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TNSS 84: Snowden's OS of Choice - Qubes OS

December 17, 201697 min
Aaron Newcomb shows Leo Laporte how to hack into a Google Home and customize its commands and responses. Leo shows off his new Snapchat Spectacles. Megan Morrone and her kids get a lesson in lightsaber choreography from the Golden Gate Knights. Andrew Wong, the Community Manager for the Qubes OS Project, joins us for an in-depth explanation of why Qubes OS is the best way to protect your device from malware and other security breaches; It's even recommended by Edward Snowden. Father Robert Ballecer shows us how he upgraded Leo's Microsoft Surface Studio by replacing the hard drive with an SSD, speeding it's performance up by over 400%! Leo and Aaron answer a Call for Help all the way from India for a viewer who wants to know if there is a secure, automatic way to back up data in his personal Google Account.
Hosts: Leo Laporte and Aaron Newcomb
Guests: Andrew Wong, Megan Morrone, Fr. Robert Ballecer, SJ, and Jason Howell
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