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Life and Tools of an Entrepreneur | FULL EPISODE | #47

November 20, 201542 min
How do you know if you are an entrepreneur, and what does it take. If you're heading into your own venture, you will want to listen up as we divulge some not-so-secret aspects of the entrepreneurial world and some vital new tools for any growing business.
Segment 1: Being an Entrepreneur
How do you know that you are an entrepreneur? Inc. Magazine Contributing Editor, Jeff Hayden, explains what it takes to be an entrepreneur, he knows from experience! Listen in to gain insight about what to expect when running your own venture.
Segment 2: Manageable Goals
Having a huge goal will most likely get in your way. Jeff Hayden explains how you can set up a system to make your ambitions seem more manageable.
Segment 3: Cow Slayer
Would you be able to eat meat if you had to kill it yourself? When confronted about eating steak outside of a restaurant, Jeff Hayden took those words to heart and killed a cow to find out. Find out how experiencing life like this first hand is part of the entrepreneurial spirit.
Segment 4: Goodbye PowerPoint
Do you still use PowerPoint? 808 Marketing's Johnathan Todd and Flowvella's Brent Brookler tell us why you are using an outdated system and how Flowvella can make your presentations more eye catching and successful than PowerPoint ever could.
Segment 5: Presentation is Everything
A good presentation is integral to selling your product, while a bad presentation can ruin your business opportunities. Flowvella CEO, Brent Brookler, gives us some really important dos and don'ts of creating presentations.
Segment 6:
Juggling employee's schedules can get hectic, and the communication can break down in the process. Founder and CEO, Chad Halverson, explains how will help save you time and prevent confusion.

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