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46 - From The Mouths Of Babes w/Leslie Kotiza

November 19, 201462 min
What a treat! Our first Mother and Grandmother (only technically!) cohost of Totally Mommy is here to discuss the importance of family, long time friends and the chance to brush your teeth twice a day. We share our good/bad/funnies (Fun Ages! Good Health! Traveling with a wee one! Not having parents around! The three little amigos plus baby! Funny back seat conversations!) before discussing listener questions about a sister who won’t come to your baby shower, how to connect with a sister in law who has become distant since becoming a mom, how to respond to jerk friends who project rude things to your shy child, how to overcome the guilt of being a working mom, and lastly when is the right time to transition baby to a new room? Enjoy!

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