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New Year's Resolutions | FULL SHOW | #104

December 17, 201642 min
What better time to start fresh in your company than the new year? Here to help you examine your client base and service quality is Emmanuel Saujet, CEO of International Cosmetics and Perfumes. We also bring on John Canfield, Vice President of Risk Management at WePay, who can tell you how to bring in new revenue by accepting online credit card payments. | Download Full Episode #104

Segment 1: A Billion Dollar Industry | Download Segment 1
The beauty industry currently brings in 80 billion dollars, and that revenue is projected to grow to 90 billion by the year 2020. Companies like ICP (International Cosmetics and Perfumes), which deals mainly in luxury fragrances, is set up to succeed thanks to current trends pointing towards high growth. CEO and Co-Founder Emmanuel Saujet explains the figures.

Segment 2: Who Are You Serving? | Download Segment 2
Do you know who your client is? According to ICP CEO Emmanuel Saujet, your client is not always your end purchaser. Your employees can be clients as well, and it's important to define who you're serving and what you can do to keep them coming back. Listen in for more on defining your clientele.

Segment 3: Service and Storytelling | Download Segment 3
Once you've defined your client, you need to examine your service. Emmanuel Saujet recognizes the importance of high quality service, especially in the luxury goods industry. We also mull over why storytelling and having a heritage is key.

Segment 4: A New Way to Pay | Download Segment 4
To many of us, paying with credit cards seems like old news. But for some small businesses, the thought of accepting credit cards is a novel one. John Canfield, Vice President of Risk Management at WePay (@WePay), details why it might be a good idea to take advantage of a convenient system and how you can protect yourself and your customers.

Segment 5: Risk Protection | Download Segment 5
Consumers are well protected in the credit card fraud world. But what about your business? Vice President of Risk Management at WePay (@WePay), John Canfield, helps us understand and learn how to prevent the risks that come with accepting online payments.

Segment 6: Chip Readers and Safety | Download Segment 6
Chip cards are a recent introduction in the fraud protection world. But do they really do anything to protect you? According to John Canfield, the chances of your card information being stolen based on a chip reader transaction are substantially reduced - you really are safer!

Check out WePay (@WePay) if you think you're ready to start expanding your business reach!

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