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TNSS 116: Set Phasers to Fun with Starship Horizons

August 5, 201789 min
Leo Laporte and Jason Howell talk with David Hernly, the founder of Mythric Studios about his multiplayer video game 'Starship Horizons Bridge Simulator' you can play on any device with a browser. Jason and several TWiT folks went on a mission and lived to tell the tale. Megan Morrone helped her parents install the ecobee4 smart thermostat in their home and has a review. Liam Kennedy stopped by. He built the Raspberry Pi based ISS-Above module which tracks the International Space Station as it passes overhead. Barnaby Britton from gave us his review of the Canon 6D Mark 11 DSLR. In 'Call for Help,' Leo and Jason gave George some advice on convertible tablets for teachers in the classroom.
Hosts: Leo Laporte and Jason Howell
Guests: David Hernly, Liam Kennedy, Barney Britton, Megan Morrone, and Bryan Burnett
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