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Encore: The Right Employees | FULL SHOW | #55

January 16, 201642 min
Finding the best staffing fit for your business can be a challenge. Tom Gimbel and Brian Fielkow give us their expert advice on the challenge that is finding the right person for the job, and have them fit in with your companies values.
Segment 1: LaSalle Network
Doubling every four years since 1998, LaSalle Network is one of the fastest growing privately owned companies in America. CEO Tom Gimbel fills us in on the strategies he uses to keep his staffing firm on top.
Segment 2: Know Every Job
Be all-in and know every job in your company. LeSalle Network CEO, Tom Gimbel, explains that it's a lot easier to hold employees accountable if you have realistic expectations knowing that you've done that job.
Segment 3: Think Big, Act Small
Learn to love your employees, think big and act small, and evolve as your company grows. Tom Gimbel gives expert staffing and business growth advice.
Segment 4: Driving to Perfection
How important is culture to the success of a business? Driving To Perfection author, Brian Fielkow, explains that having a set of rules or a system that is well in place will keep your business going strong, even as it grows beyond it's original comfort zone.
Segment 5: Set Friendship Boundaries
Treat people as human beings first and employees second. Brain Fielkow describes the sort of relationship with your employees that is required to make everyone feel equal in the workplace.
Segment 6: A Perfect Fit
Get to know the person, not the position. Brian Fielkow tells us why he has people from all levels and positions of his companies interview new hires to see how they fit with the team.

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