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Friends and Foes | FULL SHOW | #59

February 13, 201641 min
In business and in life, we are constantly collaborating or competing, and finding the perfect balance between the two can be tough. Wharton School of Business Professor, Maurice Schweitzer, gives us some tips from his book "Friend & Foe,' and chimes in on Dan Price his seemingly lucky employee's increased wages.
Segment 1: A Curse In Disguise?
While a major pay hike might be godsend to employees, things aren't always what they seem. Friend & Foe Co-Author, Maurice Schweitzer, discusses the positive and negative repercussions of Dan Price's wage increase.
Segment 2: Profits and Discontent
Profits soared and People were happy; but then they weren't, and some even left the company! Were Dan's intentions pure, or were his employees just pawns in a family feud? Professor Maurice Schweitzer examines the effects of unwarranted pay raises on veteran employees.
Segment 3: Workplace Psychology
People are constantly comparing their success to the success of those around them. Maurice Schweizer explains why increasing everyone's pay grade to a base $75,000 per year would upset the balance and cause the senior employees to feel cheated.
Segment 4: Collaboration and Competition
Professor Maurice Schweitzer's book, "Friend & Foe," states that in of all of our relationships we are both collaborating and competing, and finding a balance between the two is key. Also, we explore the dangers and benefits of hierarchy.
Segment 5: The Ego
Research shows that people who are more mindful are also more ethical. Maurice Schweitzer tells us why having too much ego can make us lose sight of who we are, but not having enough can stifle our development.
Segment 6: Trust
For a relationship to succeed, be it business or personal, trust must be built. Professor Maurice Schweitzer explains the importance of vulnerability when establishing this trust, and how to find the right balance of trust and security.

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