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Business at CES | FULL SHOW | #54

January 11, 201642 min
The technological and business worlds are more and more intertwined as the years roll by. Don't miss out on the latest in crowd sourced video editing, electric vehicles, and personal alarms from CES.
Segment 1: VidMob
Anyone can shoot video these days, with 4k cellphone cameras and other inexpensive audio/video set-ups, but can you edit it? VidMob Founder, Alex Collmer, explains how they can help YOU crowd source your video production needs.
Segment 2: Crowd Sourced Editing
While working as a video game publisher on titles like Def Jam Rapstar and Skull Girls, Alex Collmer noticed a societal shift from text to video. This lead him to found VidMob, where companies can find affordable, vetted video editors through a five star rating system, customer reviews, and a portfolio of work, who will bid to do your job for less!
Segment 3: Arcimoto
When President Mark Frohnmayer started Arcimoto in 2007 to bring an electric, three-wheeled, reverse trike to market, he had no idea of the lessons in store for him. Find out how moving slower could have saved Mark a few steps in his business plan and why an Arcimoto can help you save big on the environment and energy costs.
Segment 4: Catalyst in Hong Kong
You might think that creating a water proof case for our every day mobile devices would be a simple task, but you'd be mistaken! Catalyst Co-Founder, Josh Wright, explains the difficulty behind this endeavor and how passion, perseverance, and Kickstarter got them to where they are today.
Segment 5: Stilla Alarm
Keep your purse or other personal belongings safe from sticky fingers with the Stilla smart motion alarm! Founder & CEO Elin Elkehag explains the simple process Stilla uses to alert your smart device of tampering, and how she started down the road of entrepreneurship.
Segment 6: Making Tech Better
CES has grown by leaps and bounds and keeps attracting more and more people! Mike Etchart and Alan Taylor chat about the technological refinement and ingenuity that is found at the Consumer Electronics Show year after year.

Chat About Business at CES | FULL SHOW | #54

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