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Meet Those Giving Back to Life | SEGMENT 2 | #107

April 4, 20175 min
Sometimes you just meet those people that blow you away and inspire you to give it all you've got. These special people change your life, just by hearing their story and witnessing their success. Wouldn't it be neat to learn directly from that wellspring of knowledge? Greg S. Reid, Founder of Secret Knock, travels the world to interview the most influential people and tell their stories. Inviting only the most inspiring interviews, the Secret Knock has grown from a small intimate living room chat to something much grander. Discover your greatest self and learn more. | Listen to Full Episode #107

Guest: Greg S. Reid
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? Twitter: @GregReid
? Facebook: /gregsfanpage
? Instagram: @gregsreid
? YouTube: /Gregsreid001

Featured Event: Secret Knock
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