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The Internet's Role in Client Development

December 17, 201526 min
How do people find lawyers these days? Although many attorneys believe they are discovered through a Google or Bing search, legal service consumers are actually still taking recommendations from people they know and trust. But technology has added a multitude of new ways that people perform research and journey to find lawyers. Potential clients will likely search for the lawyer or law firm’s website, Yelp or Avvo reviews, social media, and blogs before picking up the phone. So what should we, as lawyers, do to improve our online presence for more effective client development?
In this episode of The Digital Edge, Sharon Nelson and Jim Calloway interview Gyi Tsakalakis, founder of the online legal marketing agency Attorney Sync, about the internet’s role in client development, the mistakes most lawyers make, and the “magic” of online legal marketing strategies.
Topics include:

The role of Google, Facebook, and Avvo in vetting legal service providers.
Providing valuable content versus blatant advertising
Understanding your audience and catering your marketing
Being authentic, direct, and transparent
Learning to use the technology properly
What to look for in a marketing agency
Properly defining your advertising goals for success
Utilizing current and past charity events participation

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