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Hacks and Happiness | FULL SHOW | #103

March 8, 201742 min
Learn how to hack life and improve overall employee happiness just by listening to this episode! We'll talk with a New York Best Selling Author who's got the tricks you need to navigate life, as well as a Senior Executive Director who knows what your employees want and what you can do to make them happier than ever. | Download Full Episode #103

Segment 1: Money Hacks | Download Segment 1
New York Times Best Selling Author David Pogue (@Pogue) has given the world something it desperately needs; life hacks. In his book series "Pogue's Basics," he presents the tools and tricks you need to navigate life more efficiently in three categories: Life, Tech, and Money. David discusses the most recent one, money, with us.

Segment 2: You're Doing It Wrong | Download Segment 2
What inspired author David Pogue (@Pogue) to provide the world with "Pogue's Basics?" Tech, the first book, came about after David noticed people using their gadgets incorrectly. He realized that we are never given a guide on how to use our technology to the fullest, so he stepped in to get the job done. Find out what he learned along the way.

Segment 3: Top Money Hacks | Download Segment 3
Out of all the money hacks David Pogue (@Pogue) has come across, a few stand out as his favorites. Listen in as he tells us how to get unlimited refills at Starbucks for 50 cents a cup, the benefits of keeping separate accounts when you get married, and how to pay your taxes with a credit card!

Segment 4: It's Time We All Work Happy | Download Segment 4
"It's time we all work happy.(TM)" The phrase, trademarked by the company Robert Half (@roberthalf), describes the focus of a study they recently conducted which looked into what makes employees happy. Among the top contributing factors are recognition and appreciation, respect, and a sense of accomplishment.

Segment 5: Reducing Turnover | Download Segment 5
It's all well and good to know what makes customers happy, but what can you do with that knowledge? Senior Executive Director of Robert Half (@roberthalf), Paul McDonald, says a big goal of the study was to alert companies to causes behind high turnover rates, and how to reduce those rates whilst gaining employees with a strong commitment to their work and their company.

Segment 6: Alleviate Stress | Download Segment 6
Is there a reason men are happier in the workplace than women? A key factor is stress, and that's something that company leaders can help to alleviate. Time off, spot bonuses, and letting people know you see them as a human as opposed to a machine all help to make your workforce happier. Employees stay when they know you care.

For a look at the complete study conducted by Robert Half (@roberthalf), visit

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