wouldn't have already done
it. So I just really don'tsee who the other players would be.

But boy, I would really loveto find a way to keep Ryan Bliss
on the roster, especially because hisspeed, his ability to go pick it
at second base so far, andthere's just something he kind of adds as
way. I think he's fit inso well with the culture of that club
so early that'll be at least alittle disappointed if he has to go back
to Tacoma, even if I understandthe decision sounds like, yeah, go

ahead, Nathan, Can I addsomething on to that. Yeah? The
other question for me too, AndI'll strap on my traditional negative role here
and chime in. Jorge Polanco hasbeen one of the worst players in Major
League Baseball when he's been healthy thusfar this year. Does that mean that
he's going to be terrible when hegets back? Not necessarily? And the
marriage is having an eight and ahalf game lead does give them some cushion

to give him run and see ifhe can get going. But if he
comes back and looks anything like hedid before he got hurt, I don't
know how you can justify continuing toplay him when you have Ryan Bliss doing
all the things that Chris just said, other than the fact that, like
we saw last year with Colton Wogand aj Pollock, he makes money and
Ryan Blister does not. So that'sjust something to keep an eye on.

Fort Blon has been really bad thisyear on dred percent. Nathan Chris joined
us. Santos is maybe coming backsoon, maybe mid July. It sounds
like how desperate are they for himto get back because that bullpend just feels
like it's to use a Nathan Bishopterm, Herbie the lovebug, leaking oil
on fumes right now. I meanit's really remarkable. Now they haven't needed

them as much because the starter's beenso good and gone deep. But still
that's how bad do they need Santos? You guys realize there's been like billions
of great car movies that have comeout, like billions of them. If
you guys are talking about one ofthe worst Herbie the Love Bugs, too,
like, what's going on? Doyou guys need help? I think
we're just twice So it's a badmovie that I enjoy, which makes it

a perfect allegory for the Seattle fairenough, fair enough. Yeah, they
need Gregory Santos back back. Andif they can't get Gregory Santos back into
by the end of July, thenyou have got got to And I still
think even with Gregory Santos, youstill need to add a high leverage reliever,
just because all due respect to AustinVoth, all due respect to Trent
Thornton. By the way, mygrandma thinks he looks miserable when he's on

the mound, and I think it'sbecause he does look miserable on the mound,
but because it's never easy for him, it's never easy for him,
it's never easy for me. Ooh, she sent me a very negative text
about what she thought the Seattle Marinersshould do. By the way, when
Trent Thornon almost blewe game. Bythe way, maybe I'll tell you that
one after after the show. Butlook, Gregory Santos has fantastic stuff and

was one of the better relievers inbaseball in twenty twenty three, but who
knows what you're gonna get from himin twenty twenty four, not just health
wise, but how is that longlayoff going to affect him? This is
a young pitcher who hasn't had todeal with something like that. So,
yeah, Gregory Santos would be amajor boon if he is the version of
what you got in twenty twenty threewhen he's with the White Sox. But

boy, it'd be nice to seeit now to have an idea if he's
actually your high leverage reliever to gopair with that Andre Munos, who has
just been sensational. All right,running out of time, let's do this.
Coming up Nathan Cleveland starting tomorrow thanMiami. Thoughts on the week ahead.
Yeah, Cleveland's one of the bestteams in the American League. They
ran the M's pretty ragged when theyplayed them at home at the beginning of
the year, So that'll be afun test for the Marrions. As we've

already discussed, they don't play aswell on the road as at as at
home. And then Miami is justmaybe a half to a full shade above
the White Sox Zone. As faras being really really really awful, they
should at least win two out ofthree there. I think they got to
go three and three this week.You guys, all right, Chris,
your thoughts. I think they needto go four and two. I think
they need to win the series againstCleveland. Cleveland is the next team up

for that number two seed, andI am starting to dream for that number
two seed. It is a massivedifference. You get the chance to get
a week off, set your rotation, be ready to get going for big
boy baseball. I think you needto win that series in the Marlins stink,
So I think they have to winthat series as well. I like
your thought though, dare to dreamand look ahead towards the playoffs. Right,
Yeah, but that is I mean, I think that was what Kansas
City was important with, right,I mean, under say teams are going

to see along the way and whatyou're gonna do? Chris? Where can
we find all your work outside ofwhen you fill in for me? Uh?
You can follow me on whatever MeltedKran calls the website at Crawford Underscore
MiLB, and you can also followme on my OI would really appreciate it.
Recapping every single Seattle Mariner baseball game, and mister Bishop, where can
we find you? It's called Xdot com The Future of Unlimited Engagement.

Thank you very much, Chris,and you can find me there at Nathan
Underscore H Underscore B. I likeit. I like it. Are we
okay with these kind of segments wherethey're, you know, overly positive.
I feel like it's making me growso No, but it's fun that they're
winning, I guess, but Iwill try to do stuff. I'm forty
two, absolutely boring. Jake wantsus to just be mad as heck and

then to promote his T shirts,so gosh, dang it, let's get
it angry next week. Well,I'm just wondering how Dick Fane's going to
handle it today because it's the overlypositive thoughts. Did you hear Dick Fane
on Friday? He said he wasscared a heck about the Mariners. He
I was. I text Softie andsaid, you turned Dick into Nathan Bishop,
only a fool with doubt the SeattleMariners. Mister Fane, H,

Well, I mean you were alittle bit hard on Polanco today, David
agree, I had to get Imean, honestly, that was like me,
just like feeling like I had tostretch. I felt like I was
getting really clenched and I had tojust unwind a little bit by being just
a little bit of a jerk.That's okay, That's okay, all right.
That's Chris, that's Nate Pig Thanksto Simply Seattle, Simply Seattle dot
com Mollywop fifteen at check out foryour discount. We'll do it again next

week after the series coming up.Thank you, fellows, have a great
one. See but there you go. That's Nathan and Chris. Simply Seattle
brings you molliwap Monday every Monday,talking all things Mirrors, Baseball, take
a break, come back. Gota daily power Play comeing up next.
Malkin Shoots went in on Gold ofFlux and I stop, It's Crosby Stop.

This is the Daily power Play DeepSlot one n now Ian ferns Son
Sports Radio nine kjr FM Daily powerPlaying your home for the Crack at nine
three point three kjr FM. We'llget to the NHL Stand Cup Final in

just a second. Let's give youa quick update. What's going on Coachella
Valley, The cracking affiliate and theCalder Cup Final Championship series. They're tied
one game apiece. They did whatthey would want to do, split in
Hershey, winning four to three onFriday, losing five to two yesterday.
Games three, four, and fiveare all in Coachella Valley, So the

Firebirds have a chance to clinch iton Whome Ice if they can knock off
the Hershey Bears in the next threegames. Everyone in the world rooting for
Coachella Valley. Why because Hershey isthe affiliate of the Washington Capitals, and
anybody who covers the sport hates theWashington Capitals with the passion. Why because
they just bought the website catfriendly dotcom, which is vible for all things

salary cap Yeah, did they notwant to know? Like it's a great
move on their part, honestly,Like it's it's an in credible website and
they just bought all the information andwhat. Yeah, so everyone hates him
now everyone hates the Capitals. Sothat's that's they hate Hershey. Let's throw
one at you because you're a hockeyguy, all right. If a guy's

got nine goals, three assists,twelve points in fourteen games in the American
Hockey League playoffs, and he's kindof a third or fourth line guy caliber
guy in the NHL, but hegives you some toughness. Would you kind
of look at signing that guy andbringing him back next year in the cracking
organization? Yes, John Hayden,Yes, he's Coachella Valley's leading scorer in
the playoffs. What line is heplaying on for Coachella Valley. He's probably
the top six guy. Yeah.I haven't watched him play, I'm assuming.

I mean he's got he scored twogoals on Friday. Kind of a
tough guy sort of situations. Yeah, tough guy, yeah, like exactly
what they didn't have this year.Yeah, then for that reason alone,
UFA, I mean I think yousign him absolutely absolutely, wouldn't have to
cost much either, No, yeah, him, do a two way deal,
but I think he bring it back. Yeah. Yeah. They won
on Friday, lost yesterday. SoRyan Winterton, by the way, had

two goals as well in that gameon Friday, so he's starting to heat
up. So it's kind of nice. Jane Wright hasn't done much. You
got an assist last night, butit's a good experience. For him,
twenty year old, good experience.They didn't play much last year. Yeah,
I had high expectations from this year. Meanwhile, the Stanley Cup Final
Game five is coming up tomorrow inbeautiful Fort Lauderdale, Miami. If I

had any more reason to root forFlorida, I would tell you why do
you hate the Oilers so much?But Okay, first of all, I
was gonna say, there's another reasonis because I want to make soft you
have a full show. Oh,I see what you're saying. Okay,
if evonton Ky is winning, they'regonna keep, you know, having an
hour and a half show whenever theyhave. So this is all just based

on softy situations, not all.But I just I find it funny how
that two of the best players inthe league, you have him on your
team for a long period of timeand you still haven't won yet. I
know it's harder to do, butit kind of reminds me of the O
TWI and Trout with the Angels andthe fact that they didn't even go to
the playoffs, which is they didone year but now actually no playoffs with

those two, right, But yeah, it kind of reminds me of that
and I kind of like it.I want to keep going. Wow.
Yeah, yeah, I don't know. Well, Game Game five is Tuesday,
that's tomorrow. That's uh. They'lldrop the puck around five twenty five
while a pregame coverage starting at fourthirty here on your Home for the Kraken
as Edmond tries to Edmonton tries tostave off elimination one more time. They

just smoked him eight to one onSaturday. Did you see, like the
NBA Finals, the NHL and theStanley Cup Final, in game four of
both those series were identical. Yeah, the team down three nothing. The
whole series has been kind of identical. Yeah, the team down three nothing.
In this case it was it wasEdmonton, and the NBA's case,
of course, it was Dallas,and they just annihilated the other team in

game four to prevent a sweep.So now both those teams go home.
Florida goes home, Boston goes home. Boston play tonight. By the way,
if there is a game six,it would be this Friday, June
twenty first, in Edmonton, andthe same thing, Softy and Fame would
be off at four thirty. I'mtelling you right now, nobody outside of

Edmonton, Alberta, the provincial capital, oil Country City champions. No one
outside of that place in North Americais rooting harder for an Edmonton win tomorrow
than Dave Softy. That's what I'msaying. Nobody is rooting harder for that
than Dave. You think on gameseven they get one on Monday, and
they get it on Monday. Whatdoes he wants seven games? I want

seven games just for the entertainment valueI want to. Yeah, I mean,
it's been way closer than I mean. The eight to one is crazy.
But before that, every goal,every game's man. They chased a
Bob though they chased Bob the otherBobovsky got chased on his way to the
calm smythe and I think he'll stillwin it if they win tomorrow. But
yeah, objectively, you think Floridacloses it out tomorrow? Yeah, you

think so? At home? Ithink so. I think so unless they
awoke the sleeping giant that is theEdmonton offense. Finally, yeah, and
then hockey season ends, by theway, a week from Friday, the
twenty eighth of June. Not onlyis it the Mayor Maple Valley Open,
Let's go yes, not only isit that, it's also day one of
the NHL Draft, and of coursewe will have all the coverage for you.

Softy and Dick are going to actuallydo the show twelve to three on
that day. And then Mike Benton, everybody, Mike Benton, Michael Benton
and a cast of thousands will joinMike Benton out at the thirty two Bar
and Grill and they'll cover the NHLDraft exact day. That's Draft day number
one, so they'll cover the draftfor you that day picked Cracking eight eighth.

Over all, we had nine Ithink total picks. It's crazy.
Yeah, yeah, that's they gota lot of picks'll be, they'll be.
That'll be a fun active time forCracking fans. They'll be. Ron
Francis should be very active, notjust drafting guys, he'll be active trading.
So you thought we had good coverageduring the NFL Draft, Oh boy,
Mike, wait to see what wehave coming Mike Benton, everybody,
Mike Benon, Okay, we'll takea break, we'll come back. Bob
Casper joins US Real Golf Radio.What a turnaround. We asked the question,

by the way earlier and we'll lookat the text. I don't even
looked at the text up, butwe'll look at those good ones. Bryson
D. Shambo just completely changed hispublic persona and who and what he was.
Who's another athlete that's done that overthe years. We'll get some thoughts
on that in your text four nine, four to five one coming up at
two thirty. But we'll find outwhat that was all about. Bryson one

of the bigger stars in all ofsports right now. What he did,
how to get it done. We'lldo that next with Bobby Casper No from
the Star Rentals Sports Tests jord ninetythree point three KJRFM Sports Headlines two o'clock
headlines brought to you by Vinny kingsvinKings dot com. Mariners sweep the Texas
Rangers. They are cruising right nowin the American League West. Let's go

Ams are off today. Next up, they'll be in Cleveland to start a
road trip that takes them next toMiami. After that. The Indian that's
right now, Indians, Sorry,Guardians, Guardians. They have the best
home record right now in Major LeagueBaseball. They will be at twenty one
and eight when they await the Mariners, who are eight and a half games

up in the American League West rightnow, best they've been since two thousand
and one. Bryson d Schambeau winsthe US Open. More on that.
Bobby Casper is a second Oilers onegame four on Saturday Stanley Cup Final.
They still lead trail the Florida Panthersthree games to one. MAVs can win
it all or can try to forceanother game tonight. They're in Boston.
The Celtics lead that NBA final seriesthree games to one, and the Sounders

have purchased thel Rain Rain, Seattle, Ragn whatever we call on the NWSL
team. They're all under one bigumbrella. As we move into the two
o'clock hour, here we go,Well, not everyone's a golf fan,
but you got to be a fanof great drama. You also have to
be a fan of great personalities,and we had all of that this weekend

at the US Open. We startedlast week on Wednesday previewing the US Open
with our friend Bobby Casper from RealGolf Radio, and we end the week
on this Monday in the US Openconversation with our friend Bobby Casper from Real
Golf Radio. Joined us right now. Hello, sir, how are you?

I'm doing well, Ian and youI'm good. I believe it.
Happy Father's Day and as we lookback on the great tradition that is Father's
Day weekend, the US Open,we had one for the ages, didn't
we. Yeah, it was agood one. It was a good one.
It was fun to watch. Itkept everybody enthralled and involved and coming

down to the final hole. Yeah, it was. It was everything you
could ask for. We are goingto We're going to take our we do
text Bobby on a text line comingup at one or two thirty today in
just about a half an hour,twenty minutes or so. I asked the
question, and I haven't looked atthe text. We'll get to those in
a second. But I asked thequestion, like, how many you know

name another athlete that has changed hispublic image, persona likability factor, whatever
you want to call it, likeBryce and d Shambeau did, because where
he is now from where he wasa few years ago and when he won
his first US Open, his firstmajor during the COVID year and all of
that is it's night and day.This guy interacting with fans, high five

and play into the crowd, becamejust a massive fan favorite. We saw
a glimpse of that earlier at thePGA Championship as well. And who and
what this guy is is completely changed. I don't know another athlete that's done
it. I'm sure there are,and I'm sure we get some good texts
from our listeners today. But Bobby, you're around this thing all the time.
What has changed with Bryson d Schambeau, not in the golf game,

but in the personality. Well,I think you know. The interesting thing
is lib golf has lost relevance forand the players have lost relevance by going
to live golf. There's not it'snot easy to find where you can watch
it. The broadcasts are not enjoyableto watch. The golf is relatively not

followed, especially here in the UnitedStates. I know in Houston, the
final group the last day in Houstononly had about fifty to sixty people following
the group. So a lot ofthese players, John Rahm, Bryson,
d Chambeau, Cameron Smith, Brookskept all these guys are losing some relevance

in the game of golf and wheretheir careers are going. So I think
the idea was especially for Bryson,that he needed to make some changes and
not be this kind of muscleheaded guythat just wanted to bash it out there
as far as he could, butto really start, you know, playing

some good golf, playing to thecrowd, signing lots of autographs, changing
everything on his social media to uhin in, bringing more people in and
that kind of thing. And Idon't know if that's a PR firm that
has helped him, but I'll tellyou there's one guy that's that's on Live
that has done this all his careerand he may be a mentor form and

that's still Michelson. Yeah. Ijust it's it's remarkable, like he he
and I think it's so unfortunate becauseyou brought up to Live. It's it's
unfortunate he made the decision. He'son the Live Tour. He won't be
able to play on the US Olympicteam because of the way they do their
rankings and all of that. Thoseguys knew that going in, and I
mean, there's no doubt he's oneof the best players in America right now.

He should be on that Olympic team. But but he's not going to
be able to. But you're right, the relevance is interesting. I just
I just found I found him tobe a guy that this sport desperately needs.
Unfortunately, we only see him whatfour times a year now, right
in the four majors. They needthey need this guy. Golf needs this

guy. They need a personality.I mean, we all know Scott he's
the best player in the world.He just doesn't have that same attachment to
the crowd and the and the juiceand the excitement. Man, they need
Bryson d Shamba back. Well,I think you know, I think you're
exactly right. Here's a guy that, you know, we think of him
as the mad scientist, the guythat that has all these calculations and everything

for his swing and putts and howfar up and how far down shots are,
and how he needs to hit itand how you know, what degree
on his back swing and all kindsof really kind of intellectual interesting things.
But like you said, he's especiallywith his golf game, he's gone from

like total basher to a guy thathas said that, you know, I'm
going to play boring golf because Ithink I can win better with the idea
of boring golf and then he hekills it when he when he feels he
has a good chance for it.But he's playing more strategic golf. He's
understanding more how to compete in thebiggest in the biggest sport or the biggest

events of the sport. And Ithink, I think, you know,
I think he is starting to comeback with people really kind of noticing in
him in the game and what he'sbeen able to do and what he was
able to do yesterday and Saturday wasamazing. Bobby Casper Real Golf Radio joining

US ten years removed from Chambers Bayand the drama that was a seventy second
hole with Dustin Johnson missing a coupleof putts and Jordan Speith walking away with
the US Open Championship. Here.They weren't in the same group, they
being Rory McElroy and Bryce and dShamball. They weren't the same group,
but it came down to the seventysecond hole and a miss putt is the

difference in this tournament as well.I found that ironic Rory, like,
there's a lot there, but letme just talk about the putts, because
think a lot of people that don'tplay the game a lot or even casual
players just three. I like theway you said putts, yeah, because
it was put it was sixteenth,Yeah, brought along the eighteenth. And
listen, you know what that courseis all about. Like all of us

that have played, I've had anear kne knocker over, you know,
from three feet away. A lotof us do it for a beer on
a Sunday on Fathersday like I didyesterday. But that's a whole different set
of pressure. But that wasn't justa gimme putt. That's why you don't
give me gimmes, right, becausethat thing just on the eight on the
eighteen, specifically downhill, curling away. People use the word choke. I
hate that in sports at that level. But how would you describe what happened

to Rory on those two on thosetwo putts on sixteen and eighteen. Well
so, so Rory had a twoshot lead after fourteen goals, and he
bogied the fifteenth, hitting the ballover the green and not getting it up
and down, getting the ball wentinto a native area and it was a

difficult shot and the closest he couldget it was thirty feet and and you
know he two putted, still hada one shot lead. Then he gets
Then he gets to sixteen, putsthe ball up just a little past the
hole, just inside three feet,and he misses that putt too. Took
it. To me, it lookedlike he took a little long over that

put and players start to feel thepressure, especially in an individual sport like
golf. Players start to feel thepressure when it matters. And I think
this event really really mattered to Rorybecause he hadn't won a major in over
ten years, and so that puttthat he missed, okay, was just

inside three feet. He's made fourhundred and ninety six of four hundred and
ninety six of those this year,all right, and he missed that one.
Then he goes to the last hole. It looked to me like he
hit a pretty good putt, butlike you said, that ball really dives
away. When we played there inMay, the first part of May,

in the media day, I hadthat same putt. I was just slightly
to the right of where he was, and it was amazing how far it
turned right. And my pott whenI missed it, I gave it a
little too much juice. When Imissed it, it rolled twenty feet away
from the hole, so he hadto hit it just hard enough to get

it to the hole, but notso hard that it didn't go ten or
twelve feet past the hole. Andbecause of that, you know, gravity
took over and it really peeled tothe right and it hit the lower edge
of the hole. I think hehit a good putt, I really do.
But as I said, when itmatters, that's what brings the pressure

on. And I think Rory McElroyto come to that a little bit yesterday.
Isn't that what golf is about,though, whether it's you know,
Adam Scott in the twenty twelve OpenChampionship, Dustin Johnson I just mentioned he
had a three putt on the twentyfifteen US Open. Yeah, we've seen
that over and over again. Idon't know if any of us could even
fathom the pressure that a guy facesin those situations. And maybe you'd almost

rather have a five or six onefive or six or seven or eight foot
pot uphill as opposed to something likethat. Well, and that's the interesting
thing too, is that pitch shotthat he hit, he gunned it a
little bit and got it above thehole. If he would have if he
would have had a putt like yousaid, six seventy below the hole going
straight up hill, I think hewould have had a better chance to make

it because he's he now can canhit it more aggressively. Payne Stewart when
when he won there in ninety nine, had a twenty foot or going straight
up hill and he knocked it in. Bryce and D Chambeau gets the ball
to the hole but just below thehole about four four and a half feet
was able to hit a good,strong, aggressive putt and knock it in.

So, you know, I thinkthe pitch shot that he hit on
the eighteenth pole might have been alittle bit suspect in that he hit it
hard enough or too hard to getit above the hole to where he didn't
have a lot of control on theputt once he hit it. What what
did you make of Rory afterwards?Not not you know, meeting the media,

not congratulating Bryce and D Shamba andjust taking off. You know,
I think there was a frustration levelin that he probably felt that the tournament
was his and he let it slipaway in two holes and two little putts.
I understand his I understand him.Uh, probably getting out of there

as quick as he did because hedidn't want to. He didn't want to
rehash everything and you know, bein the heat of the moment talking to
talking to the media and maybe sayingsome things that that that he probably didn't
want to say, you know it. It was different in the PGA Championship

in that Bryson was already in attwenty under par, record setting score and
then Xander Schoffley comes along and makesBertie on the last hole. Well,
basically he wasn't in the clubhouse yethe missed the putt and he gave Bryson

an opportunity to win by by missingthat, missing those two of those last
three putts. So I understand,I don't. I haven't seen for sure
if he's playing this week in Hartford, but that's also a signature event.
I'll guarantee you he will answer allthe questions that that people will ask and

the media will ask in that signatureevent. If not, if he doesn't
play, and it's the British Open, that's when he'll be forthcoming and open
about everything like that. But heneeded to reset, he needed to let
some steam off all that kind ofthing, and I think it was probably
best for him to get out ofthere, even though he's getting bombarded and

pounded by the media and stuff likethat. For not being able to talk
to him after he was done playing. Yeah, I just I think there's
a you know, it's a fineline. There's I think there is a
responsibility. You made a ton ofmoney in the tournament. Answer the questions,
and also, you know, congratulateBryce. I just go back.
I remember Chambers Bay. There's aton of talk. Remember when Dustin he
Dustin Johnson three putts and I thinkpeople were upset because it wasn't he supposed

to be on the you know,get a medal, like the second place
medal or whatever it was, andbe up there. And and he went
down And I remember telling the storyBobby. We were doing for the TV
station here. That was back whenFox had the US Open and we were
doing a post game and I wasactually my location was down at the driving
range. So I walked back downto the driving range, and I did
see Dustin Johnson. He was downthere with his team, but he was

signing autographs, like a ton ofautographs after the most crushing defeat he could
imagine. And I was so impressedby that. I thought it was a
bit and I remember he got crushed. I remember, bring that up in
the air people. But it doesn'tmatter. He's supposed to be up there.
I'm like, yeah, I getit. But you know what,
it's not like he just took off. He's signing autographs, taking pictures with
people and being a pretty gracious loseror second place runner up, whatever you
want to call it. But Rory'sbeen through enough. I mean it's there's

obviously a lot going on in hisworld, you know, the divorce now
the non divorce and all that stuff, the live tour and et cetera.
So we move on one more thingbefore, like go just the Tiger Woods.
Didn't make the cut, missed itby a couple of strokes. I
was asked if it's going to behis last US Open. He didn't say
yes, didn't say no. Ithink he's going to play at the Open

Championship at Troon. But uh,what do you make a Tiger we?
Is it is it over? Arewe going to see? Is that is
that it? You know? Thethe major run towards Jack Nichols, Jack
Nicholas is over? Well, youknow he's still He's still allowed to play
at the Masters, He's still allowedto play the PGA Championship, He's still

allowed to play at the Open Championship. The only one that is in jeopardy
is the US Open. He gota special exemption to play in at this
this year. Tiger Woods is greatfor the game. He moves the needle,
and he definitely moves the needle somuch so that the PGA Tour is
probably going to institute a special exemptionfor him for signature events. If he

feels he can play that he willbe included in signature events for as long
as he wants. It's a lifetimeexemption. So having said that, Tiger
has won eighty two times, He'swon fifteen majors. He's had a phenomenal
career. He's had a lot ofproblems with his health. He's had a
lot of surgeries, you know,car accidents, all that kind of thing.

But he still moves the needle andTiger Woods is still involved. He's
on the policy board, he's talkingwith the pif to you know, to
try to get things worked out forthe PGA Tour. And as long as
he wants to be around and aslong as he wants to play or as
however, many events he wants toplay and the majors he wants to play

in. Absolutely, I'm one hundredpercent up for that. You liked the
golf course, right, you likedyou liked Pinehurst? Yeah, I I
talked to a lot. I talkedto a lot of people, and maybe
it's the kind of place you gotto go and see and and you know,
watch I thought it was. Ijust didn't like it. On TV.
I thought it was it just lookedburned out. It looked like the
USGA did what it does and that'skind of torture course. And it just

felt like every hole was the same, you know, with the wire you
know, the wiregrass and the wastearea. And I don't know, I
just for me as a viewer,as a golf fan, I didn't love
it. And I know that's likesacrilegious say about Pinehurst. I just didn't
love the course, Bobby. Iknow, I know that's not right.
But I can't be alone in that. In fact, I know I'm not
alone in that. No, there'sa lot of people that have said that

too. You know, the theUSGA, they take a golf course and
stretch it out and make it extremelydifficult for the players. They want them
to like I like we've talked aboutbefore, they want them to hit every
club in their bag, and theywant them to use the club in between
their ears as well. Bryson D. Chambeau was able to do that.

You know, those reverse the turtlebackgreens on that golf course are repelling,
where normal shots into a green,you can hit shots that work towards the
whole more, not away from thehome more. And that's just one of
the things that Donald Ross did withthat golf course. But when he built
it then he had all the nativearea with the with the wiregrass and all

that kind of stuff, but healso had greens that were running about eight
or nine. He didn't have greensthat were running thirteen to fourteen. So
it's it's it's been brought up todate for the modern game. It's unfortunate
that it gets to look so stressedout and browned out. But I'll tell

you what, it produce great theaterfor the game of it. Yeah,
I did. And Bryson D.Schambeau winning is going to be a great
champion too. I agree, myfriend. Well, thank you very much.
We will talk before the Open comingup in a few weeks time,
the final major of the year.In the meantime, Real Golf Radio tell
people about Real Golf Radio and allthe golf fans what they can find there.
Yeah, you can. You canget us on all your podcaster sites.

iHeartRadio along with a whole bunch ofothers. You can hear us on
x and download interviews. We're justeverywhere out there if you want to listen
to it, we've got it streamingand we're also on twelve twelve eighty the
KSL Sports Zone in Salt Lake Cityand you can pull that down off of

their app as well. We likethe factor on iHeart other day mornings,
Yeah, Saturday Mornings from Maka Tim. We love the factor on iHeart.
That's one big, happy, IHeart family we have out here. So
thank you very much. All Right, my friend, we'll talk to you
a couple of weeks. Take carethere you go, Okay,
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