Woody & Jim

Woody & Jim


THE waitress from Missed Connections came on the show.

March 21, 201936 min

36 min
Gallatin Waitress Has All of Nashville's Craigslist Smitten

March 20, 201931 min

31 min
Nashville Drivers Do What(?!) While Driving

March 19, 201935 min

35 min
Zac Had A Throwdown With Old Lady Over A Scooter

March 18, 201932 min

32 min
Southern stereotypes. Which are true and which are BS y'all?

March 15, 201934 min

34 min
Guess where Lori Laughlin's daughter was while mom was arrested.

March 14, 201932 min

32 min
Lori Loughlin + Felicity Huffman college scandal.

March 13, 201940 min

40 min
White parents give birth to black child. Woman blames father for cheating with a black woman.

March 12, 201930 min

30 min
Woody's heartfelt story of what happened to him while he was out sick. #endthestigma

March 11, 201936 min

36 min
Our secret middle names revealed, and what they COULD have been.

March 8, 201931 min

31 min

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