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ABA TECHSHOW 2016: An Interview with Chair Steve Best

January 27, 201623 min
30 years ago, the legal community began to see the value in the intersection between technology and the law. Lawyers are now using new software and tech devices more than ever in their practices and the courtroom, making the ABA TECHSHOW’s 30th anniversary valuable to anyone working in the legal field. So what’s going on this year?
In this episode of The Digital Edge, Sharon Nelson and Jim Calloway interview Steve Best, chair of ABA TECHSHOW’s Planning Board, about the popular technology topics that will be covered at the conference in March, why lawyers and other law firm staff should care about tech trends, and how Steve personally became so intricately involved.
Topics include:

Steve’s career transition from a practicing lawyer to a legal technology consultant
Why lawyers should care about security, mobility, and the cloud
Regulation violations and security breaches
Learning helpful info from the exhibit hall
The planning board: IT professionals, in-house attorneys, lawyers, and consultants
Two special plenary sessions
Getting the most out of the technology you already have
The 30th anniversary party at the Chicago Hilton hotel

Steve Best is an attorney and the founding partner at Affinity Consulting Group, a well-known and well-respected law office management and technology company. He is a member of the Florida Bar and the Georgia Bar and is also a certified consultant and trainer, maintaining certifications in many law office software products including time billing and accounting, practice management, document management, PDF production, document assembly, and paperless office packages.
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