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S2 Mini 3: The Incredible Benefits of Daily Meditation

March 22, 20179 min
A recent study found that meditating for just 30 minutes a day can have amazing health benefits. In this mini episode, Dr. Sara Lazar of Harvard University tells Ned about her research that showed regular meditation can improve a person's focus and increase overall feelings of well-being.  Go back and listen to Season 1 Episode 4: 25 Minutes to a Calmer Approach to Life to hear John Kabat-Zinn talk about the mindfulness-based stress reduction meditation program he created that Dr. Lazar references in this episode! Dr. Lazar's website: http://scholar.harvard.edu/sara_lazar/home This episode is sponsored by OmegaBrite, the premier natural advanced omega-3 formula for mind, heart, and joint health. Explore OmegaBrite products and benefits at www.omegabrite.com.  And by Talkspace, the online therapy company that believes that therapy should be affordable, confidential, and convenient. For a special offer visit www.talkspace.com.    

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