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Anthony C. Ferrante Sharknado The Fourth Awakens

July 28, 201620 min
As a student of camp and master of gore, Anthony C. Ferrante spent the majority of his career creating straight-to-video horror films and covering the genre for niche publications. After doing a series of tele-films for the Syfy network, he struck gold with the release of his bizarrely genius film "Sharknado" (2013) that captured the cultural zeitgeist and created one nationwide movie-watching experience, turning Ferrante into a household name. Ferrante was born and raised in the small town of Antioch in northern California. From the early age of 11, he knew he wanted to make movies and this idea was further entrenched after seeing John Carpenter's "Halloween" (1978). With a lenient mother and a subscription to the film magazine Fangoria, Ferrante immersed himself in the horror canon and decided that until he was old enough to make movies of his own, he could write about the genre he loved. He became a film reviewer for his school's newspaper throughout junior high and high school and

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