The Un-Billable Hour

Get Paid Faster With Online Billing

December 22, 201529 min
Historically, law firms have billed clients exclusively by mailing paper invoices, a slow and relatively time-consuming system. With the increase in technology and credit card billing for almost everything we purchase, billing online is now more professional and more efficient. Furthermore, by accepting credit card systems, your law firm saves money and will likely be paid much more quickly. Despite this knowledge, many lawyers are still hesitant to change their billing system.
In this episode of The Un-Billable Hour, Christopher Anderson interviews Amy Porter, CEO of AffiniPay, about how law firms can use online billing to get paid on time, ways to comply with ethical obligations and requirements regarding trust accounts and retainers, and the hesitation many lawyers have concerning processing fees.
Topics include:

The changing stigma of accepting credit card payments for legal services
How billing online saves hours a month
Pre-authorization forms and creating a positive and convenient client experience
Reducing past-due invoices, discounts, and write-offs
Separating earned and unearned fees
Properly handling a chargeback
Law firm payment statistics

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