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June 24, 2024 92 mins
We saw some great games across all local sports this weekend, as the Storm and Sounders took some unexpected wins. The Mariners still remain in command of the AL West, but there are reasons for concern. The road losses are among the highest.  There's a historic game tonight in the NHL and we haven't seen a ton of teams trail three games to none in any seven-game series. What's your favorite all or nothing game you've attended or seen, and which one made you the most nervous? We take some feedback from listeners on their most nervous sports moments. Mollywhop Monday! Chris Crawford and Nathan Bishop join the show to give an honest assessment of the team after a disappointing weekend against a bad team. Despite a bad week, there is reason for positivity with this team. Mollywhop continues to assess how the rest of the AL West looks, as we saw Houston and Texas wake up over the weekend. Everett Fitzhugh, Voice of the Kraken gives us an inside look at the Calder Cup as he's on the road for Coachella Valley.

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No from the Star Rentals Sports tous Jordan ninety three point three KJRFM Sports
headline and high new headlines by twomy Buddies, Goodies and Glass. Despite
a disappointing showing over the weekend againstthe Miami Marlins and Editors are still on
top of the American League West sixgames up, so they'll drop two of
three on their series to the roadto Miami yesterday, losing six to four.

Bryce Miller had his issues just fourinning, six hits, six e
and runs four game in the firstinning, by the way, gave up
a three run bomb and a soloshot later. Luke Rayley Homard once again
he's kind of on a heater rightnow. We'll get more than the manners.
One o'clock Mollywap Boys, Nathan Bishop, Chris Crawford are here with us
one o'clock on malliwat Monday. Broughtto you by simply Seattle taking a look

back at the weekend Sounders. Ifhe did FC Dallas Saturday three to the
final in that match more in thesecond on just an incredible game. Also
on this one Seattle storm over theConnecticut Sun yesterday seventy two sixty one.
Connecticut entered that game with the bestrecord in the WNBA. They were thirteen
to two. Make at thirteen andthree. Now, good way to celebrate
their twenty fifth anniversary. For yourSeattle Storm former manners and current Mets closer

Edwin Diaz ejected from last night's gameagainst the Chicago Cubs for having an illegal
substance on his pitching hand, nowfacing a suspension from Major League Baseball.
We should also mention the Marriers didmake a roster move today. Milanco is
active and Hylard Locklear is sent down. Clavaliers reportedly hireding in Cleveland, our
Goald State assistant Kenny Atkinson as theirnew head coach. And yeah, we

had some protesters yesterday at the PGATour Travelers Championship. Delayed the finish for
a few minutes. Tom Kim stillwas able to sink a putt, but
Scotti Scheffer figured with got with thewin. Ammy Yang your winner of the
LPGA KPMG PGA Championship for Women atSahali yesterday. A great weekend of golf
here our area and Sahlly showed outbeautifully. Along the way, let's go,

and there's kind of the Dylan Mooreof kJ R. Huh, I
just never know where he's going tobe part of the lineup he's going to
be in. Is he with us? Is he with somebody else? So
is Ashley and Bucky this week?Right? Yea? And and Andrews running
the show there for those guys.So perfect, Jessamon's here, you're here
with me? Right, You're good? I am, okay, and then
I'll be with you on Friday too. Our depth chart goes down pretty deep,

pretty thin, Okay, it goespretty thin like once we once like.
That's why I ask if you're here. You're good. I'm physically present,
yes're good? Perfect, We do. I didn't mention this in the
headlines. We do have a gameseven tonight in the Stanley Cup playoff.
We do it is It's going tobe incredible, the final Stanley Cup Final.
I'll get to that in just acouple of seconds. Coming up,
Bill a little topic around that ina heartbeat. Molly wat Monday coming up

in a second before I get tothe Mariners, I do. I had
just those two highlights and then weactually big shout out to my friend Ethan,
our producer over at Fox thirteen.We I did. I filled in
on SSL last night. That wasour cold open, as they say in
the business, and it was justhe did it. Such a great job.
Three great calls, even even withthe loss for the Mariners. Great
call by Goldie and then the othertwo. I don't know who the play

I Play guy is for Apple TVon the Sounders match, that's a clinic
on how to call a goal,especially on TV. Just a great call,
unbelieve if you missed it. TheSounders trailed to nothing, and they
scored three goals including the one instoppage time by Morris that you heard there
to win it. But I'm justthirty thousand people, huge win for them.

They had two games. I knowwe don't usually leave with the Sounders,
but I just want to point thisout cause I think it's just really
cool what happened on a couple offronts of sports we don't always hit on.
Before we get to the Mariners andthe Marlins and looking ahead to Tampa
Bay. They they trailed to nothinglast Wednesday in Houston. Two local guys,
Reagan and Rothrock were Paul Rothrock andJackson Reagan, two guys that grew

up in Seattle, started playing togetherat the age of seven, went through
the Sounders Academy. Together. Theyscored two goals in a six minute span
in Houston last Wednesday to earn adraw, which was remarkable. And then
on Saturday, the Sounders trailing thingto FC Dallas and late in the second
half, Raul ruy Diez scores aheadergorgeous goal. Morris scores aheader gorgeous goal,

and then in stoppage time Morris thatbreakaway where he's still got something,
maybe a little red ass for notbeing on the US men's national team right
now in the COPA Cup. Idon't know what it is. I know
a lot of people. Jackson,I'm talking to you, Andrews, I'm
talking to you right off. JordanMorris. He also, of course a
local guy from Mercer Island. Whata remarkable weekday had. So they finish

it off, get that win Stormyesterday twenty fifth anniversary celebration. A lot
of the old players were back andyou know, the Sounders in the Storm
are two most successful franchises in thismarket in terms of championships. Yeah,
and win they just they win titles, They win championships. They do it
in the summer, and they're bothnot everyone's cup of tea and niche,
but hey, let's give a shoutout when it's due. The Storm pretty

good team this year, but theyhave the best team in the WNBA rolling
into town and before just under tenthousand people celebrating that twenty fifth anniversary,
they knock off the Connecticut Sun,which is huge. They had. They
were thirteen to two coming in,I mean command too. Yeah, they
pulled it, they pulled, theypulled away. In the end, it
was it was Connecticut led by eleven, but they came back and won.

Because that's how basketball works, whetherit's men or women, high school,
college or pro. First half leadsbe nothing. Watch watch any basketball game
apparently in the second half, andthat's what they did. But good for
them come back and win. Socool stuff this weekend on the local front
for some of our teams as well. And then of course we get the
baseball team, which we'll get toin a second. Molly wat Monday,

one o'clock today, the boys arejoining us. Everett Fitzhugh's going to join
us at two. He is theplay by play voice on the radio for
the KRACK and he's going to joinus from Hershey. He's back there doing
some stuff on the digital side forthe Kraken website and so forth. Dan
Bilsma will officially become the Cracking coacheither tonight hopefully not or Wednesday, hopefully

that means they get to a gameseven. The NHL season does end tonight.
More in a second, but we'llhave Everett check in at two o'clock
as well. I've got a littlefun topic I'm gonna hit on in a
little bit, but we'll just touchin on the Mariners real fast before we
get to the Mulliwop Boys at oneo'clock today. The road home splits for
this team are becoming a little bitproblematic, and they're becoming a little bit

troublesome. The numbers are deeper thatwe'll get into with Nathan and Chris,
but maybe no better example of thatthan, you know, kind of what
we saw yesterday with Bryce Miller.He's got a sub to er at home
and he's got a six point twobelieve six point two eight era on the
road like it's it can't just bethe quote T Mobile Marine Layer. But

he's not alone. The entire teamis that way now. They do hit
a little bit better on the roadthan they do at home, so he'd
say, well, it evens out. No, it doesn't really like the
percentages don't even out. It's whythey need to keep winning and find a
way to win the division. It'swhy they need to finish on top of

the American League West, because theAmerican League West winner will at least play
home games. Hopefully you'll win enoughto have a first round by but you
do not want to be the teamthe Mariners that goes on the road that
could mean as great as their pitchingstaff is a short stay in the postseason,

and they did not get any helpthis weekend. Unfortunately, along the
way, as the ms were losingtwo of three to a team that went
into that series with the second worstrecord in baseball, they end up losing
two of three. And while they'redoing that, they're good friends. The
Texas Rangers and the Houston Astros decidedto sweep two really good teams over the

weekend, Baltimore and the Kansas CityRoyals. So what was a ten game
lead just six days ago is nowa six game lead. I would still
classify is somewhat comfortable, but notreally as comfortable as it was. You
go to Tampa and then you've gota really good team in here next weekend

and another team that's pretty good aswell follow them up. They've they've got
to get going and offensively, like, you can't waste what Kirby did.
You cannot waste that. That's theworst part is that you know cannot waste.
You don't need them to score eightto ten runs a game. You

need them to support their pitch's funnyWogan. Gilbert needed one, yeah,
exactly, and they surpassed that byby a lot, by eight. But
he needed one. Kirby needed justfour. Actually he needed three because that
would have not get them out ofhaving to go to extra innings. Right,
it's it's it's the same old,same old. And I don't want

to be Sergeant Doom. He'll bewith you after a great call in the
Storm game last night. He'll bewith you at three today. But you
know, like what Dick said lastweek was it rang true, and it
does ring true. And I knoweven Greg Gastes to Dave Simms a short
time ago, you know about makingsome moves and improving the roster and improving

the rosters not having Polanco get activatedtoday. He did zero for you while
he was when he was healthy.You make an argument that Bliss has been
in some ways more productive. He'scertainly more productive when he gets on base
because he can just cause all kindsof havoc with his speed. But they
need to do something and they probablyare going to be in a really tough

situation. If you missed our interviewwith Jason Stark on Friday, he went
through it, and we've talked aboutit even with the Mulliwop guys before.
We'll probably get into it today aswell. There are just too many damn
teams that are instill quite quote playoffcontention right now. And that's what's like,
damn man, Like, this isa weird year. It Jason Stark
said, well, it should takeout maybe, but today's a halfway point

in the season for our team here. I don't know. This is a
pretty good we're a pretty good,you know test right now in terms of
a sample size I should say forwhat this season is. So we'll see
if that comes up on what theydo. But big series coming up.
Go take two or three, tryto salvage a little bit of this road

trip a little blip on the radarscreen. It's not as if you know
that they're in a situation where they'rethey're dire. I mean, they have
that nice little ten game cushion nowdown to six, but it's it's not
as comfortable as it once was.It's still okay. You still feel way
better than we have any of thepast few years, really anytime since two
thousand and one. But that wasnot just i mean, call what it

was. It's kind of a badweekend. Like you can't say that's yeah,
but that like, like we cancriticize without being overly negative. That
just is a series that you needto win. And when we look back
on things, this is why wetalk about this on this show, and
especially in the Mulliwop segment all thetime. When you look back, every

game counts the same. And whileit's great if you can go get a
series win against good teams, it'snegated by the fact that you lose a
series to a bad team, right, Like that's that's negated at that point
exactly because now you're in must winsituations against better teams, correct, And
that's right, yeah, and thoseshould be gimmes. Those are bunnies in

basketball, those are layups. Youdon't miss the layup when you miss the
layup almost And I just watched theend every year watching NCAA turnment, they
don't miss a lot of bunnies.But just like somebody misses a show,
miss a free throw, right,how many times does a mis free throw
or a miss bunny costume in basketball? All the time, always, all
the time. Hell, I'll tellyou one. In the world of hockey,

this is a great one. Thisyear in the Canucks series against one
of their first early series. Itwasn't Edmonton, but they had a game
in which Colorado, I can't rememberwho it was, but net was empty.
Other team had a chance to clinchit and on an empty net,
hit the post wide open, likejust slammed it off the post. Back

pressure came, but slammed it offthe post, like you never see that
happen, Right, what happened.Vancouver came back and tied the game one
and overtime. That that just inevitablythat happens. That's hitting the goal,
that's hitting the empty net. Goalpostis losing the series of Miami because it
takes away what you could have andit's not the end of the world.
It's by any means. But Ithink every now and then we see the

blemishes of this team, and thehell, I think far too often what
we've seen with this team is trulywhat we all know, and that is
one part of this team is carryingthem to a fantastic record, a first
place spot in the American League West, and that part is the starting pitching.
That's that's as simple as that.I mean, just wrote this down
in our in our notes for theupdates. You know, the the bullpen,

you know, didn't give up anythingyesterday, but the damage was done.
And unfortunately, unfortunately, I thinkeven though they got to the magic
number of four in which they hadwon what thirty five of forty games with
four runs or more, even thoughthey got to that magic number, they
couldn't quite get over. And Juliojust continues to be snake bit, whether

it's bad luck or I thought ofour friend Jason Stark on our conversation on
Friday, when Julio lined out toend the game. We had that highlight
in the open there when he becausewhen he hit the ball. Initially,
I think everyone watching here at homein Seattle, I'm sure, even well,
I Service talked about it after thegame said the same thing like that,

that we've tied the game. Likethe games tied, two runs are
going to score and probably going tohave the winning run on at well at
least on second, maybe even makingit to third. That was going to
happen. But Julio hit it hard. Great play by Lopez at second.
I mean that was outstanding, ButI would I don't even give him as

much credit as I give technology.Like Jason Stark said, he knew where
to be, He knew where tolike, and that's that's baseball right now
today. He knew exactly where tobe. And you know, in a
day and age in which the shiftallegedly doesn't exist, it still kind of
does. I mean he took twosteps to his left and made the catch.
I mean he was in perfect position. That's scouting. That's today's Major

League baseball. I referenced Jason Starkon Friday. If you missed it,
we had a great interview the formerESPN Baseball correspondent. Now he works for
the Athletic. We're really great longform piece with another writer from the Athletic
on where offense has gone in baseball, Simsy said today, if they could
get the Mariners team batting average upthis is awesome, up to two forty,

then boy, look out for thisteam because remember two thirty nine eight,
two thirty nine roughly in there.That's that's kind of the league average
right now. If you could getup there. But the problem is,
Jason Stark said, is almost everygame now in baseball the average number of
hits in a lineup is about whateight, just under eight per game.

You look out that that's your marginof areas really slipped down. Yeah,
but I thought of him on Friday. Because the technology, the scouting,
the advanced scouting and everything we haveright now, that's why offense is down
in baseball to historic clothes, notbecause of a dead ball anything like that.
It's just it's technology is there,and guys are you know, not

outfields play deep, No doubles.You know, you don't see doubles like
he used to because the outfields areplaying deep, and then just guys know
exactly where to stand. In fact, in that article in The Athletic,
both two Mariners were quoted Ty Franceand also Mitch Haniger. Mitch Haniger,
by the way, will be atopic of conversation during MAWAP Monday. Coming
up today at one o'clock. Allright, we come back. I'm gonna

throw something at you, guys.We've got a historic night coming up in
the National Hockey League, and youknow we're in NHL City now. Hopefully
someday we're going to be in asimilar situation. Well, i'd rather be
in the Edmonton situation if I'm acracking fan in a few years or next
year, whenever it is, thenthe Florida situation being up three to zero
in the final and then maybe notbeing up anymore. I mean, momentum

is going only one way at thispoint. Yeah, I don't I don't
want to be Florida, but Iguess i'd want to be Florida if our
team's in the final, even ifyou blow a three nothing lead, better
than not. But we've got ahistoric game coming up tonight, nervous,
Sure, there's a lot to discuss. I'm going to bring it back to
us here because I'm jacked for thisgame. I'm excited to watch this game

tonight. I'm a hockey geek.That's fine, not everybody is, but
I think I'll bring it back tothis your favorite playoff game that you've ever
watched, attendant to the most nervousyou've ever been. We're going to talk
a little bit more about that.We had a game seven for a title
in our town at one point intime, long, long time ago.

We'll talk about that as well.Come but up next night three point three
KGFM Live from the R and RFoundation specialists broadcast studio back to Ian Fernanz,
powered by Seattle's closest sports book,Snow Call Me Casino on Sports Radio
ninety three point three kJ R FM. Winner take all games, don't happen

all that off. And NFL isa little different because it's a one game,
you know, playoff, whether itbe wildcard, divisional round, conference
championship, super Bowl. I guessif you can make the Arement College football
playoff kind of the same thing.But you know, winner take all games
and series. But I'm gonna includethe NFL in the discussion I'm gonna have
here in a second, just don'thappen all that often. We mentioned earlier

four hundred and seven times teams havetrailed three games to none in playoff series
combined in the NHL, NBA,and Major League Baseball. First of all,
that's kind of a I thought thatnumber was kind of low. It
is kind of interesting. Two hundredand six times a team has taken a
three to nothing lead in an NHLbest to seven, one hundred and fifty

seven times a team has taken athree to zero lead in the NBA playoffs,
and thirty nine times, just thirtynine times has a team taken a
three to nothing lead in the MajorLeague Baseball playoffs. Now, Major League
Baseball has changed its formats so manytimes, and you know there are best
of you know, best of three, best of five series. They don't
have as many best as sevens obviouslyuntil you get the Alcs and in this

World Series. But still think aboutthat. Four hundred and seven times teams
have trailed three to nothing, andonly five have come back to win a
series. Only one has done thatin a championship. That was back in
nineteen forty two in the Stanley CupFinal. So what we're seeing tonight is
rare for a team to come frombehind. It's also rare even to get
a winner takeof game seven. Notas rare in football. But I wanted

to bring this up because I thoughtit'd be kind of a fun little thing
to interact with. Today there aresome massive nerves, like massive, massive
nerves going on in the fan basesof Edmonton and the Florida Panthers. I
had two questions for you guys today. Number one would be this, what's

the most nervous you've ever been asa fan for a game? Like?
What's what's the most nervous you've everbeen as a fan for a game?
And I'll throw a couple at youguys, and then I'll get your thoughts
four nine, four to five one, tell them new text. I'd love
to get some talkbacks today. Jessloves to hear from you. He likes

to hear your voice. Yes,thanks, very simple. You go to
the iHeartRadio app, click on thered microphone and speak for thirty seconds or
less. But what's the most nervousyou've ever been for a game? A
playoff game, deciding game? Youknow, maybe it was ninety five with
the Mariners. I throw one atme. Maybe it was the Sonics.
I'm gonna give you a couple examplesin a second. Maybe it was a

Seahawk game along the way. Butwhat's the most nervous as a fan,
just as a fan you've ever beenfor a game, and then you can
talk about your you know, favoriteplayoff game of all time as well.
We'll kind of get to that ina second. But you know, I
was thinking back, you know,for me, and it was so long
ago, and I don't remember it, you know, as well as I

probably should. I think it mighthave even been on delay. But it
was played in the Kingdome Game seven, June seventh, nineteen seventy eight,
The Sonics and the Washington Bullets wentto Game seven of the NBA Finals.
The Bullets won one oh five ninetynine, despite the fact that the human
eraser, Marvin Webster had twenty sevenpoints and nineteen rebounds for Seattle. He

was remarkable in that game. ButI think I was nervous, but I
was probably too young to really feel. I'll give you a couple of games
that come to mind for me ina second. I'm wondering how many people
would throw a Sonics series back atme, and I'll give you the game,
and I'll give you the series.It was the Jazz and the Sonics

in nineteen ninety six in the WesternConference Finals June second, Game seven,
Sonics beat the Jazz ninety to eightysix to get to the NBA Finals,
where they got the fortunate opportunity tomeet some guy named Mike and his group
of traveling band of knuckleheads from theChicago Bulls. But that game was probably

right up there. Jess, what'syour what's the most nervous you've ever felt
for a game as a fan orjust even period? I say as a
fan, because I mine, mine'sgoing to have the crossover fan covering it.
But in a second, but what'swhat is a game that sticks out
to you? Well, I'd onlybeen out here for about a year,
but it's when the Jets took onthe Colts in the AFC Championship in twenty
ten, So I that's when thegame aired, right, And so I

I had not been here for verylong, and I had been on the
East Coast, you know, Ihad moved out here, and I was
just losing my mind. And Icouldn't understand, especially because games, you
know, coming from the East Coast, they air so much earlier out here.
I couldn't understand why everyone wasn't partyingin the street for this or you

know, the bars were kind ofdull and one Jets Colts. Okay,
yes, So for me, I'mlike, this is this is huge,
this is like an amazing game.Oh my goodness. You know you've got
Peyton Manning, Mark Sanchez who justhonestly at that point was just handing the
ball off to Tomas Jones and thesituations like that. It was a Rex
Ryan coach defensive Stalworth. I wasso on the edge of my seat throughout

that entire game. And you rememberhow it ended. It was, you
know, a one point game atthe end, and they just basically had
to finish things out. So thatwas that was probably the most nervous I
have been as a fan strictly asa fan. For me, like,
strictly as a fan, I'm gonnaprobably put this game up there and it

you know, it's the NFL.So it wasn't a series. It was
winner take all. But when theSeahawks coached by a guy that you know,
his name is Mike, last nameHolmgren, it was just here.
On Sunday, the twenty second ofJanuary two thousand and six, they took
on the Carolina Panthers at Questfield witha three forty seven pm kickoff time,

and it was to go to thesuper Bowl, something that just always felt
like it was never going to happenfor us here, I'll be honest with
you, very Mariners World Series.Like like until it happened, it just
felt like we were always gonna falljust short. We just you know,

there were some good Seahawks teams.You know, there's a great team,
and then Kurt Warner blew his knee. Like there's there's things that happen,
you know, just like losing toMarino. I mean, whatever it might
be, It's or the Raiders,I guess was that year. But for
a lot for us, like itfelt like this team with that offensive line,

the League MVP and Sewn Alexander,a Pro Bowl quarterback in Matt Hasselback,
and a defense that was good enough, it felt like, okay,
we got a chance. I wasliving in Portland and but you know,
had come back to the Northwest,huge Seahawk fan my whole life, and
I've never been that nervous because Ijust wanted them to get there. And

obviously what happened against Pittsburgh was justan absolute kick on the you know what,
But just getting there, which Ithink will feel at some point if
the M's are in the ALCS andhave a chance to just get there,
like this year, next year,whatever it might be. With this great
pitching staff, we're gonna like justjust get me there. And I kept
telling myself over and over again,whatever happens in the Super Bowl won't matter.

Now, as it turns out,it really did matter like a lot
because of how that went down,everything that took place. Bill Levy Mike
Holmbran saying afterwards, hard to youknow, beat twelve guys whatever, you
know, I mean, the wholething, but just getting there. And
that was a good football team they'replaying. Steve Smith was in his prime.
Jake Delom was good. I mean, I just was. Julius Peppers

was a beast. I mean theyhad dudes, man, they flat out
had dudes. And I'm thinking,I'm nervous for this game. And I
was so nervous. I'm watching itin my house down in Vancouver, Van
Tucky, Washington, and you knowthis, and just like please, and
I was so nervous for that gamebecause I wanted him to get there.

And as it turns out, Idon't want to say it was non competitive,
but I mean they led seventeen tonothing, they led twenty seven to
seven, and they cruised off toa thirty four fourteen win. And it
really was never in doubt. Andthe place was so electric and so loud.
It reminded me of the days whenthe Kingdome was humming, when the

NFL made a rule because the Raidersand the Broncos didn't like the noise and
he couldn't make noise. That wasthe Seahawks rule. You know, if
team's gonna get penalized and the crowdwas too loud, that's what That's what
quest felt like that night. KevinBentley, basically he's a linebacker, and
he shadowed Steve Smith all day,like just frustrated him beyond belief, like

in his face, in his kitchen. Bentley was the only guy that was
athletic enough but also enough of abadass to do that without Steve Smith killing
him. It was just incredible everythingabout it. But I just remember how
nervous I was, and I wasthicking that with the Panthers and the Oilers
to night, how nervous a fanbase is because you're on the cusp of
something. And I think if youget to that, the final stage and

you win it. It's more reliefthan anything else. Yeah, the anticipation
is builds up and builds up.So four nine, four or five one
tell them rout text line when hisgame time. I want to hear from
you guys today, the most nervousyou've ever been as a fan for a
game four, nine, four orfive to one. I'm sure the ninety
six Game seven is going to comeinto play, maybe some other ones along

the way. Love to hear talkbackfrom you as well. Talkback Mike is
available to the iHeartRadio app and giveus thirty seconds fire away if if you
guys chime in on that. Iwant to hear your voice on the air
today, Jess. We'll check outand we'll get to those. We might
get to a couple in the nextsegment. We might, and we'll get
to the rest of them coming upat two thirty today after we talk to
Evert in the two o'clock hour.I got a couple more throw at you
as well, and they're very different, but we'll go into those as well

coming up next nine three point threeKFM Live from the R and R Foundation
specialists broadcast studio back to Ian FernetzPower Advice, Seattle's closest sportsbook, Snow
Call Me Casino on Sports Radio ninetythree point three kJ r FM. My

most nervous was when Gonzaga took onthe North Carolina Tower Heels in the championship
game. The last two minutes,I didn't believe my heart was going to
take it. The most nervous I'veever been have to be you tie you
Ohio State Rose Bowl. Oh mygod, that entire game. I think
I was about to vomit and myhusband was about path out. So anyway,

amazing game to be at, Amazingexperience, but sucks. What would
have helped if Utahs would have hadlike not a walk on eight string quarterback
playing in the game. Unfortunately theyprobably shouldn't. They should have won that
game had a quarterback. Frustrating somany ones along the way, Gonzaga fan

as well. Four nine four fiveone tell them where the text line when
it's game time, Hollie time.Yeah, we got a lot coming in
here right now. I'm gonna readthis one because it's it goes along with
what I was going to say too. Two five three. Most nervous for
the second Super Bowl appearance. Didn'twant the Seahawks to become another Buffalo Bills
or Minnesota Vikings with a bunch ofappearances and no win. But here's the

thing. They won the year before, so they weren't Buffalo, they weren't
Minnesota. They'd already won. Andit's interesting you bring that game up because
I thought of that whole little stretchthe game against the forty nine ers to
get there the first time. Iremember walking in. I remember just thinking,

you know how wild this is.You know they're back there again.
We all kind of felt like thetwo best teams maybe that year, despite
what Denver did, were Seattle andSan Francisco. Like this, the winner
of this game truly would be thesuper Bowl champion. And I'm sure that's
true. I'm sure forty nine Erswould have boat raced the Denver Broncos as
well. I don't think there's anyquestion about that. But I remember walking

in thinking, man, I amdamn nervous for this thing, like I
just and I think it's because Iknew this is where the professional park comes
in. I knew because we wewere Fox thirteen. That was our first
year being the Seahawks partner. Iknew that we were, and again the
game was on Fox. I knewI was going to go and cover a
super Bowl for my hometown team.So I was like, like, that

may never happen again, right,And you know, I didn't think I
would go for the radio station,but I knew it was going to go
for the TV station. So Iwas like, man, this would be
awesome, like to cover a superBowl for that team and all that.
I'm just please, please, pleaseget there. And then if you know,

as it turns out, first playof the game, Russ gets stripped
to the ball by Aldan Smith.They kicked the field goal, Dawston's a
twenty five yarder, and then allof a sudden, they get another score.
It's two, it's ten to nothing. They're like, oh really,
like what I mean? I wentfrom nervous to feeling sick to my stomach.
I was over at a what whatdid the now defunct news stas Northwest

Cable News, and I was watchingthere on the monitors as I was ready
to do the post game from thatstudio the whole time, and I felt
the exact same. I just Iwas, I can't believe this is happening,
and then you know what happened atthe end. I just remember when
you know the tip and the interception. I was standing in the end zone,
the corner of the end zone,right where it happened, with Michelle
ludk and we just looked at eachother and went, I mean just our

mouth dropped. I think we huggedand went, oh my god, we're
going. We're going to New York. This is great, and it was
awesome, and so then it turnedto you know, no longer nervousness.
It was funny because the next year, and this is what the gentleman meant
reference on the text line four ninefour or five one he saw about Green
Bay and that game. I thinkbecause there was a Super Bowl win in

the back pocket, I felt alot different walking in the stadium to cover
that that day. Maybe even tothe point of this was just pure laziness
on my part. If we don'tgo, it's fine. Went last year,
kind of tired, gassed, nota lot of time off whatever,
We're kind of playing with house money, so I wasn't real under and then
as the game's going on and GreenBay is you know, they're up sixteen

nothing, and then it just likethere's no nerves. It's like whatever,
man, it's it's gonna be overall. At that point, I was
thinking, this postgame's gonna suck.Guys gonna be bummed. You don't get
a chance to do something that nobodygets to do, and that's repeat but
whatever. And then obviously when theygot close, and then when Lynch scored

and then they got the two pointconversion and they go up, You're like,
then the nerves kicked in, Likemiddle of the game. I wasn't
at all. I never felt nervousabout that at all until then, because
then I'm thinking, well, yourdefense has been as good as they are
not elite that day, and sureenough Mason Crosby goes down there and they
give up the forty eight yard fieldgoal. Then the nerves kicked in.

I was like, God, overtimeand I was on the far sideline,
on the visitors sideline with a photographerand waiting to do the postgame show because
if they won, we're gonna doit on the field. And I'm like,
okay, well, then they winthe toss. I remember thinking to
myself, no, no, don'twin the toss. I just I just
had this bad, bad feeling rightlike, I don't know what it was.

I'm like, uh, because Iwent from not really caring if they
got there or telling myself I didn'tcare to all of a sudden doing it.
But they got there. And youknow when they get to overtime,
if you remember what happened, theyhad a couple key plays. You know
they got they had a second andsix, Wilson got a first down to
Baldwin. But the one that wasreally scary is they had a third and

seven. Oh my god. Yeah, they had a third and seven at
their own thirty yard line, andI remember, if you want to ask
me for a single play, that'sabout as nervous as I've ever been for
a single play. They had athird and seven of the thirty yard line
and Russell Wilson went thirty five yardsto Doug Baldwin for a first down seven,

and I remember thinking, WHOA,just get the first down? What
are we doing? You're gonna causeyou're a punt and there Mason Crosby was
like, there's two kickers that neverhave missed in their life against Seattle.
Mason Crosby is won, you know, I mean, it's just he never
ever ever misses. Robbie Golds theother one never missed field goal against Settle

ever in his life, Like,don't do that, and he hits it.
I'm like, oh my god.They got a chance for a field
goal, but only a field goal. And then of course the next play
was the curse thirty five years touchdown. Thanks for coming walk away a walk
off, I mean a walk off. Incredible, But yeah, I didn't
go into that game thinking while theycould set history in a bad way because
they'd already won, like they'd alreadywon the year before. But got a

lot of good text coming in fournine, four to five. One tell
them who text on his game time, Tolly time. And we'll also get
your voice text later on fire thoseoff thoughts and your opinions on that as
well, because there will be somenerves tonight in Florida people, no doubt
about it, and it emond we'lltalk about that. By the way,
the game is on our air tonight. We have what time are we on?
Five o'clock? Five o'clock, okay, and we'll drop the puck down

in South Florida. We'll come.Oh, it's signed to Mollywop. Mariners
have made a roster move, Polancoactive, Locklear is down, and they
start a series with Tampa to wrapup a nine game ROADI with a six
game lead in the American League West. We have Captain Positivity and Sergeant Doom
from three to seven every day.I have a feeling Sergeant Doom might get

a run for his money from oneNathan Bishop. We'll find out next niney
three point three kterfl now from theStar Rentals Sports to us Jordan ninety three
point three kJ r FMS sports headlines, want to clock headlines, spot to
you about ben U Kingsvini Kings dotcom MS Marlins wrapped up their series this
weekend, MS losing six to fourYesterday dropped two of three games to the

Marlins on the road. More ina second tonight, they start a series
in Tampa against the Rays. Didmake a roster moove, Polanco up,
Hyler, Locklear sent back down,Lonco coming off the injured list. Sounders
defeed at FC Dallas Saturday, threeto two. Final score in that match
three goals in the final plus minutesDZ and then two by Morris to get
a win. Storm beat the ConnecticutSun yesterday seventy two to sixty one.

Connecticut came into that game with thebest record in the w nb A.
And later on tonight, right hereon niney three point three kjr FM,
it is Game seven Stanley Cup Finalfor all the Marbles. Edmonton has rallied
from a three to zero deficit toforce a game seven five o'clock. All
our coverage starts right here on yourhome for the Kraken and the Stanley Cup

Final. Ninety three point three kjrFM. The boys are standing by.
It is time big thanks to simplySeattle to them all we want. It's
Monday, then that means one thing. It's time to mollywat. Here's Nick
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deep Benn Garden. What a startfor the Marlo Just wow. Nick Gordon
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deep drive right center, god holdrun. He's tapped into the power stroke

over the last couple of weeks.His seven, Oh baby, get a
splitter up in the zone and absolutelyclamber this bad boy now with the mullywop
boys, Nathan Bishop from Doman Bedlam, Yeah, that's ups win. Well.
He had to stretch as far ashe count stretch to make that play.

The fastball jam Ronriguez, I wasgonna get into right field. You
can't stretch any further than this.That's a tie game. And he doesn't
come up with that. Wow,great trauma here in the ninth inning with
bases loaded, Tanner Scott escapes.Nice catch by Nato Lopez the offense for
the Marlins. Outstanding four runs atthat first inning and a real nice job

by the bullpen again and Chris Crawfordwith my oh, why you want to
tidbit that will really make you feelgood? Absolutely okay, look at this.
In the wild card era, therehas never been a team that net
postseason after taking the league of tengames or more in its division at any
point in June. Here's he infor Nets all right here we go on

Molliwatt Monday, on a Monday,on a day after the Mariners had a
very disappointing weekend. But hopefully we'llturn things around as they head to Tampa
Bay. Actually they're there, notheading, They're there for a game here
in just a couple hours against theRays, finish off with a three game
series before they head home following anine game road trip in which the first

two series have been losses, whichhasn't happened a lot lately. Nathan Bishop,
Chris Crawford all thanks to Simply Seattle. Simply Seattle dot com. Go
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We always get opening statements. Wehad a new guy last week on our
radio station. His name was well, we had two guys, Captain Positivity.

He hosts the show from three toseven. His name is actually Dave
Softy Maller. And then, ina weird twist, a guy by the
name of Sergeant Doom also known asRichard L. Fane Dick Fane for some
Sergeant Doom. He actually he actuallymakes sense, but I also was thinking,
well, if he's Sergeant Doom,who the hell is Nathan Bishop.
I don't know, but you getthe first words. Go ahead, think
I'm the major general of Doom,to be perfectly honest. But yeah,

well, maybe Dick should just keepin mind that this team is halfway through
the season and on pace for ninetywins and it's a long season, and
we can't get too high or toolow, and it's just time to screw
all that. This was a badweek of baseball. I'll take ownership of
it for being too positive last week. That's on me. It's not going
to happen again today, So don'tworry about that. This was bad baseball

and bad results. I feel likethe Mariners have kind of tap danced through
the schedule. They had that WhiteSox series a few weeks ago where they
really did not play well at allbut still managed to win three out of
four. It kind of caught upto them this week, especially over the
weekend. That's a bad Marlins teamto lose two out of three games too.
And I think one of the definingmy understanding from Sergeant Doom is that

he's been leading the crusade here andI hate to agree with him, I
really do, but I think oneof the defining narratives of this baseball season
for the Mariners is becoming whatever thedifference is between this pitching staff at home
and this pitching staff on the road. Just to throw some quick numbers out
before I let Chris say smart andgood things, the Mariners have the best

home ERA in baseball by a lot. They have a two point five to
four ERA at home. That's Ithink. The next closest team is Philadelphia
at two point nine to five.The road ERA is twenty second in baseball
at four point four to nine.They are almost two full runs per game
worst by ERA on the road asthey are on at home. Given their

current playoff seating, that is goingto involve playing a lot of road games.
This team needs to figure out howto pitch on the road because they
can't hit anywhere. You guys,all right, We're gonna come back to
those those splits in a second,because that is kind of one of the
bigger stories of the past week andreally the season as a whole. Craig
Elo, next Sonics coach, rumorstarter, is our next guy. He's
also known as Chris Crawford. Goahead, sir, and I do acknowledge

that craig Elo has to get apodcast first. I know how this works.
Now you have to become a bigpodcast that was before you become an
NBAGO. But I think I thinkhe can do it and it would be
fun to see. And that yousay, I say, can never say
anything positive about the cookers. Ijust did, craig Elo, Come on,
man, Look, I think we'reguilty of oversimplifying things and it can
be pretty dangerous and life and insports. There's a very popular author named

Malcolm Gladwell that a lot of peoplelike that I don't like because he oversimplifized
some really important things. But sometimesin sports you can just simplify it down
to winning series is good and losingseries is bad. And when you lose
series to the Miami Marlins, ateam that still has a run differential of
one hundred and twenty one the wrongway, you can't take any positives out

of that. As good as GeorgeKirby was, as great as Loping Gilbert
was, there's no positives to takefrom that type of series. I talked
about before we started on Lap orat the end of last week's show that
I thought they needed to go forand too. I wanted to see them
compete with the Guardians, get closerto being that number two seed rather than

the number three, and also showthat you can be a much better team
than the Miami Marlins. They didneither of those things. So it's awesome
that they built up such a leadthat all of that negativity, that we
can captain doom or whatever the heckhe wants to call himself. You're still
six games up on the division.Everything that went wrong last week, you

still have a handful and one plusof a lead in the Al West.
But the signs of despair were certainlythere last week as well. That is
a sergeant to him, by theway, Unfortunately, I don't think he
may not love that we kind ofcaught I got those phrases going for the
two of them. Softy liked hisnew moniker. I'm not sure, but

let me let me take a stepback because one of the things you know,
we heard in the open we heardJason Stark was on our show on
Friday and he mentioned the number isno team that has ever been ten games
up in the division at any pointin the season in the wildcard era has
not made the playoffs. Mariners wereten games up last Tuesday in the AL
West, so we still feel goodabout them, but now six games feels

a little different, Chris. BeforeI go back to the Mariners and they
can jump in after this, thenews over the weekend was, you know,
listen, you lose two of threeto the Marlins. I think we're
all We were all probably also assumingthat along the way, you know,
the Royals would kind of handle businessagainst the Rangers and certain Baltimore against Houston,
but that didn't happen. Houston's ona five game winning streak and swept

over the weekend. Royals won fourin a row and swept over the weekend.
So now we're all looking at sixand six and a half games respectively.
Chris, which of those two teamsare we concerned with right now?
Or is it both? That's areally good question. I would have to
say probably Houston at this point,but it's close. Just the reason for

me for Houston is Houston is kindof Houston until they're not Houston, right,
Like, this team has been tothe ALCS something like seven straight years,
and when you have that kind oftrack record, you have to at
least acknowledge that that team can't justgo away. I know it's a new
manager. I know that half oftheir injury rotation is hurt or injury rotation,

their starting rotation is injured. There'sa Freudian slip for you. And
look the Texas Rangers. I know, I hate that phrase about well,
you know, our trade deadline acquisitionsare going to be the guys who are
coming off the injured list. TheTexas Rangers are kind of an accurate one
with that because they're gonna get guyslike Max Schurzer, Jacob de Grom,
Tyler Malley. There's a lot tolike about that. And they are the

defending world champions as well, Soboth of those guys are palpable, like
you can feel them coming at thispoint and you can't completely dismiss them.
But if I had to pick one, I think I'd go with Houston because
they're Houston. Nay. I stillthink that you can make a case that
the Mariners are the third most talentedteam in this division. The run differential,

I think they actually have a worseren defferential than Houston, which is
not the be all end all ofanything, is not significantly better than Texas.
If you go down by the roster, obviously the Mariner's big advantages that
you would take the rotation over eitherof those two teams in a second.
But if you just go down thepositional group of a lineup by lineup,
player by player, who you're goingto take more often than not, you're
going to take the Astro player oryou're gonna take the Ranger player. And

now the question is just can theywithstand. Here's my thing with the Mariners
at this point is it concerns thedivision. It doesn't matter whether they deserve
to be forty five and thirty fiveat the halfway point, it doesn't matter.
It's already happened. What if theMarriags played the second half the way
that they played the first half,they are going to struggle to repeat that
record. And they asked ros ifthey play and the Rangers, for that

matter, if they play the waythat they played the second half that they
played in the first half, theyare more than likely going to have better
records. So it's going to gettight. The talent disparity is just not
accurately reflected by the standings. Theyare their three very close teams and overall
talent. And the question now isjust if the Mariners can survive and can

they supplement their roster to make themselvesbetter and actually build a talent gap between
them and those two teams. It'sAmali Want Monday, brought to you by
Simply Seattle sip P Seattle dot com, mallywop fifteen at checkout, mallywap fifteen
Simply Seattle dot com at checkout foryour discount. Nathan, let's go back
to the splits. And I lookedit up last night. I thought,

you know, the pitching splits arestriking like between home and away now on
the road, as you would expect, as most people would expect. Their
their offensive numbers are up a littlebit compared to Home a little bit.
It's it's, I don't want tosay it's negligible, but it doesn't kind
of look the same when you lookthem side by side, Like if the
pitching numbers are, you know,just for a phone number out there,

if they're seventy five percent difference,the hitting numbers are twelve percent difference,
roughly like just you know what I'msaying, Like, and so it doesn't
make up for the gap. Arewe just watching a pitching staff that we
think is really good, but it'sbased on the team, mobile, marine
layer, or the ballpark itself,or what do you think it is?
Because they are they are striking LoganGilbert Saturday not with Yeah, I think

that's a great question. I wouldlove to know. I assume that their
Baseball's a very complicated sport. Pitchingis probably the most complicated part of baseball
and probably the most difficult part forus as just normal schmucks to try to
understand. But there's a million differenthypotheses that you could make, but the
difference is just massive. The Mariners, to your point, Ian, the

Mariner's offense is varying shades of belowaverage both at home and the road.
They're pitching at home, they arean all time legendary inner circle, one
in a generation kind of a rotationlike nineties Braves kind of stuff that we
all grew up with. If you'reof a certain age. On the road,
man, this is more like alate nineties rotation, more like a

late nineties pitching staff well below leagueaverage. That is a huge gap,
and there could be a million thingsbehind it. The peripherals they strike out
a lot more guys at home,they walk fewer guys. Why is that?
Is that just because they know asa flyball heavy staff that they can
rip fastballs in the strike zone moreand get away with it and the balls
are gonna leave the yard less.Is it a mindset thing for them?

I have no idea, but it'sa very real thing. And we're a
half season in. This is nota small sample size. This pitching staff
is extremely good, the best inbaseball by a wide margin. If they're
a team mobile park and they're justanother group of guys on the road,
it's a huge, huge gap.Chris al me, let me add to
that before you jump in with whateveryou want on this topic. One.

The other thing is is that itgoes back to what Nate said before.
Let's let's let's assume they're a playoffteam. I think we're all hoping,
and assuming they are, they're aplayoff team. The other number is they're
the only team right now leading theirdivision in baseball that has a sub five
hundred record on the road. So, whether it's pitching, whether it's hitting,
whether it's just the overall results.Chris Crawford, what what's the concerning

part of the Road Mariners, theJeckyll and Hide Barriners between Home and Away.
I got kind of excited when yousaid I could talk about whatever I
want. I had a bunch oftopics, right, But then you follow
it up with the uh the dthing, and that was the day off.
You can do a radio show andfill the time with whatever you like.
Oh, thank you very much.I appreciate that. I do want

to point out too, that it'sworth pointing out that a lot of this
era has been conflated by the factthat they faced the Orioles, the Yankees,
the Royals, the Guardians, andthen the Marlins. Of course,
you know, so that takes thataway. And I did just watch George
Kirby absolutely dominate for seven innings outsideof two pitches, and he still only

gave up two runs over seven innings. And then I watched Logan Gilbert throw
eight scoreless innings on the road aswell. So I don't think it's an
issue of talent. Luis Castillo hasstruggled on the road as of late.
Bryce Millari has really struggled as onthe road as of late. I still
think this is just more a caseof you have to give up runs somewhere
and in era below two point fiveor whatever the heck it is at home

or right around that two point fivetwo point six range is unrealistic. It's
more it should be more like twopoint eight two point nine. Now it's
a little bit bumpier on the road, of course, but you got to
give up runs somewhere, and you'regoing to give up runs when you face
the Yankees, the Orioles, theRoyals, the Guardians. That's just going
to happen. I don't see anyissue with talent stuff. I am concerned
by what I've seen for Bryce Milleras of late, especially against good lineups,

and yesterday wasn't a good lineup,and he's still kind of stunk.
But I still think this is morea case of ascension to the mean more
than anything that's going on where they'rebetter at home compared to on the road.
Having said that, this is whyhome is field advantage, managers,
they are a much better team athome. Most baseball teams are much better
teams at home, So having theability to play these series and having the

advantage at home is very, verybeneficial. Obvious point is obvious, Chris,
Are they just built for t MobilePark. Is that what they are?
I think that's part of it.I think part of it is that
this organization did a very good job. I know people don't want to hear
us talk about the good job thatthe Seattle Mariners did in building a roster,
but they did a very good jobof making this team comfortable in their

surroundings. And by that, Imean these guys are going to be able
to generate ground balls. Of course, you know, they're still very high
in that regard, but also youknow, hitting fly balls to center field,
Julio Rodriguez able to track those ballsdown and they're not usually hit all
that hard. The home run ratefor these guys outside of Bryce Miller is

pretty darn good. Luis Casillo alittle bit as well. But yeah,
I think this team is built forthat park and that is a good thing,
and that is a bad thing aswell when you see them face better
teams on the road as well.Nathan, don't worry. We're going to
get to Mitch Haniger in your numbers. I saw those earlier. We'll get
to that in just a second.Simply Seattle, Chris, and then Nate
jump in after Chris. Let's throwus some bouquets for a second, and

we'll just put our captain positivity haton for a moment. You mentioned the
first two guys started this series.Yeah. Bryce Miller was not good yesterday.
Four runs in the first and andjust was just it just wasn't He
didn't have his best stuff obviously inMiami. But the other two, I
mean Gilbert, it didn't matter thatthey or you know, four or five
dozen runs or whatever it was onSaturday. All they needed was one as

well as he was pitching in Kirby. When you get a performance like that,
you have to win. They didnot, obviously for obvious reasons,
a lot of reasons. But Chris, let's just talk about those two guys
because we mentioned it last week.Who's your number one? Who's your number
two? Yeah? Absolutely, andright now, And I talked about this
on the Twitter machine and also onmy OI. I think Logan Gilbert's your
staff ase right now. And Idon't think that's all of that that hot

of a take you like, youlook at the Savant page right now.
His baking breaking run value, whichis the value of your secondary pitches,
is in the hundreds percentile. Thereis nobody better than Logan Gilbert right now,
expected era of three point one oneis in the eightieth percentile, eighty
third percentile, and whiffs eighty sevenpercent tile in walks generates more extension than

any pitcher in baseball as well.You just look at what he's doing with
that splitter right now, and that'swhy that extension matters. By the way,
not to go to Scouty report onthese things, but when you are
getting out in front, when youare generating that much extension, when your
arm is showing up that late tohitters and then the ball is dropping down,
best of luck to you, particularlyagainst left handed pitchers hitters, excuse

me, but right handed hitters aswell. He's phenomenal. He is the
guy who is showing the most consistencyand the best stuff on it, the
most consistent basis. And then Kirbywas great too. He had his scuffles,
there's no questions about it, andhe does frustrate me sometimes. Let's
stop challenging hitters. You can getaway with nibbling. I don't want you
to go full gill match. Noone should go full gill Mash, but

challenge, go attack those corners.No umpires are going to trust you more
than anybody else, So go outattack those corners as well. I think
he's done a much better job ofthat and changing hitters eye levels as well.
Really impressed by what I've seen fromboth of those guys. Nathan did
he just saw a gil Mesh referenceat us? Yeah, that's that actually
should have a trigger warning before.I'm sorry it wasn't Herbie the Lovebug,

guys. Next time, I'll I'llthink of some old Herbie the Hancock's an
American treasure gil Mesh. I don'tknow what's the movie about the dog that
the dad dies and he comes backas the dog that came out right around
her home. We're bound, sir, No I saw the end? They

didn't, No, no, no, all right? Where were we at?
I don't even know. I wasjust gonna say, if we're talking
about extensions and getting out ahead ofthings, is the concerns Logan Gilbert something
to keep a mind on there isthat apparently the Mariners were pretty insulting with
their first extension offer towards Logan,so that's something to keep an eye on.
But I do want to echo Chris'spraise of Logan Gilbert, especially because
I feel like I've kind of takenLogan for granted, with all of the

upside talent of guys like Brian Wuand George Kirby and Luis Castillo, watching
Gilbert just slowly and methodically level uphis game year after year after year,
as he's gone from kind of justa fastball, curveball guy when he first
came up to this really cerebral newguy with a full bushelful of pitches that
he's able to throw at any count. He's really just a treat to watch

pitch. And I'm really excited aboutthe idea of him getting an All Star
nod this year. Not that AllStar nods mattered so much to me,
but I know that the players getreally excited about it, and especially when
it's your first one. This isprobably his best opportunity, and I really
hope that it happens for him.He's just been outstanding. I totally agree
with what Chris said, he's beentheir best starting pitcher in twenty twenty four.
Really. Also, stuff does.Also, a stuff does matter when

you earn it. You know,It's one thing. If you're Jim Presley
and you're hit two twenty, you'rethe only you know, the only Mariner
that gets named to the team.It's another thing if you're to go ahead,
Chris, Sorry, No, Ijust wanted to tell you guys that
the numbers on the split finger,the batting average against it right now is
one oh two. The expected bettingaverage on his split finger is point zero
eight seven with a forty six pointeight percent with right meeting that hitter swing

and miss at the pitch about fortyseven percent of the time, and they're
expected to get a hit a littleunder nine out of one hundred times.
That's Andy Johnson, mister snappy kindof stuff. Yeah, is there any
pitcher on the staff Castile Kirby,I guess will be the two moo sample
size too small maybe, But Chris, when you throw those numbers out,
anybody else it has a pitch thathas that type of success rate. No,

I don't think so. I haven'tlooked the entire thing up because I'm
not that good at my job.But there's no way like But that's just
the scene, is what you're sayingthat it's obscene. It's a weighted on
base average of one sixty three against, which is one of the reasons why
he ranks in the one hundred percentdial in secondary value right now. So
you're telling me Logan Gilbert is good. Yes, I am. Despite going

to a very terrible college. Ican't imagine how awful the education at Stetson
University is. He has made hisway to the major. I was just
so I know a guy coaching atStetson a football now a former Kennedy High
School great Sheldon Cross is now thereat the OC. Yes, I think
everybody has to wear a hat.All right, all right, we'll take

a break, we'll come back.Nathan send us a little clip this well
not in just a little screenshot thismorning. And then I looked on social
media this morning and I saw somethingfrom Shockingly Captain Positivity that wasn't positive regarding
one Mitch Hanneger. We'll talk aboutthat coming up next. Ninety three point
three KJFM Live from the R andR Foundation Specialists broadcast studio back to Ian

Fernetz, powered by Seattle's closest sportsbook, snowp Call me Casino on Sports Radio
ninety three point three KJR FM.All right, welcome back. It is
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They've got all kinds of stuff upthere, all Star hats, they
got the Husky gear, They've Stevenhave, Cougar gear. Were a nice
Schools T shirt last week. Tonof throwback Sonic stuff as well. That's
like maybe the most popular thing going. If you're an NBA Sonics fan,
go get it. Check out theSean Kemp T shirt, which I guess
all the kids are raving about.At least mine is set at the age

of twenty two. Okay, Nathantell us about Mitch Hanniger. Please,
okay, let me preface. I'vesaid this before on the show. I
want to be very clear. Ido not like talking poorly and negatively about
baseball players, specifically ones that havebeen such great members of the organization,
like Mitch Haniger. However, Iwas looking into the stats a little bit,

and I think if I say thename aj Pollock, it kind of
just you know, the sky's darken, there's like a distant rumble of thunder
in the background. You get achill down your spine. If you look
at the numbers, Mitch Hanniger hasessentially played to the exact same level as
AJ Pollock last year, with theexception being and ironic for a player who

struggled with injury so much as Mitch, he has played so much more than
AJ Pollock. He has the exactsame ratio of f R over six hundred
pas. He is currently at negativezero point nine f AR, which I
think I checked this morning, isthe ninth worst of any position player with
one hundred or more played appearances.The big difference between him and AJ Pollock

is if AJ Pollock cost you money, Mitch cost you money and a potentially
really useful former Cy Young Award winningstarting pitcher who's getting ready to come back
in the second half of this season. It's just a bad situation, man.
I don't know what to tell you. I wish the Marriner has had
good enough outfielders where I could justsay he needs to stop playing. But
it just sucks. It's not itwas a bad trade. It was poorly

conceived. The results have been bad. You can say that maybe they saved
some of the money that they savewith Roby ready to go, get Jorge
Polanco, but do you really wantto crack that egg? Because then we're
having a whole nother conversation about that. So it's just really bad. I'm
not sure what the team is goingto do. He has a I think
seventeen point five million dollar player optionfor next year. I wonder if he's
going to exercise that. So it'sjust kind of a mess. I'm not

sure what they're going to do there. Chris, when he says aj Pollock
and the sky's dark in are theyas dark as when we say Colton Long?
Oh? Yeah, absolutely, inpart because Pollock reminds me of very
terrible fish, and that is notwhat I'm looking for. I'm going to

give you some positivity about Mitch Hanniger. I don't disagree with anything Nathan said.
By the way, there is nodenying that that is a portrait so
far, and I don't think it'sgoing to get any better. Robbie Ray,
by the way, working his wayback, he would look kind of
nice to have in this pitching staff, if I'm being honest with you.
But let me give you some numbersreal quick on Mitch Haniger. That give
me a little bit of hope againstleft handed pitching, eighty five plate appearances,

he's hitting one fifty four two twentyfour, one sixty seven. That
is a three ninety OPS. Thereare guys who have had higher batting averages
than his OPS against left handed pitching, and I'm just gonna tell you right
now, that's entirely unsustainable. It'sa two eighteen batting average balls and play
against left handed pitching. Against righthanders, it's a seven to ten OPS.

That's not great, but that's playable. Then you take a look at
what he's done away from home onesixty one, two twenty five, two
forty six. That is a fourto seventy one OPS with a batting average
on balls and play of two hundredthat is completely unsustainable. At home,
it's a seven thirty six OPS.That's actually pretty good. There are reasons

to believe that Mitch Handiger is notgoing to be this crappy. And then
one more number for you. Asa designated hitter for the Seattle Mariners,
it's only fifty four played appearances,three point thirty three four oh seven five
sixty three. That's a nine toseventy OPS. And that's what Mitch Handiger
should be Mitch Handiger should be adesignated hitter playing against right handers and occasionally

against left east and you will figurethis lefty thing out as you. Over
his career, he's been pretty darngood against him, but there are some
numbers that suggest that wilmay Chaniker hasn'tbeen great. There has been some bad
luck for him as well. Didyou just tell me that he's a better
hitter at home than on the road, yet a much better hitter at home
on the road than on the roadseven thirty six compared to four seventy one,

and it's ten more played appearances athome compared to a way. So
there is a large sample now ofbeing very unlucky on the road because two
hundred batting average balls and plays impossible. It's one out of five an' gonna
happen. Yeah, I totally agree, And I'm not trying. Chris and
I are always unless I say somethingnice about Ryan Stanick. We're usually pretty
nice to each other on here.But I just want to say that as

a Mariners fan, and if we'retalking Aj Pollack, and if we're talking
Colton Wong, Yeah, I amvery experienced with looking at a player with
a solid major league track record,play for the sales plumers, and continuing
to say he can't still be thisbad. He can't keep being this bad.
It's going to get better. Anddoes it get better? No,
it does not, in fact getbetter. So I as much as what

Chris is saying is mathematically true,the trend lines should correct themselves. As
a Marinas fan, baby, weknow that it doesn't necessarily have to happen
fair enough. I'm going to phrasethis final question before we get to final
thoughts, and well, we gota couple of things I want to get
to one. Chris our our producerslash co host from ten to twelve.

Chris Kidd has a bet with somelistener that Julio is going to get to
twenty home runs this season. He'sat seven right now. What side would
you take? I'm in on that, by the way, Oh are you?
I'm splitting it with him? Okay, so what would you take?
I take the over for sure.Like, let's keep in mind right now
he's almost exactly on pace because today'sgame will be the eighty first game he's

on pace to hit fourteen, andhe didn't have like he had won in
April I want to say I thinkhe's I think he goes well over it.
In fact, I will guess thathe finishes with about twenty five homers.
I get people are frustrated with JulioRodriguez. There's certainly reason to be
frustrated with Julio Rodriguez. I wouldbet on that power playing pretty nicely in
the second half of the year.Mate, what would you take over here?

You've got an average launch angle oflike four point six degrees this month.
So as long as he remembers thathe can hit the ball in the
air, I don't see any wayhow he doesn't hit twenty home runs by
accident. He's one of the strongestmen on the team. He hits the
ball hard as hell. Yeah,I think it's got to be twenty.
I think he'll have like a twoweek stretch where he hits like six and
then that'll carry him. But I'mnot as confident as Chris in it,

and I'm not as confident that he'sgoing to go well over. If I
had to put an over under,I probably put it like twenty one and
a half. But yeah, seethat's easy. He's easy. It's it's
crazy that he has seven home runsand a half season. Hulio Rodriguez having
a slugging percentage under three point fiftyand a full half season of baseball is
just mind boggling to make. Yeah, and I'm not even criticizing him.

That's just what has happened. It'sjust insane. Uh Hey, Chris real
quick, Pulocko coming back? Whatare our expectations there? Well, the
powers look good and that's been niceto see. Like, I've watched the
highlights. I've listened to Mike Curdo'sdulcet tones and that other guy with him
a couple of times too. What'sgoing on there? No, I'm just
kidding. I've been I've liked whatI've seen. The launch angle looks good.

Question marks about how he'll look defensively, especially coming back from that type
of injury. It's something that he'scome back from a lot, and that's
something to be cognizant of. Well, I'll be really curious to see what
they do with him because Ryan Blisshas been outstanding, absolutely outstanding, and
that guy needs to play every day. So if he's not going to be

playing every day for the Mariners,he probably needs to go back to Tacoma,
But I expect Rage Polanco to bemuch better because he can't be much
worse. I'm sorry, I knowall the things they just said, and
he's not wrong, but I wouldexpect Herge Polanco to be a much better
player in the second half of twentytwenty four. Yeah, it sounds like
it's lock we're going down there rightnow. But yeah, how they divvy

up the playing time with those guyit's interesting to see. I mean,
it's it's and then you can evenmake the argument that Placo should be dhing.
But we just talked about a guythat should be dching named Hannager.
So you know, remember when thisteam didn't have any dhs for all those
years, Like there's no such thingas as designated hitter for many years.
Now they've got like ten of them, just none of them hit. So

everything all right, some final thoughtsas the week lies ahead, Nathan will
start with you. Final thoughts,Well, I think that we're at a
really interesting point in the season withthese next nine games, and just have
a three game road series against TampaBay that come home and play an absolutely
terrific Baltimore team that just got sweptby a very talented Houston team, and

then they have three games against apretty solid Minnesota Twins team. I think
it's entirely possible to conceive of thisteam going something like four and five,
five and four over that stretch,and if that's the case, it's just
going to be really interesting to seeif either Houston and or Texas can continue
what they showed up over the pastweekend of kind of waking up and playing
more to their talent level. TheMariners are not as good as they as

their record would indicate from the firsthalf. They are not a very good
road team. They are going toplay some really good teams over the next
nine days, and it's going tobe really interesting if that division lead gets
down to something like three or four, maybe you know, even less by
the All Star break, to seehow everyone's feeling. So the team really
could use a solid what they haveseven games this week, don't they,

So they could really use a fourand three week to really kind of settle
things in because this is a toughstretch and they just kicked one of their
last easy stretches for a little while, so they're going to need to play
a lot better than they've played thelast week. Where can we find your
stuff? You can follow me onthe future of unlimited engagement which is x
dot com at Nathan Underscore h UnderscoreB, follow and engage with our friend

Nathan Bishop. Chris Crawford thoughts onthe week ahead. Yeah, and I
just wanted to make kind of anover more overall broad thing. I'm looking
at the National League standings here andthere are one, two, three,
four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven
teams within three games of the wildcard there. And if you're wondering what
the heck that has to do withthe Mariners, it's a problem because those

teams are still in contention and notgoing to be teams that are going to
be giving up players near the deadlineat this stage because everybody is in it
because of this stupid rule. Nowthat we have twelve teams make the postseason
instead of eight, So these guysneed to start playing better. The guys
that they have picked up need tostart picking things up, because there's just
not a lot on the market rightnow, and not a lot of people

that I think are going to beavailable to the Seattle Mariners barring a complete
change, and based on how theseteams have played so far, I don't
see that happening. So it's justsomething to keep in mind when you're wondering
who the heck the Mariners are goingto target going forward, take a look
at the National League and realize there'sjust not a lot that's going to happen
there. You can follow me atNBC Sports Slash Road the World. You

can follow me on Twitter at CrawfordUnderscore m ILB, and please check out
my YouTube page my oy recapping everysingle Seattle Mariner game. Oh and if
you happen to go in the iHeartMediabuilding, there's a left handed putter that
you can use. I hope peopleare using it in I haven't yet because
I wait for it not left handed. But thank you well Chris, Chris

Crawford, myle Y tonight and afterevery Manner game on YouTube. Go check
it out my o y and NathanBishop as well. Big thanks to Simply
Seattle, Simply Seattle dot com,molli wap fifteen at checkout No from the
Star Rentals Sports to us your ninetythree point three k j R FM sports
headlines two o'clock headlines byt to mybuddies goodies in Glass Ms and the Tampa

Bay Rays start a series three gameseries tonight. Let's go Marinars Low Smearrinaro's
coming off a series loss of theMiami Marlins that should not have happened.
First pitch today is at three pointfifty p m will try to turn things
around after it was really kind ofa disappointing start or disappointing road trip.

I should say as well. Theyare off on Thursday, and then they
come home and they start a littlebit of a home stand that's going to
be integral. They are six gamesup in the American League West. Didn't
get any help this weekend. BothHouston and Texas. Those are two separate
things, not Houston's in Texas,two separate teams. They both swept their
weekend series. So again the seriesstarts tonight. Brian Woo gets the start

for Seattle. Whoo, let's gowho I mean, let's go after the
weekend Stanley Cup Final game seven tonightright here, and you're home for the
cracket and you're home for the StanleyCup playoffs and the Stanley Cup Final right
here. A nice three point threek FM five o'clock Edmonton and Flora getting
ready to go watching. Sorry,I'm watching EuroCup. Actually, crochet,

don't give away. Don't give away, give away what a lot of people
are taping this? Huh. Youlisten to sports radio station. They spoiler
alert, well alert. Croatian Italyjust played to a one one draw a
stoppage time goal. But that's abig thing these days, stoppage time goals.
Morris had one late your friends ofSeattle, Rain gave one up in

the in the ninth minute of stoppagetime of nine minutes. Croatia just gave
one up in the ninth minute ofstoppage time. It's a big thing,
stoppage time. I like stoppage time. How about just start o'clock? Huh,
we just do that? Why Whywas that so hard soccer? Why
is that? I think? Answerfor himself. It's not the starting of
the clock, it's the stopping.Yeah, where's and come on anders.

Croatia just looks like they just gotoh my god, they're just they're just
straught right now because you don't know, it's like this random number. There's
no timing, The audience has noidea. They put like nine minutes of
stoppage time up and they go telllike ten minutes because someone's got possession,
like it just is the dumbest thingin the world. Oh wait, I
move on. Sorry. Storm beatthe Connecticuts on seventy two sixty one yesterday.

I mentioned the Sounders three, two, the five. I don't after
trying two nothing on Saturday night inthat game, and that's good enough.
Let's move the two o'clock hour livefrom the R and R Foundation Specialist broadcast
studio. Back to Ian Fernetz PowerAdvice, Seattle's closest sports book, Snow
Call Me Casino on Sports Radio ninetythree point three kJ r FM. Listen,

man, if you're if you're inthe business of hockey, if you
love the game, if you lovethe sport, there's certain places you gotta
go. You gotta find your wayto Utica at some point, you gotta
find your way to Flint, gottafind your way to Grand Rapids, maybe
Kalamazoo. And there's no doubt yougotta find your way to Hershey, Pennsylvania.

I'm not even getting to the prairiesof Canada. I'm just talking about
down here. That's where you gottago. That's where you gotta find your
way too. And we got aguy boots on the ground in Hershey,
Pennsylvania, stuff in his face rightnow with chocolate bars. Do you go
almond or do you go basic?Hershey bar? My friend Ever fits you
on the phone with us. Howare you? I'm doing well. I'm

gonna go almond. Yes, likea little crunch, Yeah, I like
a little crunch. I like itin my candy. But I mean,
I listen, They've not been ableto pull me away from the Receis Calgary's.
I've spent most of my time atthe peanut butter counter at a boy
out a boy enjoy enjoy Ever fitsyou the voice on the radio here on

nine three point three KJRFM. You'rehome for the cracket of the Seattle Kracking.
He is doing some stuff, Ibelieve on the digital side for the
Cracking website and following the Coachella ValleyFirebirds around, I know that the thought
and the hope would have been andwe're gonna get to the NHL Stanley Cup
Final in the second. Get somethoughts on that for the game. We
can hear tonight as well from Everettwill kind of toss some things around,
but let's talk quickly about the Krackand affiliate's a big week for the Kracking

draft coming up. We'll touch inon that tease. What's going on on
Friday out at thirty two Bar andGrill. I'm sure a plan was not
to board an Alaska Airlines flight fromthe desert and head back to Hershey with
a two to one lead after theyleft Pennsylvania. What happened the last couple
nights? You know, I thinkit was Hershey being the type of team
that everyone knew they could be.So the Hershey Bears, they smothered you

defensively, They're a really good team. Offensively, They're not going to blow
you away. But this is oneof the more difficult teams to play to
play against, and we saw thata little bit in Coachella in Games three,
four, and five, And Ithink especially in games four and five
Coachella, they straight away from theirgame a little bit. Game three was

amazing. It was their first timehome in over two weeks. They had
a very interesting travel. They wentup in Milwaukee, They sit in Milwaukee
for a day, then they goto Hershey because Hershey had a three to
nothing lead over Cleveland, so theywere like you know what, this series
is probably gonna go four or five, then we can play well. Then
it kept on going, and ultimatelyit got to Game seven at Cleveland won

Game seven, they and the Firebirds. Cleveland and the Firebirds would have been
on a shared flight together going backto Palm Desert to start Game one last
Friday, So it was a WorldWindof a two weeks for them, and
I think they got away from theirgame a little bit four and five.
But today it was a very looseenvironment. And the guys they understand what

this situation is. They were inseven winner take all games last year,
seven elimination games last year. Thisis their first one this season. So
most of the corps still intact.They know what it takes to win Tonight.
Ever fits you joining us, Everettof course, whenever this series ends,
and hopefully for Coachella Valley and theKraken organization ends on Wednesday, and

it hopefully it ends with some guysholding up their ring finger and getting ready
to be fitted for a Calder CupChampionship ring. And by the way,
for people wondering, I do wantto point this out, I never know.
I'm sure we'll back me up onthis. You know, in minor
league sports, when you win atitle, it means different things by sport.
Minor league baseball, you know,do you win the PCL or back

in the day, the American Associationwhere they were going to call those things,
or the Northwest League. It's cool, it's nice, but you end
up playing with like, I don'tknow, a couple hundred people during the
year on those teams, with callups and all the movement they have in
baseball at the different levels, it'sit's not quite the same in hockey,
I'm telling you right now. Iknow guys, you know, guys that
have won a Calder Cup trophy inthe American Hockey League. I was in

Utah for the Turner Cup. Itmeans something. It means a lot to
Dan Bilesman and his team, doesn'tit It does, And I think we
know when you look at baseball inparticular, a lot of those players,
especially at the Triple A level,I think every player. So let's say
the Tacoma Rainiers, right, everyplayer for the Tacoma Rainiers. They are

on MLB contract. They are propertyof the Seattle Barons, yes, correct,
for the Firebirds. Some of theseguys are on AHL only contracts.
There is no NHL, there isno multi million dollar ticket waiting for them.
A lot of these players are playingfor the love of the game.
I worked in five years in theEHL, which is double a same thing.

We had maybe two or three guyson AHL contracts, maybe one guy
on an NHL contract, typically agoalie. But these guys are making five
hundred bucks a week, seven hundredbucks a week, traveling on buses,
living in apartments two to a room. They're doing this because they genuinely love
the game and they love the competition. So I think when you when you

win a minor league championship, especiallyin hockey, I completely agree with you,
and it does mean a little bitmore than in some other sports.
Cameron Hughes, Max McCormick. Guyslike that this is this is their Stanley
Cup then so and I think itAnd for the organization it's a big deal
too. That's a that that organizationhas been really successful off the ice and

and what they've I think all youneed to know if you're a cracking fan,
and if you're an NBA fan,uh look at look look at how
they have run that organ We knowwhat they've done up here, but just
even look down how they treat theirTriple A farm team. It's remarkable.
It's first class all the way,which is awesome. I have a few
fits you joins us here. Okay, let me get to a couple of
guys and when weve on to theStanley Cup in a second. Yeah,

you mentioned it. There's dudes onthat Coachella Valley team that this is it,
but there are guys on that teamalso mixed in that have a future.
Before I get to some of theyounger guys, the Shane Wrights,
who looks like he's kind of pickedit up as of late. And some
other point he had a highlight goalwas it? Game? Was it Friday?
What was the highlight? Yeah?That was Game four? When he
turned the corner, he just hejust walked that that that defense would looked

like a construction cone and he walkedaround him. Before I get to him,
a couple of the guys I'm curiousabout. Let me start first with
John Hayden. He's a free agent. Yeah see crack and fans remember him.
He's a tough dude, but he'sgot some skill. He he played
in the NHL they've had him calledup a couple of times. Broke his
ankle last year at the end ofthe year in the playoffs. But he's
the leading scorer right now for CoachellaValley in the postseason. He's got nine

goals for Assis, thirteen points,seventeen points seventeen games. And we know
what kind of game he plays.Oh, by the way, the guy
he's playing for is going to coachin Seattle next season. Again a free
agent, kind of a four Aguy. But has this guy played himself
into a contract with the Kraken.I think he's played himself into the conversation
of a contract, definitely. AndI'll tell you what. I've known John

Ayden out for a couple of years. I've followed his game throughout previous stops
that I've been in. I've notseen this offensive side of him that we've
seen in this series. He's scoredour hat trick in Game five against Milwaukee
to close out that series, andthen he had two goals in Game one
last week against Hershey. So he'sover here scoring five goals in two games

in a top line role for Coachella. When he gets called up, he's
typically in that third or fourth linerole for the Seattle Crackett. He's showing
off his edge, He's got alittle bit of that vinegar to his game.
I think that these playoffs for anumber of guys, but definitely I
think John Haynes one of them.I think he's played himself into a conversation
of Okay, let's maybe bring himback. Maybe it's a one year ticket,

maybe it's not a long term commitment, but maybe let's talk about bringing
him back in. I think he'sdone a really good job with this team
during these this final series. ChrisStrieger is the other guy veteran I want
to talk about before I hit theyoung guys Everett. He's got a ninety
one save percentage in the postseason asa whole, but I think in the
finals that slipped down into the mideighties. I mean, I think he's

an NHL goalie. I think youwould agree he's an NHL goalie. What
Strieger's future look like? I mean, there's no free agents worth a damn
in the free agent market for theNHL right now. Guys that are in
the NHL coming up on July first, So what does his future look like?
Well, I tell you what Ithink with the Kraken situation with Grubauer
and Decord or Decord and Grubauer,whichever you want to put them, one

in two, two and one onthe line on the depth chart, I
think Drieger is going to be inhigh demand, like you said, simply
because there are teams out there thatneed goalies. But there aren't a lot
of goalies out there, I thinkoutside of Marktom's already gone all Mark apparently
is going to sign in Ottawa.You see Sorrosay is out there on the
trade market. Other than that,there aren't a whole lot of goalies that

are attractive to teams. So Icould see Chris Drieger getting a deal,
getting an NHL deal. I knowhe is. He has liked his time
in Seattle. He has enjoyed histime in Seattle. But you're right,
he's an NHL goalie. Does henecessarily want to be playing in the American
League in the middle of June rightnow, when it's one hundred and ten
degrees outside. I'm not sure,but I think he will be in high

demand simply because there is just nota lot of goaltending talent on the market.
This season, this summer. Iguess there's always a thought of the
Grubaur buyout, but that's down theroad if that happens or not, and
I don't I don't think they havean appetite for that. But we'll keep
any He's a free age anyway.You just have to resign him. Everitt
fits you joining us, Okay,I'll just give you the open slate,

whether it's right or Riker Evans,Logan Morrison winterd In, whoever it is,
give me, give Krack and fansa little feel for how some of
the young guys, the true prospectswho are going to be here next year
or the year after, are lookingright now. Well, I think Rucher
Evans, he finished the year atSeattle. I mean I've got him penciled
in next year in Seattle. That'syou know, that's I think is as

good as gold. I think Shaneor Sane right, he is playing kicked
off. He is playing like aman who wants that perman NHL spot.
Ryan Winterton, I think he's playedhimself into a ty Krtching like situation where
he went into the playoffs saying,okay, give him a half of season,
Maybe call him up around Christmas orin January. But he has looked

really good in these playoffs and especiallyhere in the final. I could see
Ryan Winterton starting on the on thecrack and roster this year next season.
I like Logan Morrison and another playerthat I think has really come a long
way is cole wn Going into thisseason. This past season, I had
cole Lin filling that Morgan geeky role, that second line guy. He can

score. He's got some edge tohis game. He's not afraid to get
in and mix things up. He'sstraight away from that in the regular season
a bit. But I was talkingto Grant Feuer, Hockey Hall of Famer
who does the color analysts for theCasilla Valley Firebirds, and he said,
if cole Lin can put it togethereighty two nights a year, he is
a bona fide NHL player. AndI can see he's a free agent this

summer. Another guy like a JohnAyden. I would take a risk and
take a flyer on him one moreyear, maybe two more years, and
see if you can finally stick andstay in the NHL. Yeah, and
he's only twenty six second round draftpick. And I you know what,
I'm a big fan of grabbing highdraft picks with the Vancouver Canucks that they
get cast aside. Hello, HelloJared McCann. Ladies and gentlemen, col

Land and Jared McCann scoring the gamewinning goals against the Canucks in Game six
and Game seven of the Western ConferenceFinals. How does that sound? Hey,
sign me up right now. I'min one hundred percent. Sign me
up right now. We're one hundredpercent in. And then I can't wait
to do radio and Vancouver the nextday and troll because it's the easiest fan
base in the world to troll.Okay, ever, bit you joining us?

We got a Danny tonight, myfriend. I mean, you got
an HL game. HL game.You'll be watching, but I know you'll
be keeping an eye on what's goingon down in South Florida. It just
doesn't happen, all that offense,you know, not only a team coming
back three to zero. Only oncehas it ever happened where you come back
three oho and win a championship inthe final series, And that was in
the NHL. You and I bothremember well nineteen forty two with the Toronto
may Police, and hell that mightthat might have been the last time they

won a damn series anyway, Butnevertheless, thoughts on what we're going to
see tonight, it is going tobe. It should be just fantastic.
I mean everyone that that I've talkedto in the last week, they are
already calling this the best Stanley CupFinal that we've ever seen, surpassing ninety

four I think it was Rangers andCanucks. I mean, listen, Connor
McDavid, everything that you expected fromhim, that took him a while to
get there, but he finally hasdone this. He's he's dragged his team
back into a Game seven situation.I mean, the Oilers, they just
look like they are unbeatable right now. And I think the four Panthers coming

into the series defensively, we knewthey were better. Goaltending wise, we
knew they were better. But theOilers after losing Game three and their coach
came out and said, I thinkwe've shown we can beat this team,
and everyone kind of scratched their headsand said, well, wait a bit,
we haven't beat the scene yet.But I mean what they've been able
to do these last three games,I mean it's historic, and I think

for the Oilers, they're trying to. They have a whole country on their
backs right now, thirty some oddyears since the Canadians have won that the
Fans Cup last in ninety three,So this is shaping up to I think
one of the one of the best, if not the best Game seven,
the best final series that we've seen, definitely in my lifetime and if not
ever. Yeah. I don't telleveryone in Vancouver though, because they are

everyone in Canada. Because from myfriends of Vancouver, it's like, it's
like the Blue Jays winning the WorldSeries. It's weird. All the Blue
Jay fans seem to come down fromVancouver, but nobody wants to claim they're
a Blue Jay fan or a Torontofan. Same thing with winning the Cup
up in Canada. It's I justit sets out for an epic night.
I hope. I hope the gamelives up to what you just said.
I agree that the series has beenso far. I hope the game lives

up to it tonight. I thinkit will as long as the two goaltenders
are stout. You know, Bob'sbeen a little a little shaky in there,
and we know what Skinner's Skinnerner.Listen, I like Skinner I love
his story. I remember when Iwas in the EHL and I did the
ECHL All Star Game back in twentyeighteen. Skinner was playing for Wichita.

Back then, he was one oftheir top prospects. And Stuart Skinner,
I don't think he's ever truly grabbedthe number one starting role. I mean,
I don't think he's a one Ain this league yet, But I
mean he's bounced back from a veryshaky first few games. He's looked better
than Bebroski. Apparently Bobroski may havesomething going on with him. He mispracticed

yesterday. He was very sparsely shotupon today in morning skate down in Florida.
So I mean, if I'm Edmonton, shoot early, score early,
I think the Oilers get up bytwo and Grant Beear is going to be
boarding a plane back to Edmonton fromHershey. For people to know, Grant

Field, the Hall of Fame goaltenderand former Evansoniler great. He works for
the Coachella Valley team, does broadcastwork and yeah, the party will be
The party will be on coming upon Friday at three o'clock. Everett and
Mike Benton. Mike Brenton everybody will. Yes, he will enunciate every word
and he will be there with you, gentlemen for the NHL entry pulse.

Check this pulse. Yet the Oilersmultiple outlets in Edmonton. I kid you
not, they have been doing.They had an eleven hour pregame show.
Their pregame shows started this morning.So it's a six o'clock face off in
Edmonton tonight, six o'clock Mountain timeface off in Edmonton. They have been
on the air since seven am allof their their main radio station, their

main sports station up there, theflagship station six point thirty said they've been
on the air since six seven o'clocklocal time this morning for a five pm
local face off. Well, andI introduced you to my friend Dave Mahler
because I think that's what he didfor the National Championship Game this year for
the Huskies and football, So Ican we can from that well as well?
He should be the But yeah,I think he I think Ben,

If Ben could do more, hewould if I was. You just don't
answer text or phone calls because Godknows how long you might be on.
It's only one round on Friday,Ben, Okay, it's just the first
round rounds two through seven coming upon Saturday. To wrap things up,
Everett, I think we're gonna seean eventful few days for the Krack and
nine nine draft picks. Now we'vesaid this before with Ron Francis, but

I think I might say this onemore certainty. There's no way he uses
all nine like there's gonna have Therewill be moves, Yeah, there's going
to be moves being made. There'sgonna be trades. You guys will be
on at three o'clock. I wouldtell people head out to thirty two Bar
and Grill, say out of Kennyand Mick and the whole crew. But
but I would expect that you andothers would all expect to have a very
eventful, busy couple of days,not just with drafting young guys, but

also with some moves that Ron Francismight make. Listen, you've got the
draft Friday, Saturday trading. TheKrakens name has been thrown into a number
of trade scenarios. Free agency startson July first, and Ron Francis has
been very public. The ownership grouphas been very republican, saying this is
going to be a big summer.Dan Bilsma was just the tip of the

iceberg in terms of the moves thatare gonna be made, a number of
draft prospects that will I think panout long term. I think the top
twelve ranked players this year are allNHLs, and then after that it kind
of falls off in the first round. But Ron's not afraid to trade.

He set up before, He's notafraid to play with some of the assents
assets. They call it draft capital. I'm with you. I don't see
the Kraken coming home with nine bodiesto start development camp next week. I'm
planning on talking to you Wednesday fora game seven in Hershey, and you'll
be still grabbing some chocolate and hangin there. So let's let's talk Wednesday,
all right, all right? Soundsgood. This is gonna make a

lot of cracking fans mad. ButI got the oilers tonight. Oilers In
seven, Conor McDavid writes the Cinderellastory and cements his legacy. I love
as an all time great oiler.If he hasn't already for that as well,
my friend, take care man.Thanks Everett, alrighty, that's ever
it fits you. Joining us herefrom Hersheet Pennsylvania with his thoughts coming up

this weekend again three o'clock on Friday, Softy's gonna do my show, Softy
and Fanner doing my show on Fridaybecause I'm be cranking things out with the
golf tournament. And then at threeo'clock it'll be Mike Benton, everittt Fits
You and probably others out there atthirty two Bar and Grill getting you all
your draft coverage on Day one ofthe NHL Entry Draft
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