The Michael Berry AM Show 6-18-19

Michael Berry Show

The latest on Kyle Kashuv having his admission to Harvard rescinded as Michael also issues a correction about last night’s show about him; Bishop Bulwinkle passes; 60 Minutes does report on new potentially ‘game changing treatment’ for PTSD ; questions about the legality of CBD in Texas Gov. Abbott vetoes legislation that would make the Bowie knife the official state knife over an mistake in the proclamation; Democrat mayor of border town in Texas say they are being overrun by illegals; the endless road work and road closings in Texas; and Michael has a laugh about speed walking Guest: Dr. Milla McManus, The Woodlands Institute for Health & Wellness on using CDB oil & general health and wellness questions Nevada bans private businesses from using marijuana drugs tests for precondition employment and why Michael, as someone who supports marijuana legalization, is not comfortable with this.