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Alexandra Petri Awkward Silences

June 18, 201516 min
Most twenty-somethings spend a lot of time avoiding awkwardness. Not Alexandra Petri. She is a Washington Post columnist and blogger, an International Pun Champion, a playwright, and a Jeopardy! loser, and she’s been on your TV a couple of times. She is also a congressman’s kid, if that will make you talk to her! (Just kidding.) A FIELD GUIDE TO AWKWARD SILENCES is Petri’s hilarious debut essay collection. Alexandra Petri is a connoisseur of the kind of awkwardness that most people spend whole lifetimes trying to avoid. If John Hodgman and Amy Sedaris had a baby…they would never let Petri babysit it. Alexandra Petri does all the things we secretly wish we could do ourselves – and maybe things we wouldn’t wish upon our enemies: •She puts herself on the line auditioning for reality television, for both America’s Got Talent (for which she doesn’t, really, have talent) and America’s Next Top Model (her catwalk and pout can’t convince the judges). •She wins Pun Championships, but loses W

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