Workers Comp Matters

Are Workers’ Comp Benefits Adequate?

February 23, 201720 min
If a worker is injured on the job, workers’ comp benefits are provided so they can support themselves while unable to work. But do these benefits properly support injured individuals immediately and over long periods of injury? In this episode of Workers Comp Matters, host Alan Pierce talks to Peter Rousmaniere about whether workers’ compensation benefits truly meet the needs of injured workers. In their discussion, they dissect waiting periods, weekly benefit caps, and the sustainability of these benefits for the injured employee. According to Peter’s research weekly benefit caps can be disadvantageous to workers who earn a high income or work overtime. In the conclusion of the episode, Peter offers more resources, including his own study “The Uncompensated Worker.” Peter Rousmaniere helps organizations and individuals as they negotiate through the troubling waters of hazards, uncertainty, risk, and insurance. He specializes in workers’ compensation, other corporate types of insurance, new risk management product design and implementation, information technology, and risk communication. Special thanks to our sponsors, Casepacer and PInow.

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