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Accepting The Future You

February 17, 20173 min
We waddle through life hoping to become. And when it happens its almost like we lack the proper appreciation required to keep it. I'm blessed with the opportunity to talk with some of the most successful people on the present planet. The one thing they all have in common? Gratefulness. They recognize the struggles required to reach particular points. Now that they've achieved it the learning process continues to grow. Being aware of the origin helps keep the rightful reasons moving in forward motion. I don't believe in Middle Age or people in their late years. I see us all moving through layers of experience required to become who we were designed to grow into. Sadly once we hit a certain age. Dreams are shoved to the side. We begin to feel our body ache. What if it's not pain and it's your dreams locating the wooden door to knock on? "Hello... I'm still here. Can you hear me?"

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