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The Michael Berry Show AM 1.18.17

January 16, 2018105 min
Singer Edwin Hawkins dead; Houston 2018 snow storm; teen viral fad: eating Tide pods; Paris Jackson audio of her after being robbed; Jesse Jackson in 1998 saluted Trump; Guest: Mattress Mac on sending a couple of first responders to the Super Bowl; Chris Christie term is up today as he exits office; Prohibition anniversary and why it was wrong; with the flu some hospitals say no to visitors; Dick Durbin says Trump use of the term "chain migration' is racist even though Durbin used it in 2010; 90s Cranberry montage as the singer dies; Trumpkin Tom; parents arrested in California for holding their kids captive; Japan also mistaken issues missile alert; Japan town warned about eating tainted blow fish; Firefighters in Georgia catches 5-year-old girl thrown from 3rd story during apartment fire.

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