Michael Berry Show

The Michael Berry Show AM 3-25-19

March 25, 2019167 min
The conclusions of the Mueller report is not what the Democrats & the media had hoped; She-Jack & Maxine Waters says the investigation into Trump is not over, they says the House will further looking into it and they’ll come up with their own conclusion; Carl Bernstein says despite Mueller’s reporting, the media did a fine drop reporting on Trump & Russia; Barbara Streisand says the boys being molested by Michael Jackson got what they wanted

Guest: Colleen Wright, Miami Herald about a teacher union head that was molesting students;

Trumpkin Tom; Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi’s piece on how the media are the biggest loser with Mueller’s conclusion;

The media so unaware in light of Mueller’s conclusions; why there’s no border wall & how Trump botched it; how Democrats are now moving the goal posts on Mueller; Chick Fil-A banned at the San Antonio airport by city council

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