Workers Comp Matters

Workers’ Comp from the Other Side: Pain Management

June 23, 201625 min
Many people have a negative perception of the benefits and treatment one receives through the workers’ compensation system. What examples are there of the system working, and what can injured workers do to help proactively manage their pain as they recover? In this episode of Workers Comp Matters, host Alan Pierce speaks with Rebecca Curtis about her work-related injury, her road to recovery, and the company she founded to help other injured workers like herself. Rebecca recalls her car accident during a trip home from a speaking engagement and how it left her with a spinal fracture and no feeling from the neck down. She opens up about her surgeries, having to learn to walk again, and the excellent workers’ compensation services and support she received. Rebecca also provides insight into her battle with pain management during her recovery process and how a program helped her to realize that there are many options available for pain management. She closes the interview with a discussion on how this experience inspired her to start her company, Take Courage Coaching, and dedicate her life to helping others struggling to manage chronic pain. Rebecca Curtis is the founder of Take Courage Coaching. She is an international speaker on chronic pain management, has been a regular speaker at PAINWeek®, and trains, coaches, and travels extensively speaking to medical groups about the role of coaching in pain management. Special thanks to our sponsors, Casepacer and PInow.

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