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The Future of the Paralegal Profession

September 8, 201627 min
In this episode of The Paralegal Voice, host Vicki Voisin chats with NALA President Cassandra Oliver about the organization and the significance of paralegal certification. Cassandra opens the interview with a brief history of NALA starting with its incorporation back in 1975, and shares that they recently celebrated their 40th anniversary last year. She touches on the importance of continuing education in the profession, how it allows paralegals the opportunity to manage their careers, and lists the self-study courses and on-demand webinars that NALA offers to assist paralegals toward that aim. The bi-monthly “Facts & Findings” publication also provides educational articles written by paralegals, attorneys, and experts to help working paralegals stay abreast of trends, current events, court rules, cases, and recent developments in the field. Cassandra offers insight into her decision to continue her career development and lists values, like providing a set of distinguishing standards that create more opportunity for advanced promotions, that a paralegal certification program brings to the industry. She explains how integral participating in Toastmasters International has been for her success in the field and closes the interview with her thoughts on the biggest challenges paralegals face today and the future of the profession. Cassandra Oliver is the president of NALA and a paralegal in the legal department at the Williams Company in Tulsa where she works with litigators and assists the environmental attorney. Special thanks to our sponsors, Boston University, NALA, and ServeNow.

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