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The Michael Berry Show AM 6-18-18

June 18, 2018107 min
Michael talks about why he created the safe clear program while on Houston City Council after he was stuck in traffic coming home from Orange; how other airlines tried to stop SW Airlines when it started; Breaking down DOJ's IG report on the investigation into Hillary's emails and how media is trying to distract us; Billy Joel's list of his favorite songs

More breakdown of DOJ's IG report; Texas continues to see excellent job growth; Home builder says Trump's tariffs on Canadian wood has increased the cost of a home by $9,000; Why is the Texas GOP obsessed with the bathroom bill

Guest: Professor Josh Blackman on the Supreme Court decsion on partisan gerrymandering in Maryland

How network news is trying to push the narrative about illegal immigrant children and how those kids have become a political football; three-years ago today Trump announced that he's running for president as Michael looks back at the media's reaction.

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