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Antony Beevor Ardennes 1944

November 13, 201515 min
In ARDENNES 1944, the award-winning writer and pre-eminent historian of World War II, Antony Beevor, tells as no one else can the story behind the final, decisive battle of the European war. The Ardennes offensive, which began on December 16th 1944, and involved more than a million men, became the greatest battle of the war in Western Europe. Although Hitler’s final push to defeat the Allies has been written about before, ARDENNES 1944 tells the full and complete story as it has never been told—the emotions, and the egos, the epic failures, and the spectacular successes—all leading up to the monumental six-week battle that resulted in nearly 200,000 casualties—and finally brought the war on the Western Front to its end.

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