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Encouraging Innovation in Law School

April 20, 201727 min
A few years ago, having technology courses at law schools was unheard of. But recently schools have been offering more and more tech opportunities. In this episode of The Legal Toolkit, host Jared Correia talks to Gabe Teninbaum, professor of legal writing at Suffolk Law, about the work Suffolk is doing to encourage innovation, including programs, technology courses, and internship opportunities. In the second segment, they discuss Gabe’s website, Spaced Repetition, and his take on topics like access to justice, process improvement, and legal process innovation. Gabriel Teninbaum is a professor of legal writing at Suffolk University Law School in 2007, leading Suffolk Law's legal technology and innovation work, including directing the Institute on Law Practice Technology and Innovation. Special thanks to our sponsors Amicus Attorney, Scorpion, and Answer1.

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